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Last Updated: 31/05/03


Naked George:

Ah, Naked George! Still fresh in our memories and bringing a smile to my lips. Naked George was the King of contradiction. He astounded us with his complete lack of content in his rantings. So utterly self confident and certain, though toward the end beginning to crack much like the Apple Cube. Additionally, George offers us further examples of schizophrenia, elitism (not to mention shovel loads of smugness), and that good old MacHeaded response of name calling. A description can't do it justice...read on



The Naked George page has now been updated. The continuation of the Naked George Page follows the first conclusion.



Name: Kim
Hometown: Earth
Sent: 17.31 - 28/7

The ads were cute, the copy was ignorant. In real-world tests Apple blows the Pentium out of the water.

Name: Naked George
Hometown: Toronto/Canada
Sent: 17.03 - 29/7

I agree with Kim.
Apple rules !!! Windoze/PC's bite !!!
Sounds like someone is jealous of how great the Mac is ?

Naked George starts off his comments with the two most tiresom comments the guestbook sees time and again! This is simply, mines better than yours, yours is worse than mine, and you're jealous. This is the same old crap we hear from every machead who hasn't given their comment much thought.

Name: David Brent
Hometown: Reno
Sent: 18.56 - 29/7

Naked George- Apples are made for little girls who lack skills with the mouse. If you want to be able to access everything made for computers, you must buy a compatible machine- a pc. If you find yourself searching for the instruction manual for your monitor go with a Mac- No programs worth using (other than video editing) so you won't have any worries! Nothing to learn. If you want true computing with advanced programs, try the pc. The new Mac ads are laughable- I had a PC and I couldn't even find the on button! I went into windows and found myself repeatedly deleting all of my documents, and I couldn't even locate that bar thing!! I bought a mac. it turns itself on, it cooks me little sausages, babysits my 2 year old, and produces milk. My name is Mary, and I am a bartender.

Name: Naked George
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Sent: 13.47 - 31/7

Geez, this reminds me of Napster chat. A bunch of immature children bitching at each other.
Sorry but Macs still rule !!!
PS: Brent, I like little girls :))

It should be noted that around "Brent's" comment there were a lot of other normal comments going back and forth. Not all as dim as "that sux, this rocks", but infact some fairly standard guestbook banter. Though I would point out the rather disturbing last line of George's entry...and say very little else as the words speak for themselves!

Name: Leo
Sent: 03.17 - 14/8

CNet has a story on some new Apple products today. Apparently Xserve technology has made it to the PowerMac, although they are still stuck at 1GHz supposedly till the 2nd half of September when they say they will hit 1.25GHz. Sure, I'll believe that when I see it. They also raised the bus speed from 133MHz to 167MHz. Yeah, they really rounded up from 166.66. Here's a good one. For the Unix crowd, the idea of a dual-processor workstation starting at only $1,699 is unbelievable," he said. "We've had great success in that market, and this is really going to push them over (to Power Mac)." What 'Unix crowd' would pay $1,700 for a dual 867MHz Apple box when they can get a dual Athlon box with twice the MHz for half the price? Oh, right, no one would.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 10.45 - 14/8

Hey! Apple should start "rounding off" the speed of all their components!
1Ghz processor rounded off to 3Ghz!
256MB SDRAM rounded off to 512MB DDR!
"Slow" rounded off to "fast"!

That'll show those PeeCee dimwits!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.57 - 14/8

And I quote "runs professional applications like Adobe Photoshop up to 90 percent faster than a 2.53 GHz Pentium 4-based PC". The new Apple Power Mac.

Nuff Said

Like a child desperately trying to find a place to jump into an adult conversation, here comes George a couple of weeks later with an entry with little meaning. Where is this quote meant to have come from? Has he just read or heard it and believed it with no proof, or has he done some homework? Quotes are all well and good but they really don't prove anything on their own. Someone could quote me but I doubt George would be at all interested. So all George can prove here is that he is prone to believing anything he reads as long as he wants it to be true. I thought Steve Jobs wanted people to THINK different (key element - THINK!)

Name: Leo
Sent: 17.36 - 14/8

Uh, Naked George, that doesn't justify the G4 as being the fastest processor. So what if it's faster in Adobe Photoshop? What about other applications, or maybe compiling code? I've noticed alot of Mac users justifing their case by using Adobe Photoshop.

Oh here, read this, It's a Dual G4 1ghz vs. a single 1.6ghz Athlon MP. Guess which one is faster ( and no, it's not the dual G4).


Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.48 - 14/8

I am a Mac Software Engineer, I know all about compiling code, and speeds.

This is still no justification, it is merely a statement that I would have otherwise been happy to believe were it not for the scepticism that I have felt creeping in through hindsight.

Name: Naked George again
Sent: 18.06 - 14/8

Forgot to mention that on Tuesdays I like to dress up as a Turkey and spray my ankles with whipped cream and run around town screaming "Macs are the greatest!!" while doing back flips into fish ponds and then filtering the stuff floating on the surface between my teeth.

I also like to spread Peanut Butter on my cat's paws and tell it jokes about ducks. I also like to play ping pong with my toenail clippings while riding bareback on a donkey.

And once again, I am indeed a Mac Software Engineer, I know all about compiling code and stuff, and speeds and all that.

Name: NG
Sent: 18.12 - 14/8

Uhhh ....... Yah, OK.

It has to be pointed out in the name of fairness that "Naked George again" was not infact Naked George. You can probably judge by later comments who was responsible, but no, it was not George. Though this is obvious as you would need a sense of humour to write such a thing, and ig there's one thing that has been proven over and over, it is that George is lacking that part of his personality. So obviously it was someone just turning the crank on him a little.

Name: Mac user
Sent: 19.25 - 14/8

Here's hoping Naked George isn't a representation of the average Mac user...

God help us...

Name: Naked George
Sent: 20.01 - 14/8

This is great. Some person calling himself chicken (because he's chicken to use his real name) has nothing better to do with his time except to make an Apple toilet site, then sit back as people bitch in the guestbook. Hey chicken, good job of stirring up shit. I'd buy a PC tomorrow, if it'd run Mac OSX. It's windoze and Microsoft that suck, not the PC itself. But then maybe chicken and bill gates are CLOSE "buddies".

PS: Mac user, I am a Software Engineer, not a user.

In case anyone thought it was an over generalisation that Mac users have a tendency to call PC users gay, here's a little bit of proof for you. Do you suppose this says more about how secure (in this instance) George is in his own sexuality. I'm not a psychologist, so I'm not the one to judge, but that's no reason for any of you readers not to draw your own conclusions! Also, you will note that George is also demonstrating his lack of observational skills. At the bottom of the iToilet page, The author: STEPHEN MURRAY has put his name along with his internet handle. Ah well.

Name: Eric
Sent: 20.13 - 14/8

Just in case anyone needs to draw lines twice as fast you have the crappy Imacs. With thier poor interface, crappy programming abilities and asshole programmers bitching to someone who is very skilled at what they do and just has an opinion. Hell with what yuor saying I can tell you why the Apple sucks so much. The Imac is for someoen that wants big fancy things instead of working things, like chicken has said, and he uses the name probably because its funnier that way and he does give away his real name idiot!

Name: Donald
Sent: 20.53 - 14/8

Alas I weep as I view the guestbook. My heart is too saddened to provide an installment of hymnal redemption to the masses.

Naked George (which, incidentally, IS his real name), we have to barr you from the Cult of the Sacreligous Apple for gross indecency. Your general devience outside of your work for The Cult would be happily overlooked under normal surcumstances but to come in here and admit to pasting your cats paws with peanut butter... it frankly makes us look darned silly.

You have ministered well to the masses which makes this task all the more unpleasant to undertake. But we can no longer overlook the magazine cut outs under your bed. Yes! We know about them! Very sticky pictures of Mr. William Gates. It is shameful and disgusting and you will now be banished.

Incidentally, this will not limit your ability to own one or more Apple products, and nor will it prevent you from continuing to endorse the company with future purchases.

I hope this has proven a valuable lesson to all who dare defy:

"The true Path is sketchy at best"

Donny (your lovely minister chappy)

Don't forget to check out Donny's own page. I am obliged not to speak with any disdain about Donny or the Cult for all the valuable guidance that they bring to the guestbook. Mr. Chicken has told me that I am not to say anything that would upset them and force them to go elsewhere. So check out his segment!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 21.13 - 14/8

Oh come on Eric, "idiot", you can do better than that. I mean, I must have to be really stupid to have an engineering degree.

And Donald, the message named "Naked George again", was sent by Leo, or someone pretending to be me. Not Me!

Banish me from the stupidity that is this guestbook, please !!!!

A plea to be allowed to stay with the cult, and a plea to leave the guestbook, and still he comes back for more punishment. Time for a review with your therapist I think, George.

Name: Frank
Sent: 21.21 - 14/8

I contest The decision of The Cult.

I raise the point that Naked George (Keepin' it real, Mr. George!!), has conducted himself in the best possible traditions of The Cult:

1. Implying that Stephen Murray (Electric Chicken) is Gay. Add a further piont that he has implied an indecent relationship with Bill Gates. (I need not remind your first hymn in which you state: "To Call Him Gay Is Our Resolve")

2. Blatently ignoring all facts to make a point and thus "Blindly" following the cause. I refer of course to the assumption that Electric Chicken was the only provided name of the fiendish founder of this site, despite his name adorning the bottom of the site quite clearly.

3. Using no logic in his arguments to further enforce the resolve of the Mac user through confusion. I refer, of course, to his saying that: "PS: Mac user, I am a Software Engineer, not a user.". To a logical mind this could mean that the Apple is too unreliable to use when programming FOR a mac, so he doesn't use them, OR it could mean that He has no experience actually USING a mac, OR it could mean any darned thing you want it to mean.

4. "Bitching" about the heathen with no insightful remark. Naked George has successfully diverted the attention away from the Apple Mac's themselves and put himself in the line of fire by accusing the author Troll of creating a page then sitting back while everyone bitches about it. Obviously that is the whole point behind the iToilet but Naked George has managed to make it seem as though this is a terribly bad thing. In the end, he has sacrificed his own dignity for Apple.

5. He has repeatedly come back to the iToilet guestbook for no apparent reason. He seems to hate the author which is good, but he has also shown that despite his overwhelming dislike for the page and Bill Gates (Hmmm) and Windoze, he still keeps coming back to be thrashed by the comments of MS users. Some may say; "What Stupidity!". But I say, What Tenacity! What Courage! What Perseverence! What a GUY!

So I implore you, Elder Donny, Please reconsider your descision to cast out Naked George. Not merely a Mac user, but a software engineer and example to us all!!!



Name: Chicken aka STEPHEN MURRAY
Sent: 00.16 - 15/8

"...pasting your cat's paws with peanut butter makes us look darned silly..."

Yes, afterall, everybody knows that you're supposed to use custard.

Name: Eric
Sent: 03.19 - 15/8

You ahve presented nothing worth while naked george. You have no pure evidence except that the Mac can draw lines twice as fast! I pity that you believe that the mac is so superior, I to do program and I can say that I would take a PC over a mac anyday and anybdoy who does chooose a slow stupid imac is not too intelligent in their field!

Eric's observation is supremely apt for this hall of fame. Nothing of any worth has been presented by George!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 14.07 - 15/8

Wow, to many computer geeks here for me.
I only develop Mac software because I get paid mega $$$ to. Windoze programmers are a dime a dozen.
To bad Windoze people can't "Think Different", then all this bitching would be happening. Most windoze users have never used a Mac, and are afraid to. God forbid you might actually like it ???

Think outside the box ...... GET outside the box !!!
(and no, this has nothing to do with computers)

Heaven forbid that George should get any kind of job satisfaction. If he doesn't enjoy programming, and doesn't like working for a company with all the benefits you are about to read about - perhaps something a little less pressured would be up his street. I'm sure theirs a dust cart somewhere with his name on it.

Name: Steve
Sent: 15.16 - 15/8

Hehe. Us? Computer Geeks?

Fact is, Naked George is the very nerdy programmer who seems to spend all his free time coming back to this guestbook again and again to raise very nerdy arguements!

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 15.32 - 15/8

Here's a fact: I'm at work, getting paid to come here and "raise very nerdy arguements". I wouldn't waste a second of my FREE time here.

Ass. Lips. Kiss.

Worth pointing out that I don't think there is an employer on the planet that would actually PAY someone to come to the guestbook and "raise very nerdy arguments". I believe what George meant was that he is paid for the time he works and therefore happens to be paid whilst commenting on the site. Perhaps new insight would be gained if he tried going to his employer and saying 'I've been arguing my butt off in that guestbook. I've gone in so much now, it's laughable. I demand a raise!'. What do we think his employer would say at that?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 15.46 - 15/8

You see what he did there, everyone? He's so clever!

