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"Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best"

Cult of the Sacrilegious Apple

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Hello all me lovely Mac users!

Now isn't this a turn up for the books? That strange fowl, the Electric Chicken has not only permitted me to use some of his web space, but even requested that I come and write to you all. He claimed that my ministering would be as advantageous to him, as I might hope they would be for Apple. I must say that this left me rather confused, but I thought it best not to enquire any further. I just called him gay and put the phone down on him.

You know, we at The Cult have been debating our little bottoms off as to what we should put on our newly acquired web space, and the results were resoundingly and unanimously inconclusive. So we thought it would be good to give you a summary of my own comments in the guestbook, a selection from the hymnbook, and who knows what the future might bring. When we get our choir back from wherever they disappeared to (or indeed a new collection of heavenly voices - sod the last lot - they couldn't sing for love nor Apple discounts!), we may even bring you some lovely media files of our favourite hymns. Keep those sparkly little eyes peeled for Apple Cult doctrine, and some of our favourite ceremonies.

I, Donny, will continue as best I can to update this page with news, hymns, and...other web type stuff. But for now, take your pick from below and enjoy. Please remember to continue to make charitable donations to Apple by purchasing their products regardless of need or want!


October 9th 2002

Cult Doctrine Added - What makes a truly great member of the Cult of the Sacrilegious Apple? Read here for the criteria that sets apart the Apple Apostles from the PC riffraff.

Temporary e-mail address added. TEMPORARY! Hotmail = .Net = MSN = Microsoft...eurgh! But it'll do for now.


Last Update: October 9th 2002


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Unfortunately one of the conditions to keeping the webspace is that I link to all the Chickens pages! What a bummer!

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There you go, Chicken! I hope you're happy - it's lowered the whole tone of the page!