PS. If I was your boss, I'd fire you on the spot for wasting company time. But then I'm not your boss, so I won't.

Here are three words you need to learn: Fries. With. That?

Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.57 - 15/8

Of course you'd fire me Chicken, because you don't understand the term "Think Different". My boss used to work with Steve Jobs on earlier versions of the Mac OS. He has put pinball and foosball games in the office, and also couches for when you need to unplug for a bit. We don't get fired for playing pinball at 2 PM. When you need 5, you take 5. Keep your employees happy and relaxed, and they will be more productive and willing to work harder for you.

Fries, definetly, supersize please :)

If George's employer manages to keep his company running with this sort of play room thing going on, it goes to show that Apple hardware and software written for the Mac are so obscenely overpriced that they can subsidise play breaks for all their staff! I believe in looking after your employees and keeping them happy, but hell, you've got to stop somewhere! What's next? An on-suite massage parlour? A hot-tub over in the corner? Playboy bunnies serving drinks all day? A franchise with the local brothel? Yes, I believe in looking after your employees, but I also believe in going to work, to work.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.53 - 15/8

I reckon your boss is also your daddy. :D

Hey, just imagine the ridiculous state of affairs if all company's started to "think different" by encouraging their employess to play pinball and take naps:

"Hello, 911? This is an emergency! There's a man with a gun and he's about to..."

"Not now madam, call back in 15 minutes. George is about to set a new pinball record!"

Name: Naked George
Sent: 19.13 - 15/8

See, that's the problem with this guestbook ....
.... people don't think (even normally) before typing.
I don't deal with life/death situations, but I still have deadlines to meet.

Chicken's point was appropriate not because of the literal way in which George took it, but because of these ridiculous office management idea's that unfortunately seem to keep creeping over the Atlantic to here in the UK. Well that is one that is far too pro-employee to work over here, and I think for the better too!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.40 - 15/8

To "benro2"
Sorry bud, I'm afraid I overlooked your wording there.

To "Naked George"
I'm in two minds as to whether its worth saying anything, but I just can't resist such an easy target. I must be getting lazier!...
...Here's a few contradictions you might like to have a think about before your next posting:
-to argue your point in a discussion/bitching session you have no interest in.
-to make claims of intelligence and yet to not even posses the ability to comment without simply saying your adversary is stupid.
-to quote "think different" whilst in posession of a closed mind.

Free time or work time, if you think this is so pointless, why the hell do you insist on coming back time and again? Please do keep it up, it makes our own arguments so much more convincing. To a psychiatrist you are a potential paper. To a comedian, you are material. To us you are cannon-fodder. PLEASE keep coming back. You make this SO easy for us!

By the way Mr. Chicken, congrats on the 911 example. Most apt. But be careful! The next big mac you buy might have Naked-George-Spit in it!

Kin Wicked

Name: Donald
Sent: 20.30 - 15/8

It appears to me that you have an advocate, Naked George. Though Frank is merely one of the parishiners, his contesting our decision to banish you from worshiping in The Cult has not fallen on deaf ears.

That in combination with your own pleas for re-admission:

"And Donald, the message named "Naked George again", was sent by Leo, or someone pretending to be me. Not Me!"

...has forced us to reconsider your status in the community. Once we have the nod from head-office we can process you readmission application and begin preparations for your readmission initiation ceremony. I hope your old scars have healed from the first time because we are about to re-open them again. I remember your first initiation; oh how you squeeled at the probe. We will use more lube on the firewire this time though. Actually, you seemed to quite enjoy that last time as I recall.

Hope to receive the new paperwork from you in due course. I look forward to welcoming you back to the Cult of the Sacreligous Apple.


P.S. Look out for more hymns soon!

Name: Jonny
Hometown: Puyallup, WA
Sent: 20.38 - 15/8

HAHA. Naked George, you're hilarious. Oh, and to everyone else, this statement represents the average intelligence of a mac user, which is none: "Well I know why I use a apple computer...but I wont tell all the pc-idiots, which are kinda ms-junkies (someday they“ll die of an over-dos*g*),
because the upperclass should be kept close for idiots who really think win-dos Xplode is a real improvment in the history of OS“s (well lets say it might be an improvment if you compare it to win-dos 95, and you are a s/m-freak )" That post was made a long time ago and I can't remember by whom. I saved it in a text file because I thought it was so funny. This guy's trying to make a point that he obviously knows NOTHING about. kinda like Naked George.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 20.52 - 15/8

Hey Kin, most of your initial points, no ideal what the hell you're talking about. It's all babble to me. Why do I come back, just to torment people like YOU. People that take all this way to seriously. Who gives a rats ass which is better. It's like comparing apples and oranges anyway. I notice you post a lot here to, and urge me to come back, so you can attempt to make it sound like I don't know what I'm saying, but never succeed. You know what I really think ..... if the highlight of your day is to come to a toilet site and see what I posted ..... then dude, you need to get a life !!!


" It's like comparing apples and oranges anyway. " - hmmm - where have we seen this before? It makes me wonder if George has any ties to "Clay", or perhaps he couldn't think of a proper response and so had to look back through the guestbook and steal someone else's. Who knows! Who cares? It was still funny!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 23.04 - 15/8

And again Naked George you bring a smile to my face. Firstly you admit that you have too limited an intellect to understand even the most straight forward of comments. But just in a few short lines you continue to push yourself in the dirt. You notice I post here alot. Have you stopped to ask why, or possibly even looked back several pages to get a taste for the guestbook? Whilst merrily adding to my portfolio, I take pleasure in coming here to see how my friends site is doing and to relish in the ignorance of the likes of YOU!

Now aside from this, you are supposedly at work yet you take time to ALSO post lots of comments here, and you tell ME to get a life? Please tell me that you aren't so totally devoid of a sense of humour that you can't see the irony in that!

As for completely reversing your standpoint from trying to say that mac is better than PC (albeit with more emphasis on the OS argument), to that of: "Who gives a rats ass which is better. It's like comparing apples and oranges anyway.", shows only too clearly that you now feel it is too difficult to defend Apple so instead have taken the escape of pussies everywhere and just said 'I don't care anyway'. Additionally...you can't compare PC's to Macs? Why not? Designers everywhere do. Not to mention every other up tight hardcore mac user, to whom so precious is the name of Apple that they will risk their dignity in order to protect their computer!

What's the matter George? Threatened by all the PC users here? C'mon, give us all your best shot!

Oh yes, and here's a thing!: "I notice you post a lot here to, and urge me to come back, so you can attempt to make it sound like I don't know what I'm saying, but never succeed." - well "dude", what I really think is that you haven't got a clue what your DOING, let alone saying! I might suggest an alteration to your handle: Contradiction George. It sits on you far better regardless of your state of undress (is that another policy at your place of work too? MMMMmmmmm COMFY!)

Anyway, I really do hope you keep coming back! You are by far one of the most entertaining morons we have had grace this site since...."The Ward"!

bu-bye for now DUDE. Hope you find time in that OH SO BUSY schedule of yours to come back some time and spin off another gem for us all to laugh at.

Kin Wicked

Name: Tom
Hometown: Florida
Sent: 23.15 - 15/8

To Kin:
Naked George is right, you really spew a lot of babble.

PS: Love the iToilet, flush the Mac.

That was the last we officially heard from "Naked George" as he then changed his handle. Quite pathetically though, it seems this was because he felt he needed someon to back him up. Poor little George felt all alone and didn't have anyone to help him out and so had to do it himself. There is something classically pathetic about that.

It should be pointed out though that we were unaware of this at the time being the trusting souls that we are, but later it became clear that it would be worth checking back on his IP numbers.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 01.37 - 16/8

"The next big mac you buy might have Naked-George-Spit in it!"

Then I'll be sure to only buy from Burger King - I think they have slightly higher standards than McDonalds and so wouldn't employ Naked George/pinball boy. :D

PS. Kin, check your e-mail tonight, I'm sending you a sneak preview of the new iToilet add on.

This comment was sent from "benro2" though he forgot to post his name. Due to the size of the comment, I have emboldened the relevant part and put a red marker before and after it.

Sent: 02.23 - 16/8

To Chicken: no, only the two posts on this page are my contributions so far. The reason? I hadn't heard of the page before until yesterday. It was linked from overclockers.com.au and I just had to pay it a visit. I must say, the page is quite ingenious. I read the entire "ad", then looked around the bottom for a guestbook or forum because I knew the Mac-fanatics would be spewing and would have some (nasty) comments to make. Guess I was right!

Another problem with the dual processor G4 which I forgot to mention previously is that only specially programmed applications can take advantage of the second processor. These programs have to be "multithreaded" and are extremely difficult to write. At least on a Windows PC multithreading is necessary, and I am 99% sure this is the case for any OS. Can anyone verify this? Anyway, the only other advantage I can see with having more than one processor is that when one processor is working on something demanding and time consuming, like a graphics redering, the other processor is available to do other things on, like maybe playing a game or whatever. The point is, having a 2.4GHz processor combined with the relatively well executed multitasking in Windows 2000/XP, this will outperform the dual 1GHz processors in the Mac. And at less than half the cost. I simply cannot see where the advantage of the Mac comes in - more expensive hardware, more expensive software, of which most is available for PC anyway, for a machine that is harder and more expensive to upgrade, and is slower in the bargain. Where's the sense in that?

Now before all the Mac heads out there start claiming that I've only ever used a Mac for "5 minutes" and have never "tried it properly to see what it's actually like", you are wrong. I have used Macs for several hours, quite often at uni. I keep on going back to them when a new OS comes out thinking that they would have improved, and perhaps redeemed themselves by introducing something new and exciting, but no, every time it's the same old thing. Slow processors, limited features, crappy monitors, crappy mouse, etc. etc. I don't refrain from using Macs simply because they are "dirty", as I know some Windows users put it, I don't use them because I genuinely believe they are an inferior product. As Kin said before, needing to know how to use a Mac is mandatory simply because they are the industry standard for designing. Not because they are a superior product. How did they become the industry standard? Millions of dollars of (usually false or misleading) advertising. Businesses don't care how much their computer hardware costs - it's the software that counts and if they see something in front of them that looks fancy and will do the job, they'll use it.

Hardware costs these days are dirt cheap compared to software. Take for example just one software package we use here: Borland Delphi. We pay well over AUS$7,000 per copy, plus huge support costs each year, as opposed to the $4,000 or so per computer. And we use many different development app's, not just Delphi.
And as for Naked George claiming there are too many computer geeks at this message board for him, what exactly does he do for a profession? He is a computer programmer himself! So how can he call other people here geeks? I am actually a programmer myself, but I only have about 7 months' experience. I am happy to admit that I am not that good at it - I don't like much, but it's a job, and I am getting some valuable industry experience where I can learn new experiences, which you can never get through a university, so I don't have much choice. However I make sure my claims are 100% correct before posting them on a message board, unlike some others here.
Oh yeah, I work in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a place where video and audio is practically the sole purpose of the business, and I am yet to see a Mac around. Everyone uses a PC, and the servers run Unix on Intel or Alpha processors. We even have a few Vaxes (which will be disappearing soon). So much for the extra "creativity" you can get out of a Mac.

Anyway, I've had my say, so I'll leave everyone else to it. BTW, I'm only here posting because I like debating. But as soon as some fools start posting stupid messages, like calling people names, or just posting absolute crap, it spoils all the fun. So how about a sensible, healty debate, instead of name-calling and bickering?

Sent: 02.27 - 16/8

Yes, I love being accused of being "Naked George again". That is the most retarded thing for someone to come up with. WHY would it be me? I haven't even impersonated any other stupid moron in here.

PS - Chicken has the IP address, that'll show who's the "Naked George" impersonator.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 02.33 - 16/8

... To include the Chicken's whole comment would force me to include other comments prior that aren't relevant here. It was only a short piece.

I'll be sure to check up on the IP number of whoever that wierdo was (and if it turns out to be my IP number then I'll blame it on alcahol...)

Hang your head in shame, Chicken! (It was funny though! Well done!)

Name: ProdiGaL
Sent: 04.31 - 16/8

hahahahhaha, naked george, hhahahahahahhahaha

Name: Eric
Sent: 04.57 - 16/8

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is great. Naked george is being proven wrong over and over again and everyone on his side has stopped and so has HE!!! What makes me laugh the most is he has proven no evidence that the Mac is better he has just said over adn over again it is good and we all suck. Ok George! I have used a mac many times before for hours on end, and then I go home and thankgod I don't have that over priced desktop lamp! All it has to make it look better is a little color thing to appeal to the eye and a fancy interface that sucks incredibly! The interface does not go anywere! and is overly bright and flashy with small little noises to show off! The only thing that is good about it is that it doesn't have that big box outside the monitor and I actually just got an Hp that has a little CD holder and front USB plug on the box thing making it very fun to use(hint: I always put my CDs on top of the comp, just now I have a holder!). So Now that I have shotdown anything that could be good about the mac, wait a min it CAN draw lines twice as fast!!!! And the abnormal mouse("Think diferent" huh?) that cramps yuor hand and is impossible to get used to! Oh please! To think that the new Mac processor i that much faster than the P4!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But wait yuo can draw lines twice as fast so THAT must be what yuor talking about while the actual great programs don't even work on the Mac platform or are twice as slow or cost three tiems as much!!!! So please stop turning the discusion on yuor sad life George, save that for yuor psychiatrist! This discussion is on the mac not the poor programmers behind it!!!

P.S. Ah you get payed twice as much eh? just add it to macs stupid list, like why they havn't fired you yet, the mac "elite" are the dumbass's of society, only elite in their head, called dimensia!(with extreme true facts telling you one thing yuo believe the other!! Should someone be commited?)

The tents are set and the fires lit. You inhale and know there's bias being cooked up in both camps. But then that's what makes it all so fun. Some good points made, just a tad viciously.

Name: AboveBelle
Hometown: Same As You-Know-Who
Sent: 10.10 - 16/8

Hi all,
Abovebelle here, Just want to say, what happend to the light hearted thing that WAS this guest book, it's all a little too serious for me. As I understand it, the site Was/Is a joke. Naked George, Kin wicked doesn't babble, he says what he has to say and ends it. You however seem to have the time to come in (almost every minute) to slag the site off, humm, at least kin has a message. go figure.
Hope you are well Chicken, Mad monk and Kin wicked, hope to see you all soon,

Cheers Babe! J

Name: Eric
Sent: 16.21 - 16/8

I agree, I just like to argue soemtimes :) . Especially against sh*ttalkers, whenever me or my buddies see one we like to pry into it and tear it apart :) . And I've become quite good at it too! I'm sorry for my quantity of posts and size :( habit dies hard! I'd liek to say chicken has a great sense of humor and can't wait to see what else he unveils(Plus his skill blows me away! I am using 3D maxx now too and I havn't gotten anything close to what he has!). Keep going Chicken!

Name: Tom
Sent: 03.41 - 17/8

Hmm, but this really isn't an "Apple" iToilet.
I wonder what Apple thinks of this ?
I wonder if they or Ellen Feiss allowed chicken to use her pic on the site ....... Hmmmm.

Hey, Naked George, where are you ? Feel like some ....... KFC !!!!

Name: Tom
Sent: 03.42 - 17/8

Hmm, but this really isn't an "Apple" iToilet.
I wonder what Apple thinks of this ?
I wonder if they or Ellen Feiss allowed chicken to use her pic on the site ....... Hmmmm.

Hey, Naked George, where are you ? Feel like some ....... KFC !!!!

And again with the self justification. This was after Steve put the test flush and first Ellen Feiss spoof on the web. Again, sadly, George/Tom felt the need to back himself up with an imaginary friend. Some folks you just can't help! (And yes, he posted twice for some reason. Must have been getting frustrated!)

Sent: 03.55 - 17/8

Ellen Feiss is too high to worry

Name: Mac hater
Sent: 04.34 - 17/8


Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 11.21 - 17/8

Hi Steve,

Nice additions to the site. Pay no heed to "Tom". Afterall, if Apple were so bothered they'd have dropped on you by now. Also, if Apple want to make a big deal of it, they can be assured of looking totally pathetic and banial by trying to form any sort of action against you. It will only prove that there is no humour permitted whilst in the vacinity of the Apple logo.

"Tom" - grow up.

"Mac hater" - though I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, do you have anything more substantial, or possibly relevent to add?

Anyway, off to see some hot air baloons - see you later

Kin Wicked

Name: PK
Sent: 13.18 - 18/8

There is a spoof for the iDildo attachment for 'the mac lover' that was a classic.

Sent: 15.17 - 18/8

Your point is what?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 18.50 - 18/8

To the last poster - if you feel deprived of a really insightful comment, then we need only wait until tomorrow when "Naked George" will undoubtedly be back to work. (Though considering that he apparently has deadlines to meet and also seems to spend most of his time commenting here, playing pinball or taking many a 'five' on the couch, then I'm frankly shocked he's not been working all weekend!)

Come on George, give it your best shot! You've had a whole weekend to think of something clever to say. Knock us all dead with your great wit a repartee.

Kin Wicked (Awaiting the wrath of the nude one!!)

Name: Donald
Sent: 12.32 - 19/8

Kin Wicked, I'm afraid to inform you that Naked George will not be posting for a while due to his current involvement with The Cult Of The Sacreligous Apple. He is presently entering stage seven of the reinitiation process involving a one buttoned hamster and a big tube. He successfully passed the masturbation contest, but then that's just something we all enjoy at break times, not actually part of the serimony.

We are now trying to track down "the Ward" since it has become clear he has merely been banned and not killed. My seniors in The Cult have informed me that we have officially ended the vendetta against Mr. Chicken for his act and will simply continue to call him gay and proclaim that he is jealous of the Apple Mac...etc

In other news, our choir group and their leader have gone mysteriously missing, so no more hymns at present unless we can find a musically inclined parishiner to take on the role.

Lovely Donny

This at least brings some relief that Donny is only joking. George was very much at large!

Name: lothar
Sent: 20.45 - 19/8

why go through all the trouble to produce such an adolescent mess

Name: Me
Sent: 21.46 - 19/8

Here Here, lothar. Such a waste of talent.

SHOCK! HORROR! I wonder if George knew he was passing Chicken a compliment.

Name: carlos
Hometown: Seattle
Sent: 15.39 - 23/8

Oh my gosh, its really funny to see people that think they're computer geeks talk about computers. You guys are the ones that think Windows is better because Macs don't come with solitaire.
If you did know anything about computers, you'd realize how stupid this whole thing is. "The superior Pentium processor", that's pretty damn funny!

With an ignorant comment like that, I hope that "Carlos" doesn't profess to being a computer geek.

Sent: 16.34 - 23/8

Wait! Back up. Windows comes with solitaire?

Sent: 17.27 - 23/8

I was just about to buy me a Mac but then I heard Windows comes with solitaire - that clinched the deal and I had to go with a PC!

Name: Mac fanatic
Sent: 17.29 - 23/8

You Windows freaks and your fancy shmancy solitaire, why, in a couple of years time our Macs should be fast enough to run that game as well!

As is said online - L.M.A.O.!!!!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 09.07 - 24/8

To "Carlos"

Which part of your body is it that you think with? I've been running a pool and so far 'Carlos's Arse' is favourite at 2/1.

Kin Wicked

Name: Tom
Sent: 04.22 - 25/8

Good one Carlos!
When the Pentium gets up to about P15 it might compare to the Apple G4.
Oh look, and there's Kin with a stupid comment that only a PC luser could come up with. But you gotta give him an E for effort.

Name: Tom
Sent: 04.23 - 25/8

Good one Carlos! {God you're sexy!}
When the Pentium gets up to about P15 it might compare to the Apple G4. {At least thats what the voices tell me}
Oh look, and there's Kin with a stupid comment that only a PC luser could come up with. But you gotta give him an E for effort. {I wish I was his fwend!}

I was left perplexed by the double comment, but more so by the little bracketed extras! Let's move on!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 14.47 - 25/8

To "Tom"

Naturally we realise that your idea of intellectual stimulus is probably akin watching a dog drag its arse along the floor, but really you have set a new low for yourself in the support of "carlos's" comment.

The notion that someone would use a windows O/S because you can play solitaire is so utterly and mind numbingly stupid as to rank it a pure piece of machead material. I sincerely hope for the sakes of "carlos" and yourself that it was meant as a joke because one would have to question your ability to exist in the every day world if that is truely your considered opinions. But possibly the saddest part about the whole thing is that if it was meant in humour, it actually wasn't amusing in the least. It has no meaning, no wit, no style - it really suits you both down to the ground!

For now my piontless, witless, and dull aquaintences, I bid you adieu.

Kin Wicked

I wouldn't actually hold true to this, but it almost sounds like jealousy from the Mac camp. I know it isn't because that would frankly be silly to become jealous over a card game, but they don't make a very good case for themselves!

Name: abovebelle
Hometown: same-as-you-know-who
Sent: 18.59 - 25/8

Hi all.
I'm glad that there are still people with pointless arguments here, tom and carlos, get a life, and then please visit again. Kin nearly split his sides upon reading your comment, it's great to see him so amused. If you are really nice tom, kin will be your 'fwend'.
Hi Chicken and Mad Monk, (glad to hear you finally got the reference, ;), lol), hope you are both well.
bye bye bye for now


Name: amorpheum
Hometown: New York, NY
Sent: 04.59 - 26/8

You sad individual. Why the hatred of superior technology? I'm curious as to how many blind supporters (and you'll see why I say that) have actually tried out BOTH formats and thought and compared for yourselves, or do you just repeat what Bill tells you to think? I spend 40 hrs. a week in a beige room with a beige carpet at a beige box running Windoze, which is supposed to be so damn wonderful. I've seen more Blue Screens of Death, "physical Memory Dump"s, "application not responding" and other assorted errors and nonsense than you've had hot dinners. When I go home and fire up my Mac, it's like a dream. I will admit I've had occasional problems with an app acting up and throwing my whole system for a loop, but I've noticed that it's only when I was running MICROSOFT Internet Explorer. Very telling, indeed...
Still, an amusing parody. The artwork is cute. At least some PC users out there can 1) get their boxes to work properly and 2) care to do something creative with it, rather than just surf porn sites or play games, using their computers as a glorified Super NoFriendo.

It should be noted that "Amorpheum" has since been a regular contributor to the guestbook. Since his initial comments he has been on rather good terms with us PC users. He's been quite a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately he is shown in rather a bad light here as his most relevant comments in relation to Naked George were his earlier, more acidic ones. Just so it's clear that he's not as bad as he will look on this page...ok we can move on now...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 13.50 - 26/8

To "amorpheum"

Nice to see we're now back to the good ol' BEIGE hatred. Lets see - beiges and greys were originaly used for the sakes of the monitor. The reasoning being that it was easier on the eyes with the old display types. Alas I don't know what the effect of more recent display types would be on the eyes with various framing colours, but lets face it, if your spending more time looking at the box than you are the work space on the screen, you're not getting a great deal of work done, are you?

Aside from this, 40 Hrs a week in a beige room with beige carpets and walls etc, why not do a little research to present to your boss to suggest that improved morale would be attained if the office were painted in a more stimulating colour. Try looking up "building health" or something.

Another point of yours that I would like to respond to: 40 Hrs a week on your PC's at work, that have been there for how long? Do you spend 40 Hrs each week using your Mac? Does anyone in your office take great loving care of their machines - delicately attending to the occasional defrag or scandisk, let alone using a separate package to do a system check occasionally? As has been pointed out, we all know and accept that Windows is not the greatest of OS's, but then I don't suppose that your employers have thought to have a program made specifically for the company on a more stable O/S?

The use of your Mac at home and your PC at work are going to be more than a tad different - you might like to think about that!!

The saving grace of your comment is that you do at least show you have a sense of humour. That does seem to be a rare quality in a mac user from most of the posts we see in here.

Kin Wicked

Sent: 15.01 - 26/8

Dude (Kin) ............... Get a Life !!!
PS: Jaguar Rocks !!! Stick Windoze in your toilet.

Are we seeing some patterns emerging? I think we might be! Notice how he has gone from using the "Tom" handle now to being anonymous? This comes after being shown up for supporting "Carlos", just as he stopped using the name "Naked George" after he was shown up for other nonsensical comments. We are also still waiting for a comment with any sort of meaning to it. An argument would be nice, but I'm still waiting for meaning! Short and pointless - that about covers it!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.18 - 26/8

Hey, make sure you check out the latest G4 (go to www.apple.com for a pic).

The designers have kindly drilled what seem to be four finger grip holes so it's easier than ever to throw the damn thing out the window!

Name: Leo
Sent: 22.11 - 26/8

I never understood why the G4 is said to use less wattage and produce less heat, but uses a massive 7lb. (~ 3.175147 Kg.) heatsink.


Name: Chicken
Sent: 22.23 - 26/8

Hehe, I think Mac users need to install heatsinks on themselves to deal with all that hot air they're so full of!

Sent: 16.28 - 27/8

Uhh, maybe they have a larger heatsink because they have NO fan. Unlike the pentium chips that need an air conditioning unit to keep them from burning up. LOL

Well now - isn't he full of surprises, that actually had a bit of content. Maybe though on this issue, it could be pointed out that the heatsink in the Apple Cube was obviously not so effective as it overheated to the point that cracks began to appear. And if they continue to state that it is a side effect of the injection moulding process then perhaps other methods of production should be looked into. After all, the looks of the Mac are about the only thing going for it!

Sent: 16.39 - 27/8

More than 100,000 copies of Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar were sold worldwide during its first weekend, setting a new record for Mac OS sales. More than 50,000 people visited Apple's 35 retail stores during Friday night's "100 Minutes of Jaguar" launch event.
All across the country, thousands of people came to Apple Stores for the nighttime Jaguar launch, lining up in anticipation of the release of Mac OS X v10.2

Gee, I doubt anyone ever lined up to get a copy of WinDOZE.
And if they did ....... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

I would comment at length here, but everyone pounced on this with the malice it deserves...so read on.

Sent: 16.55 - 27/8

Only 100,000?

Name: Steve
Sent: 17.11 - 27/8

Hehe, Apple could manufacture glass hammers or chocolate teapots or rubber crowbars, and brainwashed fanatics would still flock in their droves to buy them.

Sent: 17.33 - 27/8

Only 100,000 ..... you moron !!!

Exactly Steve, we know Apple produces QUALITY.

Name: Steve
Sent: 18.09 - 27/8

Yes, you're right, QUALITY.
Bad quality, mind you...

Name: Eric
Sent: 20.32 - 27/8

Wow the Mac "idoits" have come up wityh the dumbest ideas and combacks. And quality is a glass hammer. Like a mac user yuo need it explained since you didn't figure it out on your own! Glass hammers would break when hit meaning thier prupose of hitting things is useless. Also, I'm sure a lot of mac users havn't spent "enough time" on the PC to know whats better!

Please remember this comment " I'm sure a lot of mac users havn't spent "enough time" on the PC to know whats better!" as it will become quite pertinent.

Sent: 20.59 - 27/8

And one more time for those slow ones who still don't get it - I'm talking to you Naked George. GLASS BREAKS.

Sent: 21.04 - 27/8

NO SHIT Eric, damn you're smart. A glass hammer breaks ?
You totally missed the point.
I know that Windoze SUCKS, and only used it for 5 minutes.

THANK YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - we have a winner. " I know that Windoze SUCKS, and only used it for 5 minutes." Now how can any argument be based on such a lack of experience? I draw your attention again to " I'm sure a lot of mac users havn't spent "enough time" on the PC to know whats better!" Also, Eric's point is quite accurate; when Steve made his analogy about the Mac fanatics queuing up for glass hammers, George openly stated that yes they would because the fanatics know quality (though quite obtusely missing the point that a glass hammer is redundant). I really don't know why I'm explaining this - it must be for the benefit of George and others like him.

Sent: 22.25 - 27/8

Haha, did your brilliant Windoze box tell you who I am ?
Try again ...... I'm Tom.

Sent: 22.27 - 27/8

Haha, did your brilliant Windoze box tell you who I am ?
Try again ...... I'm Tom.

I think this was an odd attempt at mockery. If George truly is an engineer then he should surely be aware that we can find out who he is regardless of what computer or OS one uses. Consider this another reason to disbelieve any statement about his profession.

Name: Eric
Sent: 19.22 - 28/8

Hhhhmmm just add tom to the list of idiots under naked george! And finally he realizes the metaphor! Only took him a few days but I'm glad we could bring it to the attention of the Mac population that glass breaks(next is which platform is better :), hint:its not macs!).

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 22.40 - 28/8

To the fool who admitted that there were people queueing up for the latest mac O/S

Firstly, people queue up for stuff they are fanatic about. Many fanatics are considered to be quite unstable in most ways, though ironically, not all fanatics are treated equally. Firstly, Football fans or other sports fans are considered perfectly sane even though they spend more time thinking about their team than they do about their family. Then you have trekkies who are instantly denied the right to be taken seriously because they like a cult TV show. And what of Mac Addicts? Well, it's more than a little scary that there are people who love Macs this much. The reason being that they all profess that the Mac is this wonderful tool used by professionals everywhere (so therefore not even a thing that you can become attached to from entertainment value), and yet they will eagerly queue up for an operating sytem! An operating system? Bloody hell! they must have finally included solitaire as standard or something!!

Secondly, was the old Mac O/S SO very bad by admission that no mac user could wait another minute to buy an upgrade? Lets see now, several pages ago, I seem to remember someone damning Microsoft for making easy updates and fixes.

How wonderful it is that whether the nameless poster be George or Tom (or for all I care, Jim, Joe or Bob), they still give us open invitation to slay them. It's only fair, I suppose: with this sort of material at my fingertips, they've certainly slayed me!! Keep coming back. It's folk like you that will make it into the Hall of Fame!!

Kin Wicked

Name: I am always right
Hometown: Sydney AUSTRALIA
Sent: 00.27 - 29/8

I like Mac OSX because it's just BSD Unix underneath and, well, I really like Unix and the GUI is better than Motif. Is that a problem?

Is it true that OSX is now the world's single most widespread Unix distribution? I think it overtook Linux in about six months...

Name: Leo
Sent: 01.35 - 29/8

Nobody ever said OS X or Unix is wrong, just Mac itself. :P


Sent: 01.58 - 29/8

To bad you could never run such a superior OS like OS X Jaguar on a PC.
If blue screen, reboot and try again, and again, etc .......

Sent: 02.00 - 29/8

To bad you could never run such a superior OS like OS X Jaguar on a PC.
If blue screen, reboot and try again, and again, etc .......

Sent: 02.00 - 29/8

To bad you could never run such a superior OS like OS X Jaguar on a PC.
If blue screen, reboot and try again, and again, etc .......

A naff joke is bad enough, but posted three times? Is this guy having problems with his Mac or what? I understand it takes a Mac noticeably longer to load a page from the net than on a PC, maybe he gets frustrated by the speed of his machine and so has a clicking frenzy!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 02.08 - 29/8

If OS X did run on a PC it would actually live up to its full potential.

PS. No need to triple-click the Send Message button.

Name: Leo
Sent: 03.39 - 29/8

Actually if you, whoever you may be, knew what you were talking about, I CAN run a superior O/S on my computer - FreeBSD; OS X is built on top of it. :P


Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 08.58 - 29/8

To "Leo"

If you're interested, the 'you' you are refering to is Tom.

How do I know this? Well quite a number of comments ago you will remember a chap called carlos saying something blatently backward about PC users interest being confined to playing solitaire. After that, a lovely chap called Tom chipped in proclaiming it a wonderful observation. Having degraded himself in this manner(not to mention all the other times previously), he has ceased using his name, but we can easily tell it's him when (thank you Mr Chicken) I can sign in and quickly cross reference a very special little number.

So when the annonymous posts appear with underneath, I now know it will be Tom. Isn't technology great?

Now lets all give "Tom" a huge round of applause for entertaining us all with his pointless mini-rants. If you give him a standing ovation, he may even come back with some more material to further belittle the image of the average mac user.

Come on "Tom"! Give us another one!

Kin Wicked

When an IP is revealed like this, I feel it must be justified. The reason being that it should not put off anyone else wanting to rant. That's what the guestbook is there for. At the time though, Tom was to the best of my knowledge just Tom, and nothing to do with George (as George had infact signed in from a different computer previously and so had a different IP). Frankly, he was becoming tiresome - always posting really dull comments, not to mention posting them over and over whether intentionally or not. But finally he threw down the gauntlet with the " did your brilliant Windoze box tell you who I am ?" comment. That is why I posted it. I personally don't want to see this become a habit as it will put people off of coming in. I don't want that. I know Chicken doesn't want that. Some people just deserve being de-smugged!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 12.35 - 29/8

"Haha, did your brilliant Windoze box tell you who I am ?"

Eh? Did I miss something Tom? If this was your Maccy way of challenging a PC user, you really need to find something more entertaining to do with yourself.

Sent: 14.28 - 29/8

If either of you (Kin/Chicken) had a fucking brain cell functioning (between you) you'd have figured out who Tom was a long time ago. I can change my IP every 5 minutes if I want, that don't mean shit. You think technology is great, you should figure out how to use it !!! Keep in mind, I'm an Engineer, I don't draw toilets for a living.

Kin, you are such a loser, get a life man.
BTW thanks for posting my IP, asshole.
No big deal, only geeks and idiots come here anyway.

I will leave you all to the stupidity of this guestbook.
Since this seems to be your life.

Naked George
aka Tom

Haha, fucking losers !!!

My instinct is to comment - but I did that anyway in what follows. Let me tell you though, after this, I was going about with quite a smile on my face!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 14.54 - 29/8

To Naked Tom - now there's a surprise. Then again, all macheads sound the same anyway.

"No big deal, only geeks and idiots come here anyway."

None bigger than yourself!

"I will leave you all to the stupidity of this guestbook.
Since this seems to be your life."

How many comments has it been for YOU now?

The truely sad element in all this is that you change your identity to protect your pride. All you've done is shatter your dignity - thanks for that, you saved us all alot of effort. Engineer you may be, clear thinker? debator? You are not!

Incidentally, coming in as two people to agree with yourself and make it appear that you have comrades or possibly even friends only shows how sad and pathetic your little life is.

By the way, if the IP number is no big deal, why are you so hot under the collar? If you like, I can post all the IP numbers you have posted under. Entirely at your descretion, of course!

Anyway, it was lovely hearing from you again. Don't be too discouraged - come back and give us all another laugh any time you feel like it! We'll be waiting. (by the way, if you bought a dictionary, thesaurus and DECENT education before you come back, that might help your credibility. A sense of humour would be good too!)

Kin Wicked

Name: amorpheum
Hometown: New York, NY
Sent: 03.46 - 1/9

Okay I've got two people to adress, I'll start with "Kin Wicked". Anyhow, it's not my job to maintain, defrag, "take loving care of" the PCs at work, there's a whole department full of people who are paid to that, certified professionals. Presumably this means they know what they're doing, more than I would (or would care to) Yet plenty still goes wrong. It seems so much time and effort is spent correcting errors and figuring out just what went wrong THIS time? I wanted a computer, not a baby. As I said before, I have had no problem that I couldn't fix in a few minutes, except when using Bill's Internet Explorer. Granted, I don't spend an additional 40 hours on the Mac at home, but I was just trying to show that I have based my opinions on real comparison, not blind acceptance. Many people will viciously attack what is unfamiliar to them, sad but true.
"Beige hatred" Please, please tell me you realize the issue is not just what color the damn thing is, but that attention to detail extends to every facet of the complete product, inside and out. I have seen many write-ups of Mac products from notable PC publications, and they are always impressed with the packaging, not just for aesthetics, but it's intelligent design, and ease of use. A major accomplishment in PC circles seems to be just getting the machine to run well for two minutes together, forget about getting anything done with it. It's like the guys whose cars are permenently on cinder blocks in their backyards, always fixing this, getting a new that, and the three weeks out of the year it actually runs, they just use it to cruise up and down the local boulevard, trying stupid pick up lines on uninterested girls, before going home. I like the fact that I don't have to hold it's hand and pamper it so it doesn't fall apart on me.
As for Leo, NEVER, EVER USE ALL CAPS AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO. No I don't know everything that was said before, I haven't been following this since day 1, alright? Aren't we a tad defensive? Pardon me, I've got better things to do than look for everything you may have written. The fact that you have to assert again that you use a PC but not windoze just underlines my point. Our views on Windoze are the same, but as for associating it with PCs, freakin' Gates wants his OS integrated in your breakfast cereal, for Chrissakes. He won't be happy until everyone in the world uses his garbage. What else should I associate him with? I can't really get into a discussion on other PC OSes, since I haven't been exposed to them enough. And no, I didn't know computers and Operating Systems were different creatures, why don't you teach me something? I don't think any PC user even LIKES Bill Gates, yet your even more misguided brethren have made him the richest man in the world. Maybe YOU don't use windoze, but there are plenty of other dopes who do. gotta go, getting bored, and I've taken too much space as it is.

Name: Guess Who
Sent: 04.19 - 2/9

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!
Hey amorpheum, on the topic of cars, I love the guys that buy a honda civic and put a Chef-Boy-R-Dee exhaust system on it, with the big Alpha-Ghetti can sticking out the back. They think they're street racers because they have an alpha-ghetti can sticking out the back. LMAO !!! Idiots, my sewing machine puts out more horsepower. One of them ran into the back of me on my motorcycle the other day, in a parking lot, I pulled up beside him and put the boots to the side of his car. LOL.

Hold the phone! He said good bye and that everyone who comes here is a this, that and the other. Anywho, this is the most civilised he's been, not to mention the most verbose. Perhaps this is telling of his profession. Maybe he's not a software engineer, but a car mechanic. Or possibly even a seamstress?!

Name: Tomiz Yobinov
Hometown: Moscow
Sent: 03.30 - 4/9

Chikity China the Chinese Chicken

this site is really good

macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!! macs SUCK -mother flushers!!!!

Name: Tomiz Yobinov
Hometown: Moscow
Sent: 03.31 - 4/9

Chikity China the Chinese Chicken

this site is really good

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Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 09.06 - 4/9

Thanks for the support "Tomiz Yobinov". But please leave your immaturity at the door. Try posting something useful if you come back...ok?

Kin Wicked

Name: Steve
Sent: 13.06 - 4/9

"The Ward" tried to leave his immaturity at the door, thought I think it got caught in his shoelace and he dragged it in with him anyway.

Sent: 15.19 - 4/9

Yeah, post useful stuff, like Kin ......
BAH hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
..... NOT !!!

Ah, let himself down again. Do you suppose he was holding a vendetta against me? Well, this wreaked of Naked George so I had to check it out...and sure enough...so...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 23.14 - 4/9

Oh good! Naked George / Tom hasn't given up yet. Lets see...

"No big deal, only geeks and idiots come here anyway."
Which are you again?

"I will leave you all to the stupidity of this guestbook.
Since this seems to be your life."
And I see YOU can't keep away either!

More like - aufwiedersehen

It's ok George, it's nice to see that familiar old IP again! I can only guess that you wanted us to know it was you, as you apparently have the ability to change your IP at will! Or is your home IP? Ah well, you said yourself that it doesn't matter.

Come on back with another gem for us George. You know you are going to have your own segment in the hall of fame! You're THAT funny!

Kin Wicked

Name: Electric Chicken
Sent: 23.50 - 4/9

Kin, don't be stupid!

Naked George stated quite clearly that he certainly wouldn't waste any of his free time on this guestbook, therefore it certainly wouldn't be a home connection he was dialing from.

Remember, he was only leaving messages during his work time, because his boss is a nice chap and lets little George and the rest of the MacDonalds staff play pinball and sleep all day!

Name: Eric
Sent: 21.27 - 7/9

"Hey amorpheum, on the topic of cars, I love the guys that buy a honda civic and put a Chef-Boy-R-Dee exhaust system on it, with the big Alpha-Ghetti can sticking out the back. They think they're street racers because they have an alpha-ghetti can sticking out the back. LMAO !!! Idiots, my sewing machine puts out more horsepower. One of them ran into the back of me on my motorcycle the other day, in a parking lot, I pulled up beside him and put the boots to the side of his car. LOL."
Better not be a rip on civics, there have been soem quick civics out there. I personally have one and have seen it do soem nasty stuff, but I don't go as far as calling myself a racer!

"Eric (one of them, anyway) learn to spell, or stop typing so fast, then I'll take you seriously. And yes, I use a PC every day."
Too little tiem to take my time plus usually I type it at 2:00 Am, that g looks liek a freakin q in the dark like this.

Name: Eric
Sent: 21.29 - 7/9

Where is the witless banter of naked george? We need some idiot with an IQ of 2 to start up the flam wars again. Amorpheum is TOO POLITE! All well, I think we are all sick of stupid "Mac Elite" people anyways.

Well, he asked for it.

Name: You Know Who ...
Sent: 16.23 - 10/9

"Better not be a rip on civics, there have been soem quick civics out there"

A quick civic?, I somehow doubt that. The civic is a very reliable car, for my mom. My rip is with the idiots that put the alpha-ghetti cans on the exhaust, make noise, and think they are racers.

You should know by now that everyone has tried copying Apple, because they come up with great, cool products. People here laugh at the iMac, but nobody else was brave enough to make a computer a different color. Until Apple did, then PC makers tried copying it. The iMac sales were so great, that they actually saved Apple, and put them back on top. The iPod, another example. I mean hell, Windoze is just a piss poor attempt at copying the Mac OS. I said this in my first post here, and stand by it, people are jealous of the cool stuff Apple puts out. Why else would they try to copy it. Why did chicken go to all the trouble to create this site? Except maybe because he has nothing better/constructive to do.

For people who can't Think Different ......... think beige.

Name: Leo
Sent: 17.55 - 10/9

Or maybe Chicken's pointing out some troubles people have experienced with the Mac in general. Oh, by the way, the only company that copied the iMac look was e-Machine (e-Monster); a company that is total crap to begin with. Heck, I am not even jealous of Apple products. Not one thing do I own is in any way shape, form, or color related to Apple "design". Another thing to think about is that it's not about the color, it's the performance. Why sacrifice performance for color? Apple knew they could attract business with eye-candy - this also goes for Windoze Xp. This whole thing is like cereal boxes - The prettier the box, the more people it will attract, even if it tastes like crap.


Name: Leo
Sent: 17.58 - 10/9

Oh, You Know Who, why don't you take a look at these non-beige gems. They're PCs, and they sure look pretty good to me. You can not do this with you Mac, unless you feel like voiding the warrenty.


Sent: 19.18 - 10/9

Well duh, it's all just flash. Who do you think they're copying. Apple was the first, now everyone is trying to copy or outdo them. It doesn't change the fact that it's still just a computer. I think it looks kinda faggy. Like a honda civic with an alpha-ghetti exhaust, loud stereo, neon lights all over, and stickers on the body that you can't even read. Under all that flash it's just a honda civic. Who really needs a flashing neon computer case? Not me! Not to mention a real purdy flashing neon car. I don't get it ... is the exhaust supposed to drowned out the stereo, or is the stereo supposed to drowned out the exhaust ??? Help me out here ....

Did he have a point, or is he arguing with himself? Anyway...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 00.54 - 11/9

Eric, you said:
"Where is the witless banter of naked george? We need some idiot with an IQ of 2 to start up the flam wars again. Amorpheum is TOO POLITE! All well, I think we are all sick of stupid "Mac Elite" people anyways."

Don't worry - he's still here. Despite saying that he thought everyone that came here was either a geek or an idiot, he still comes back, I'm glad to say :-)

As usual, George makes points from both sides of the fence, thus making himself look more than a tad foolish:

"You should know by now that everyone has tried copying Apple, because they come up with great, cool products. People here laugh at the iMac, but nobody else was brave enough to make a computer a different color. Until Apple did, then PC makers tried copying it. The iMac sales were so great, that they actually saved Apple, and put them back on top. The iPod, another example. I mean hell, Windoze is just a piss poor attempt at copying the Mac OS. I said this in my first post here, and stand by it, people are jealous of the cool stuff Apple puts out."

Followed with:
"Well duh, it's all just flash."

So, it's ok when Apple try to break the mould with a new design for their facades, but heaven forbid that a PC user should wish to demonstrate their skill and artifice by customising their boxes. The privellage of an attractive case should only belong to a mac user...obviously! Your next argument, I'm certain, is going to be that you were saying that PC design has mimiced the mac. This is true for the simple fact that the mainstream (largely home use) PC market had an example set that they didn't have to try to hide their computers to fit with their decor, but the manufacturers should be making cases that fit well in a home environment. More accurately, marketers put this concept forward, and the various brands met the challenge with varying success.

As has been said many a time before, it is not the case that makes the machine (as this will undoubtedly be your next point), but please remember that it was you that raised the issue yet again. As for comparing it to the customisation of an automobile - something I have no interest in and so am in no way qualified to comment on at length - I gather you feel that the aforementioned make of car is somewhat lacking in performance and therefore customisation to the point of it being a street racer is nothing more than candycoating a peice of crap. How apt. This seems to describe many Apple products.

The next point of yours I would address is that of Jealousy and Steve's motivation for creating the page. If you really need this explaining YET AGAIN George (I know you've been around long enough to have read these points HERE!) then it really does show that you are incapable of retaining relevant data in your head and unable to process that data. So here goes, for what I hope will be the last time:

On jealousy - Those of us capable of buying a PC are capable of saving a little longer and buying a mac if we should so wish. However, we do not wish! Therefore, we don't buy! Owning a Mac does not place you in an exclusive club. If you have the money, you can buy in. Come to that, if you have the money, you can buy a nuclear warhead - it doesn't increase your status. If you had not guessed from the tone of the site and of the PC users comments, we really don't like Apple or their computers. Please stretch your mind a little here - this means that we are not jealous. I would not own a mac out of my own choice unless it were being given away, or it bacame ultimately necessary. As neither is about to happen any time soon, I'm happy to go without. I'm really not sure how much simpler I can make this for you, so I really hope you can understand!

On the Electric Chickens motives for producing the iToilet - I would rather leave this to the Chicken himself, but I feel compelled to assist. I know he works with Macs at work, and after a sequence of events over a period of days that left him more than a little irritated with the machines, he created the iToilet from a spark of inspiration and a whole lot of first hand experience. Why? Well it was something extra for his personal port-folio, but it was also funny. Something that his friends could have a giggle at. But guess what? It became really popular, really quickly. Some loved it and others loathed it; but for the emotional response experienced from both ends of the court, everyone has identified with it! It has brought traffic through his home page giving him exposure on his other artworks, and as a side effect, created this incredibly amusing guestbook.
You once said that you are not paid to make pictures of toilets, or some such. It was an attempt, I believe, to belittle Steve. However Steve is not paid for this task either. He did it in one evening. He doesn't draw them everyday in order to keep the page up - but as an engineer you will already know this. Oddly enough though, Steve has become far more notorious from one evenings unpaid work than you will have for all your time in employment. For your own prosperity I hope you prove me wrong. Though if it makes you feel any better, I am compiling a hall of fame and am presently working on YOUR VERY OWN PAGE! That's how much we like you George. You make it easy for us and we would hate for one time visitors to have to miss all these marvellous ramblings of yours.

Now George, I implore you to try and pick this entry apart because I frankly doubt you are capable of it. Correction: you are incapable of picking it apart, SUCCESSFULLY!

I certainly look forward to whatever response you write George. The more times you write after you have said goodbye, the more my points are proven!

Kin Wicked

 Name: George Armstrong
Sent: 16.56 - 11/9

Even on a day of such pain and sorrow, Kin can still find it in his heart to be an ass by not activating at least 1 brain cell when posting.
This WILL be my last visit and post here, as all I see here are people being jerks, and treating others badly. Nothing constructive, a waste of talent.
It sadens me how little respect people have for others in the world today. If you don't believe me, turn on your TV.
Today, 9/11, is not about Mac's or PC's, or stupid looking cars. And least of all, all your stupid remarks in this guestbook.
I hope you can all find peace in this crazy screwed up world, as I know it wont happen in this guestbook.

George Armstrong

George hit a new low. All jokes aside, I cannot condone someone who would use peoples grief as a vehicle to gain sympathy for themselves. I refuse to be dictated to about how I should feel, especially when someone uses guilt to do it. Thankfully I didn't and don't feel the least bit guilty, as it is not I that uses others sorrow to try and maintain something akin to dignity or possibly righteousness.

Sent: 18.48 - 11/9

To Naked George
I can assure you that we all felt the pain of America and still do. Our thoughts are with everybody who suffered.
A friend of the Chicken

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.06 - 11/9

I shant bother to check the IP this time, but I would assume that I have been addressed by Naked George.

Firstly, it's a great and genuine shame if you have truely been moved to sadness by the events of last year. However I'm afraid I must coldly point out that there is no need, nor is it frankly in good taste that you deem to turn this into a moral issue about the September 11.

So firstly - you still have not presented me with an argument - you have merely questioned my intellect without cause.

Secondly - I don't take kindly to someone trying to impose their morals and greiving upon me. Did you mourn the passing of my Grandparents? The passing of my Aunt? Or even the passing of my pets? No! Why? Because none of these people mean anything to you. People die every day that we simply are unable to mourn for. I cannot mourn for people I didn't know, though I can feel sorry for the incident's that took their lives.

However, if you felt it was inappropriate to talk about such things on a day so important to you, then for gods sake, stay out of these sorts of forums! If you genuinely believe that the world would be a better place if we could all just get along - then how naive of you for one thing, and for another, stop coming and picking fights. Do as you would be done by. Set us all an example. If you don't want to argue - don't get involved, or at least stay neautral if you have to chip in.

Thirdly you say: "It sadens me how little respect people have for others in the world today." - Then do me a favour and respect that I am unaffected by the events in your country from a year ago. DO NOT try and tell me what to feel and when to feel it.

"Today, 9/11, is not about Mac's or PC's, or stupid looking cars. And least of all, all your stupid remarks in this guestbook." - for you this may be true, for me it's another day. I doubt you feel this low on anniversaries of other countries disasters. Are you so moved by reports of lives lost in England from IRA bombs? Were you deeply troubled at the dissapearance of Holly and Jessica (I'm lead to believe this hit global news), and did you mourn when it was confirmed they had been killed? Will you mourn for them next year? So, No! today isn't about macs PC's Cars....etc etc etc. This site is about MAcs and PC's and this guestbook has covered the aformentioned issues. Don't start trying to turn it into something moral - something it is not.

George, your last comment only goes further to prove that you don't know what humour is. Today you are not in the mood for humour, yet you still came in here, I imagine in the hopes that you would find the equivalent of a minutes silence or some such. Sorry to dissapoint you, but not all the world will mourn with you today. Life goes on - cold but true. If you thought this guestbook was established for any other purpose, you should have given up back when you changed your handle to Tom.

Kin Wicked

For once, glad that George has gone!

I used to enjoy a post from George. It's people like him that keep the guestbook interesting. After that very undignified final comment, frankly I will be happy not to see him in again. I will not bar him as that is Steve's decision to make. It's not my site. But should he return, it will only prove more and more that he is inconsistent, ill mannered, unthinking, and pathetic. Enough said for now!



The actions of "Naked George" have shown him to be one of the lowest forms of MacHead I have had the displeasure of running into. At first I enjoyed the banter and the light hearted, if not often acidic, throwing of insults and arguments. It was more simple than debate but still good fun. However, since the last comment I have lost all interest in him, and am increasingly convinced that he is nothing more than a schoolboy.

I know that not all Mac users are like George, and the Mac community is better for turning their backs on the likes of him. We have seen our fair share of good sports in the guestbook. Clay turned out well, and more recently Amorpheum has been a most pleasant individual, and that's not to mention all the other level headed comments from Mac users. That still leaves them sadly outweighed though by the "Wards" and "Georges" in the guestbook.

I think we have learned from Naked George that HE is a moron. He didn't really write enough in support of the Mac through sensible debate or argument to be able to use him as an example of Mac users. He was a MacHead through and through in all the classic ways. The prime feature being the self contradiction and unwarranted name calling.

More recently we have seen a dividing line emerge between MacHeads and Mac users, though sometimes it can be hard to differentiate because even some of the normal users get all fired up before hitting the guestbook. I'm happy to see sensible Mac users who can debate well, but then that's not what the guestbook is entirely about. We want debate, yes, but there's nothing like getting a few coiled up MacHeads on the warpath.

Well...here's hoping for a good Naked George replacement!



Well, surprise surprise! He came back for more of the same. Read on...


 This first comment is relevant (barely) to a bizarre and lengthy string of comments about someone called Jimmy Page that someone thought was important at that time. There were two other pains in the arse in the guestbook at the time (or at least, two new IP's) who followed the early teachings of Clay insofar as they came under different handles to agree with themselves. In all honesty, there was so much about their writing that tasted like George that for a time I was convinced they were all George. Who knows, maybe they were, but there is precious little proof to be certain. I know this though: neither Blitz (settled handle) or Jumpin' Jiminy will have their own page here since they were neither amusing nor interesting. But if you want to look them up, check the dates and times of these comments and look it up in the live guestbook.


Sent: 17.47 - 13/9


Well Done George. A real piece of obscurity!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 01.48 - 14/9

To "blitz" (Glad to see you've settled on a handle)
No. - I don't think I need expand on that.

To "Jumpin Jiminy"
Yet another elitist butt head, apparently! Why do you consider that something that pleases many people is by default trashy? Do you suppose art should only appeal to a few people at a time in order for it to be real art? Should art appreciation be for a unique and exclusive club? Doesn't everybody have a right to appreiciate art?
All debates about "What is Art?" aside, one thing that art is, is a means of creative communication. As in normal verbal communication, much can be lost through translation. A complex message passed through a language barrier wont always be comprehended to the last nuance. If art appeals to the masses, then it is in a common language. If a work is produced that only three people in the entire world will entirely 'get' and like, then on the whole it is not the most effective peice of communication. Hell, sometimes the message isn't even direct - it can be a striking image for the sakes of having a striking image.
To put down a persons work on the grounds that it appeals to lots of people doesn't present you as a thinker. More as someone who's so desperate to be different from the rest of the world in order to give yourself a warped sense of acheivement.
The only other discernable argument in your rantings is that it's not to your taste. Fair play - that's part of the whole point; not to exclude others from the appreciation, but to offer them a represetation of a 'message' that they can accept or reject. However to state that all Steves work is "rehashed crap", simply shows how you think others should look upon the works, and that you have no understanding of the nature of artistic progression through imitation (intended or otherwise).

There's an irony! Elitists wanting to pull away from the masses in order to be elite, and yet wanting to drag the masses along with them so that they can be supported in their opinions. Paul summed it up best long ago as 'petty fantasisers'. I rather like that!

To the anonymous poster - Sent: 17.47 - 13/9
AKA Naked George,
For pity's sake, if you want to storm out of a conversation and make a big point of it, at least serve us all the courtesy of buggering off! It's like a little girl running out of a room and slamming the door because she can't get her own way and then poking her head back every five minutes so she can continue to air her disgust.
I think it must be about 2 or 3 times now that you've threatened not to come back - you truely are the king of contradiction! Frankly I've grown weary of your persistent attention seeking, George. You will stoop to any depth that suits you from petty squabbling through to using others grief to gain sympathy for yourself.

Kin Wicked

A lot of water passed under the bridge between the next and the last comment, but I suspect that "Vicky" (whom you are bout to read from) was referring to my opinion on September 11th and the forcing of mass mourning.

Name: Vicky
Sent: 01.51 - 15/9

Sheesh, Kin, you sure are a cold hearted son-of-a-bitch.
I bet you masturbate a lot.
PS: if you did your homework, you'd know that Naked George doesn't live in the USA.
PSS: Get a life dude !!!!

I've posted Vicky in white for reasons that will surely reveal themselves as you read down.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 12.23 - 15/9

To "Vicky"
Sheesh Vicky - d'ya think?
So let me guess - your afronted by my opinions on September 11. If that's the case, maybe you should go back and read them again, because it gets really dull when I have to repeat myself. Here's the area of my comment you should look for.

George says that everyone should have been nice to each other on 11/9 - what the hell was he doing coming here then? He knows what the guestbook's about! He's spewed enough venom of his own here!

If however you are more upset that there is someone who didn't mourn - tough shit! People can come and talk about respect for the dead - how's about some respect for the living! I feel sorry for those who lost loved ones, but I'm damned if I'm going to mourn someone I didn't know, that's just plain weird! So respect my feelings on being told what I should feel and when!

"PS: if you did your homework, you'd know that Naked George doesn't live in the USA." - I know that when he first posted he said he came from Toronto. But then why should I take the word of someone who would use other peoples grief in a totally unrelated way in order to try and splash the guilt around - try to cover up the fact that he's been shown to be a fool yet again!

Frankly - it used to be funny when George came in and perpetually contradicted his own comments, but after that self centered act, I've really lost interest in his idiotic rants.

IF, however, your calling me cold hearted because George is unable to sucessfully post anything of relevance in this guestbook and doesn't like it when someone points this out, then perhaps he should start posting relevant comments, deal with other peoples comments and opinions about him, or leave. He's promised not to come back several times - see my earlier comment for the little girl analogy - saves me writing it again!

Perhaps George is capable of posting something relevant, but he has yet to do so. Now he's said goodbye, so out of respect for the halfwit - maybe we should just let sleeping dogs lie. We can merrily re-live his old moments of embaressment when the Hall of Fame gets on the site.

As for "PSS: Get a life dude !!!!" - thats funny gramatically, conceptually, and contextually!
PS = Post Script
PPS = Post Post Script (etc)
PSS = meaningless
But pettiness aside for a moment...

You view ones life with disdain because it does not match your concepts of what life is? You know enough about my life 'done the research' to know the details of my comings and goings (including my sexual activities aparently) in order to pass judgement upon me?

Have you heard of such a thing as culture? It is the way different people live. The funny thing is that so many "civilised" cultures think that their way of life is so right that they would deny another country their rightful cultural progression (even if it is well meant). Similarly, there is something called sub-culture - those groupings within a larger culture that consist of different ways people live and behave. Similarly, you would deny one sub-culture the right to be taken seriously because YOU deem them unworthy to exist in the larger cultural group to which you belong.

So great is your existence that you consider that a differing opinion to yours, or a different way to spend ones time to your own, is too pathetic to contemplate. Then let me tell you this - I'm happy with my life as it stands. I like my routines - I have long term plans and goals that I am confident in achieving them. I'm happy. I've got my life and you have yours. Go live it, and keep it as your own!

Do you know something? I'm getting about as bored writing this as you will be reading it! It's utterly irrelevant to this guestbook, but you've forced my hand. Infact, George forced my hand by raising 11/9 to no obvious end. So shall we try and steer this thing back on course?

PC users - macs are shit because...
Mac users - PC users are gay because...

That was pretty much where it was left...at any given time in the guestbook to date!

Kin Wicked

Name: Chicken
Sent: 13.00 - 15/9

I'm thinking Vicky is actually Naked George.
Naked George's first female split personality I believe?
Either that or he veered a little too close to a bread slicer or something while he was being "Naked".

A wild accusation from the Chicken, but soon enough to be seen as a distinct possibility.

Name: Leo
Sent: 15.30 - 15/9

If a man has a split personality and threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 21.39 - 15/9

The thought had crossed my mind also, but without solid proof, I don't like to accuse people of being naked george. That's just too harsh an insult!

btw - good one leo

Kin Wicked

Name: Vicky
Sent: 23.43 - 15/9

Well, George is gone. I could see spending to much time in here, amongst the stupidity, would drive a person running away screaming. From the posts I've read: Kin has no life, and spends all his time writing marathon posts to this guestbook, and Chicken doesn't have a real job, so he wastes his time creating web sites like this one. He is jealous of how great Macs are, maybe because he has a weird bond with his PC ?
Basically, 2 idiots, with no life.
PS: Kin, you spend to much time trying to defend you stupid comments. Give it up, you're not getting anywhere!!! You just look more stupid.

Have a nice life (or lack there of)

Name: Chicken
Sent: 00.39 - 16/9

Just why do people like Vicky keep coming back here?

PS. Hey Kin, the iToilet is approaching 700 000 hits! Not bad for a "waste of time"!

Notable at this point is that the counter was reset when the web space changed. At the time this was being written, it was indeed reaching 700,000 hits.

Sent: 00.47 - 16/9

"Well, George is gone."

Eh, hold on, Vicky. What makes you think George is gone? He threatened to leave so many times for starters, then kept coming back to "taunt" us.

How can you possibly know whether or not he's still lurking about? Unless you're him perhaps, in which case, he hasn't gone? Sounds like a classic Naked George contradiction to me.

Well done Chicken! Just one of many small bits of evidence that go toward this theory.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 01.25 - 16/9

Chicken, just add Vicky (wheter 'tis George or not) to the category of standard macheaded halfwits. She proves again the points of being unable to process presented information, elitism, and falling back on the good old comebacks of jealousy and contradiction.

Not at all bad for what must have totalled no more than 20 lines of text. Thanks for making our points so clear Vic!

One thing worth noting though: "Kin, you spend to much time trying to defend you stupid comments." - actually - it doesn't take too long to tap out a message, and what's more it's hardly defense - more reitteration for the likes of yourself who can't get to grips with debate.

If George truely has gone, I wish he'd take his blow-up girlfriend Vicky with him!

Kin Wicked

The following comment is only relevant later on

Name: Donald
Sent: 10.50 - 19/9

Well I've been so busy trying to put together the Cult homepage and it seems so few of you heathens are dropping in. Frankly, I'm mortified!


Firstly, I make write the page on my Mac, but because we don't use file extensions I accidentally saved one of the images over the top! Then I had to go away to meet with the Cult's youth group. One of the youngsters, so keen was he that he brought along a PC laptop for us to burn. I flayed the child when I realised he bought it new and so had been lining the pockets of the Gates underlords!

I took my opportunity to use the clunky, ugly laptop with a thing they call W O R D. Not that I'd admit there were any good features but I'm certain they must have stolen all their ideas from Apple. They must have!

So I peiced together my page and sent it off to the heathen Kin Wicked to fix all the links or some such nonsense. But now it's up and running, which is the main thing. Why he had to rename the page and associate it with his own drivel I can't say.

But in other news, we found a potential new choir master. He seems quite talented but insists on appealing to the youths by adapting versions of Y.M.C.A. and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I'm torn between allowing this stuff in or not. Perhaps we should have a poll. Could come soon!

Recently I managed to convert a Clone Troll over to the righteous way of the Sacrilegious Apple. So be sure, everyone, to welcome little Tommy into the community. Tommy is six years old tomorrow, so for gift ideas, be sure to send us lots of Apple accessories. He can't afford his own Mac at the moment, so if everyone could taunt him and tease him until he can go get a job and buy one, you'll all be setting him on the truely sketchy path, and leading him in the ways of the Cult!

Hopefully it wont be so long until my next update. To be honest I thought Naked George would continue ministering in my absence. It's a shame he's gone, he could have been great in


Cheeri-bye me lovlies!


Again, some time later, the next comment from Chicken was part of a different conversation.

Name: Chicken again
Sent: 01.47 - 22/9

"...macs have better graphics cards than pcs because apple make there own custom hardware and dont just use any old shit like pcs..."

Okay, who wants to break the news to him about what Apple actually stick in their machines?

Name: Leo
Sent: 01.57 - 22/9

You mean the GeForce 3? The card Apple was the 'first' to use before the PC. You mean that card?

Sent: 03.52 - 22/9

Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy.
Ho Hum, same ol story.

Sent: 03.53 - 22/9

Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy.
Ho Hum, same ol story.

Send Message! Send Message! Send Message! Click click click click click click...

Sent: 03.54 - 22/9

Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy.
Ho Hum, same ol story.

Sent: 03.54 - 22/9

Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy.
Ho Hum, same ol story.

Sent: 03.54 - 22/9

Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy.
Ho Hum, same ol story.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 10.31 - 22/9

Lets see- 5 cloned comments with utterly no point what so ever - it has to be Naked George - and looky looky - there's his IP number too. Hello again George. Still can't keep away, huh? Vicky wont be pleased with you. Not only do you keep promising to go away and then actually never do, you've also made her look stupid for saying you've gone (assuming it was actually another person and not you on someone elses computer.)

As for your comment - it is already well established that Mac may have been the first to integrate the technology into their latest designs, but it had been available for the PC before then. Apple neither invented, innovated, nor were the first to use the GeForce card, they were simply quick to integrate it into new models.

Thanks for joining us again George - hopefully you will do us the honor of vacating the guestbook since you have displayed so much distaste for it previously. But if you truely must insist on coming back - be a man and use a handle! And avoid sending more than once - it doesn't make you look any more intelligent. A dumb comment posted five times only makes it about five times as dumb!

Kin Wicked

Would respond to john, but frankly he's wrapped himself up in his own comedic material - it doesn't take me or anyone else to point out his glaring flaws, does it, Chicken?

Name: Dave, here to stir up trouble
Sent: 15.37 - 22/9

"Once again, Apple is first, and the rest (PC - Product Copiers) copy..."

So if Apple never ever copy PC manufacturers, is that why they just sat about doing nothing while Intel and AMD broke the 1Ghz barrier when Apple were still at, what 500Mhz?

What about the 2Ghz barrier? Oh no, sorry, we're still waiting Apple. What is it now, 1.2Ghz?

Name: Leo
Sent: 22.02 - 22/9

They will be hitting 1.6 or 1.8 soon, while AMD and Intel hit the 3Ghz barrier.

Remember MHz don't matter, but GHz sure do


Name: Naked George
Sent: 22.04 - 23/9

My God Kin, you are such an loser.
It's the stupid guestbook duplicating my entries.
What would you ever do if I went away ? Your life(?) would be so empty(emptier). Every post I make brings a novel from you. "Hey look it's Naked George, and wow look, there's his IP".
Give the boy a Scooby Snack!
I look forward to reading your 6 page reply.

Sorry to disappoint you Donny, but I have returned from the grave.
I have but the next 1000 years to read the smelly droppings Kin spews from his keyboard.
I am Naked George ...... Undressed and Undead.

PS: Hey Vicky, where'd you go? Where you from? Maybe we should hook up, and do the wild thing ;-)

Name: Leo
Sent: 23.26 - 23/9

My gosh George, you are such a whore.
Trying to hook up with a woman you don't even know?

You might just catch a disease. Makes life more interesting ;-)

Well said, Leo! Cyber-whore George!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 01.36 - 24/9

"It's the stupid guestbook duplicating my entries."

George you plumb, there have been more than a thousand entries in this guestbook, some probably by little children, and yet none of them were dumb enough to post 5 duplicate entries in a row.

You are one of the only people who has managed to post duplicates. And it's because you're hitting the send button too many times(ie more than ONCE).

Maybe your multiple clicks are a way to compensate for your pitiful one button mouse. Maybe you're nervous. Maybe you're experiencing wrist spasms. Maybe you're a dumbass.

PS. As I recall, the only other twit who posted multiple entries on a regular basis was our good friend Ward (though he was a schizo so it's understandable!)

Name: Naked George
Sent: 05.19 - 24/9

How is it possible to click more than once? The page refreshes immedietly, and the message clears. So you're telling me I clicked 5 times really fast before the screen cleared? YAH, OK? That's OK, it only duplicates when I use a PC. This is from a Mac it'll work properly.
Maybe it's because this guestbook is running on a PC?
I dare anyone to honestly try clicking the send button 5 times before the screen clears and get 5 posts !!!
OH SHIT, PC's are so slow, I bet that's why it's possible.
On the Mac there is no time for a second click, where as on the PC you can click probably 10 times before anything happens.
OK, problem solved, goodnight, I'm off to my coffin.

This comment just goes to show how pathetic Naked George Armstrong is! It will be quite clear as his multi-clicking continues that he did it only to spam and annoy everyone. Like George himself, his whole multi-clicking game was totally pointless.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 09.26 - 24/9

George, you seem utterly at a loss in so many areas. Guilt begins to creep in as I realise that I must be dealing with a retard when I reply to you. But then as you've pointed out, you are a software engineer or some such who knows all but apparently chooses not to use the intellect you claim to have.

Yes, I check on the IP's of posts. As you have so kindly provided before, it often gives evidence of odd people like yourself who slather contadictions, and even make attempts to show you have followers by posting under a different name.

What is truely weird about you as an individual, George, is that you insist on coming back for more of the same. Like my earlier "little girl" analogy, you just can't go until you get your last say. Only you can't leave it at that, you have to come back and make sure that you've left a mark or to stir it all up again. So well you make my point by trying to sneak in without leaving your name or using someone elses.

Frankly George, I no longer have patience with you. As I said before, I enjoyed reading your comments - they were just the sort of fun the guestbook thrives on. But your attempt to make this a moral thing with your whole 11/9 thing, frankly I found your comments tasteless and inapropriate. Now I merely tolerate your presence. Yes, I'll happily write an essay here just for your benefit - you genuinely do deserve the attention; maybe you'll get your fix and finally dissapear - but do you really think I'd take so much time out of my day just for your benefit? How long does it take YOU to post a comment? Perhaps you imagine that everyone is as slothful as yourself. Eitherway, you can go away and think about the next little rant you will add. If it doesn't have your name on, yes, I'll happily expose you. Every time you have posted since you last said good bye (and the time before, and the time before that - and even the contribution from Vicky, your blow up doll), you just enforce the point that you are a petty individual getting paid to big a slice of your companies profit for coming here and being a moron.

Kin Wicked

P.S. I'm a loser? You sure you want to make such a bold and uneducated stab as that? Reckon you know me?

P.P.S. If you judge all PC's by the one you post from (assuming that is truely the only time you duplicate - giving you the benefit of the doubt and all that), then get some experience on a better built machine! You've already admitted you only used a Windows O/S for 5 minutes(See hall of fame for quick reference). You really think that's long enough to make a judgement? Your fellow Mac users would seem to think not!

Name: Jim Bob
Sent: 09.31 - 24/9

Naked George says:

'How is it possible to click more than once?'

1 + 1 = 2
2 + 1 = 3
3 + 1 = ...George, do you need more?
Click once (1 time) for yes, and twice (2 times) for no.

Name: Tachyon
Sent: 11.14 - 24/9

Software Engineer? Software Engineer! You're saying this guy is a Software Engineer?

If he is, how is it that he thinks that the guestbook is being run on this Stephen fellow's home computer? Mr. Stephen Murray, do you own and single handedly run alxnet.com? Plus he says that entries sent from his mac work alright but from his PC they duplicate? Surely as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER he would know not to click half a dozen times anyway?

This must be the Mac mentality I've heard so much about. Never believed it until I came here. What an education.

Impressive Site Mr. Murray. Did you ever imagine that such a comedic source would arise from the guestbook?

Name: test for george
Sent: 13.27 - 24/9

this is five clicks george

Name: test for george
Sent: 13.27 - 24/9

this is five clicks george

Name: test for george
Sent: 13.27 - 24/9

this is five clicks george

Name: test for george
Sent: 13.27 - 24/9

this is five clicks george

Name: test for george
Sent: 13.27 - 24/9

this is five clicks george

Name: Chicken
Sent: 13.40 - 24/9

Yes I know I'm spamming my own guestbook.

But slow ones like George need lots of repetition for them to understand a simple point.

Ever tried to teach a dog to sit?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 13.44 - 24/9

I want to know how George can use computers, let alone be a software engineer, if he can't get his head around the simple concept of clicking with a mouse.

And George, alxnet is probably run on a Linux server.

Name: A special lesson for George Armstrong
Sent: 14.10 - 24/9

- LEARNING TO CLICK - The Very Basics

Please note: This lesson is so straightforward that old doddery grannies and four year old children will find it very patronising. However, in order to meet the special needs of Naked George, things have to be kept very simple. Now pay attention George.

* One click is used for most tasks, like selecting folders, or opening hyperlinks, or pressing the send button in a guestbook.

* A double click is used to open folders, programs, etc.

* Triple clicking is also occasionally used for some programs like Sound Forge, or special selections in Quark or Word, but generally you only have to worry about single and double clicking.

*Four or more clicks is genrally a no no.

*I won't even TRY to explain right clicking, that's best left to rocket scientists and quantum physicists.

Let us know what else you're having trouble with George. Are you perhaps finding your Mac's stupid on/off switch a bit troubling? Don't worry, we were all intimidated by that button once.
Regards, Chicken
This has been "Learning to click with the Chick!" Brought to you by Electric Chicken.

It seems that there are plenty of people out there who have a better grasp on the use of the Internet Explorer than George. Software Engineer? HAH!

Name: Leo
Sent: 15.06 - 24/9

Yeah, ok George. The PC is so slow at sending a signal over the line. You're probably running a PC on dialup and a Mac on ISDN/Cable/DSL/ADSL/T1/T3.

Or to put it another way, saying what he has is basically like saying the whole internet runs faster on a mac, which is like saying (or possibly believing) that the world moves faster when you're wearing Nike's.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.23 - 24/9

George whined: "...Hey Kin thanks for the marathon reply...although I didn't read it...you are a sore loser..."

To continue Kin's little girl analogy:

A little bratty girl who's lost an argument will block her ears and sing really loudly in order to "win" an argument.

Nuff said.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.25 - 24/9

OK, for you smart ass morons who really don't know why the messages get duplicated, let me fill you in. It happens when you hit the refresh button. Obviously a glitch somewhere, maybe in the browser? Call Bill. Why not use your limited brain cell usage for good instead of being a jerk and trying to explain clicking to me. I guess that's the difference between people who develop complex software on a computer, and people who play Doom.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.27 - 24/9

OK, for you smart ass morons who really don't know why the messages get duplicated, let me fill you in.
It happens when you hit the refresh button. Obviously a glitch somewhere, maybe in the browser? Call Bill.
Why not use your limited brain cell usage for good instead of being a jerk and trying to explain clicking to me. I guess that's the difference between people who develop complex software on a computer, and people who play Doom.

Sent: 16.28 - 24/9


Sent: 16.40 - 24/9

Are you trying to make a point of something chicken ?

OK, now for some clarification. If you type a message and impatiently hit the send button if yours or the alxnet server is running slowly, then the data is sent the number of times you hit the send button. If, in a slow period such as this, you also hit the refresh button, this will also resend the data. However, how can this be the explanation when there is precisely a two minute gap between posts: "16.25 - 24/9" and "16.27 - 24/9". An example of how a real multi-post works is illustrated in Chickens five posts to prove a point. Therefore, George is either on a really poor connection (explaining away some of his speed problems) or he has intentionally posted a second message two minutes later. Either way, he's a knob! If, I'm honest, I believe now that he most likely tried to hit refresh and prove his point but his server was running efficiently and so he had to cut and paste his old message when he realised what he'd done.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.55 - 24/9

Hehe, I like how he still stupidly manages to post his message twice (and two minutes apart?) then immediately realises his error and writes "LIKE SO" to pretend he did it on purpose! lol!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.56 - 24/9

George, I thought you said it was the PC causing the problem. But now all of a sudden it's the browser's refresh button? I already took up your "dare" by posting five messages in a row with five clicks, yet you STILL can't accept that???!!!!

Truely unbelievable.

Not that unbelievable, surely Chicken?

Sent: 17.07 - 24/9

I did it by hitting the reload button ...... Asshole!!!
Not that I give a rats ass wheather you believe me or not.

What's the deal with this? Look at this, I found an error - no, it's something else, no wait...erm...shut up, I don't care anyway. I think it speaks for itself without further commentary.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.35 - 24/9

Okay, George, here's what's puzzling me:

You said you were posting from a PC when you sent the five duped messages, and said it was the PC's fault. I checked the IP number.

Then in one of your recent tantrums you said you were posting from a Mac so it wouldn't mess up. I checked the IP. It was the same as the PC.


Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.52 - 24/9

Hmmm, how many computers (Mac's and PC's) do you think we have networked in this office ? (lots)
I have posted from a number of different computers, of both kinds, in the office.
I'd be surprised if you can tell me the IP of each machine I posted from.
PS: I also know about networking.
PSS: the Mac I posted from just before going to bed, wasn't in the office. DUH !!!
PSSS: This is from a PC, different than the Mac I have been posting from recently. Check the IP genius.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.52 - 24/9

Hmmm, how many computers (Mac's and PC's) do you think we have networked in this office ? (lots)
I have posted from a number of different computers, of both kinds, in the office.
I'd be surprised if you can tell me the IP of each machine I posted from.
PS: I also know about networking.
PSS: the Mac I posted from just before going to bed, wasn't in the office. DUH !!!
PSSS: This is from a PC, different than the Mac I have been posting from recently. Check the IP genius.

Time for more reason among the unreasonable. George says: " PSS: the Mac I posted from just before going to bed, wasn't in the office. DUH !!!", but also says that the PC he was using was at the office and is on the same network as the other Macs he posts from. So, if Chicken has caught him up saying that the post saying " That's OK, it only duplicates when I use a PC. This is from a Mac it'll work properly." was the same as the PC IP's, then he has lied again because now he's confusing his home and work as well as his Macs and PC's! One other noteworthy point is " PSSS " - does that sound familiar? Anyway, more of that to follow...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.24 - 24/9

Thanks for giving us the conformation I was waiting for George. Now anyone who doubted the depths of pathetic behaviour to which you will stoop, know that Naked GEORGE is VICKY. This means that he has gone a step further than just being an internet schizo and taken it to new extemes of wishful thinking by implying he has a lassy all of his very own! He goes on to proposition himself - and 'Vicky' had the nerve to say I masturbate with excessive frequency! It comes to something when you have to give your wanking-hand a name and then ask it out over the internet. Are you afraid to do the wild thing with 'Vicky' George? Maybe you fear that you'll not respect her in the morning! Would a wedding ring be considered marriage or bondage?

So maybe you want some proof? Was it the IP that let us on? No! The IP's I know for certain are georges are:
But Vicky's was:
...so that's not what did it!
What then? All I feel I really need to say is:

PSSSSSt! George! PSSSSSt! Come a little closer and I'll tell you!

Kin Wicked

P.S. I'll pull you up on all your other shit a bit later - I've got other things to attend to right after this brief message...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.29 - 24/9

Now for the summary for the hard of thinking (George)

George is Vicky.

Hope this enlightened you George - most will have looked to my earlier comment - those with limited capacity (you) will have to make do with the headlines!

Kin Wicked

Name: abovebelle
Hometown: same as you know who
Sent: 20.51 - 24/9

Hi all.

sorry i'm a little late in my comments but, i just had to get a couple of little things out of my head and posted here for you to moan at.

I'm relatively a newbie on the computer, but i know that what you say about the refresh button isn't correct, it only retreives data from the site and doesn't re send the info that you inputted first time round. I know that pressing the send button more than once is the reason for it to be duplicated.

which brings me to my next point, on two occasions you called kin wicked a 'loser'. Do you think that you are in some sort of game with him? Maybe the game of 'who can fill up this page with the most comments'? You say
"You are a sore loser."
but at least he is consistant. None of this childish behaviour. I have worked with infants all my life and I'm afraid to say that they are more grown up than you.

In my studies and first hand experience of working with children, they will imitate the motions of an adult that they associate with an object or toy close at hand. This does not mean that a child with building bricks can insulate a wall cavity, but will try a build a simple wall as they have seen done. In much the same way you have been placed in a room with computers and suddenly you are a 'software engineer'. Incapable of an adult capacity but playing along nicely with all the toys infront of you.(Including the pin ball machine?)

When you are "TAKING 5" do you have a choice of a nap or rusks and warm milk?

Sorry that this has been a long comment but please bare with me for just one more question... Thank you. Naked george, you say that you don't bother to read all of Kin wicked's comments, how do you manage to write a relevant reply to some thing you haven't read? Does it cut a little close to home when some one exposes the 'exposed' george?

Thank you for your patience.
Hope Mad monk and pollo are well and have good numbers.

Bye bye,

Cheers Babe!

Name: Pollo
Sent: 21.17 - 24/9

Pollo's numbers are: 3,9,6 - I'll elaborate in an email.

PS. I thought we agreed not to call me "Pollo"?

Sent: 21.25 - 24/9

Do you think George's co-workers and boss are reading this?


Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 21.40 - 24/9

Hi Pollo the Electrician...
I don't think it was so much an 'agreement' as you telling us not to. It's only a paltry matter anyway

I think Abovebelle more or less hit the nail on the head, which means I don't have alot to add on the issue of Naked George until he comes back and makes a prat of himself again. I'll give it a few days before I start a draft of his revised Hall of Fame Page.

I'm sure Donny would be proud of Geoges diversion tactics. We do rather seem to spend more time telling George what a nob he is than continuing the futile yet amusing debate on whether Macs or PC's are superior.

If his co-workers are reading all this too...I imagine they'll be rolling in the grease traps down at Mc Donalds at him. However, if his boss truely has "thought different" and thought it would be good to hire a moron to be one of their software engineers, then I'm sure his co-workers will all give him succour in his time of need. Maybe they'll let him win on the foosball table.

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 21.57 - 24/9

Hey IP genius (kin/chicken/?) how do you figure that I am Vicky ???
I think you're grasping at straws. Maybe you want all the people that think you're a loser to be me?
Do you not think it's possible there are Mac Women that think you are a loser too!
Maybe you need a reality check.

For someone who doesn't" give a rats ass " about much of anything, this certainly sparked his interest. As for needing a reality check - I think George needs to get off the couch his employer apparently puts out for him and his buddies and earn himself that exaggerated pay cheque!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 22.12 - 24/9

ok...here's a hint, George - READ BETWEEN THE LINES! (No. This is probably a little too literal for you.)

I suppose this would be an example of why it is a good idea to READ your responses before posting your own. Is reading to hard for ikkle George?

Nevermind, George - you appear to have slipped up. I notice you are not outwardly denying the accusation! If you can't see your own trail of breadcrumbs, how do you expect to find your way home - perhaps it's only a one way ticket to the looney-bin!

Now, this is open to anyone who has at least taken half an English lesson - perhaps someone would like to translate the similes and metaphores for George - he has difficulty conversing on an adult level.

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 23.35 - 24/9

Yur LOOSIN' it Kin !!!
Not only did your response make no sense, there is still no proof, or even any logic behind your thinking that I'm Vicky. All that dribble, and no useful information. Now you see why I don't bother reading your posts.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 23.50 - 24/9

Don't you just love this one sided argument? George, saying over and over again that you don't get it or you don't understand me - it really just says that you're not smart enough! Why do you suppose you're the only one left in the dark on this one?

I'm going to give you a few days to mull over the accusation - let's see if you have the capacity to work it out on your own! C'mon George! Surprise me! Show me there's something rattling around upstairs!

Kin Wicked

Name: Chicken
Sent: 00.37 - 25/9

RE: George is Vicki
Kin, you're a genius. I never would have noticed that! Very observant

PSS. Do you get it yet George?
PSSS. Read between the lines George!
PSSSS. lol! Come on George, THINK...let us know when you've figured it out...
PSSSSS. It's nothing to do with IP numbers.

Sent: 00.45 - 25/9

Do you think I made it too obvious for him Kin?

Sent: 01.06 - 25/9

Vicki, if you are still lurking, please confirm that you are not Naked George. We're waiting.

Sent: 01.46 - 25/9

By the way Vicki, when you said: "Kin, if you'd done your homework you'd know that George wasn't from the US" how did you know George wasn't from the US?


Name: Leo
Sent: 02.41 - 25/9

Shhhhh. You better not say that. You're making sense.

Name: Naked George
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sent: 03.52 - 25/9

You're a fuckin idiot Kin. You really have no clue at all.
Vicky, like all you retards, knows I'm from Toronto because of the "Hometown" field I filled in when I started posting.
You're so full of shit, I can smell you here in Canada.

Try again genius !!!

If any proof was needed that this became a very personal vendetta, there you go. I'm apparently the " fuckin idiot ", when the point he is disagreeing with was actually raised by Chicken and not me!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 10.21 - 25/9

Hmm - Mr. Clicker Happy. How you doin' now, eh?

So, George. You still seem to be unable to follow your own trail - keep looking back over the comments - you'll get it sooner or later.

Incidentally, after vicky's comment - if she were a real separate person - would anyone really suspect that she had been following this long enough to know you're not from the US?

George, go to the toilet and have a strain - maybe it'll increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to your brain. THINK about it for a while and then come back when you've worked it out.

Alternatively, you could keep coming back over and over, spam the page time and again with you thoughtless rants, and go further out of your way to prove what a moron you are. Either way is good for me.

OOH! A third option - never has a mac user had so much choice! - You could take your sorry arse out of the guestbook and not return at all. It would save you face and we can get back to our futile but amusing debate on which computer product is superior.

But you know what's really amusing? I've written more than four lines so you wont even bother reading this comment. Infact, if you did you'd probably skew it out of context and misinterpret everything said. It's just too much information for you to process, isn't it?

Abovebelle - your technical analysis of the little girl analogy is so apt. Well done!

Run along now George. Quit throwing your toys out the pram because you've been caught with your pants down.

Kin Wicked

PSSSSSS - Chicken - I don't think you CAN make it too obvious for George.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 12.51 - 25/9

How many more slip-uPSS do you think he's going to make, Kin?

Sent: 13.17 - 25/9

George, I've deleted your most recent duplicate comments, hope you don't mind.

PS. Did you post multiple comments on purPSSe this time, or was it Bill Gates' fault again?
PSS. Come on George/Vicki, show us you've got something rattling around uPSStairs!
PSSS. George, how many papercliPSSS have you used on your G4 today?
PSSSS. Is your Apple mouse giving you CramPSS George?
PSSSSS. Is your 24 SSPeed Superdrive too slow? Do you notice how it skiPSS when you put a CD in?
PSSSSSS. Read between the lines.

Sent: 13.20 - 25/9

"Follow these stePSS:
STEP 1: When the message box poPSSS up telling you that the iToilet has clogged, simply click the restart button. Keep clicking this button until you realise that it won't do anything anyway because the iToilet has totally frozen and is not reSSSSPonding..."

Name: Naked George
Sent: 14.06 - 25/9

Hey IP genius, where are the 4 IP addresses I posted
from yesterday ?
(not to mention any proof that I'm Vicky ?)
Sorry chicken, damn IE refresh button. Doesn't happen from this computer, or Netscape.
Sorry kin, didn't read your marathon post.

At this point, given all the hints and subject at hand, you have to wonder just why Gearge posted this unless he felt he didn't look stupid enough as it is. How dense do you have to be to try and hold a conversation and not bother listening to (reading) the other persons input? Really, how does this guy manage to survive each day without someone twatting him up side the head with something heavy?

Sent: 15.07 - 25/9

"Sorry kin, didn't read your marathon post."

So if you didn't read his post how come you know for sure that he hasn't given you proof?

Name: Leo
Sent: 15.30 - 25/9

Hey Kin / Chicken. Have you noticed that all of naked George's recent previous posts are all duplicated; and blames this one a PC, but all the past posts before he left for a 'season' were never duplicated?

Just a though.


Name: Naked George
Sent: 18.33 - 25/9

Because he has no proof, he couldn't possibly, because I'm not Vicky.
Hey Leo, it's because I never hit the refresh button after posting before.

Name: Leo
Sent: 21.45 - 25/9

Why are you hitting the refresh button on IE in the first place? You don't need to do that.

Sent: 22.07 - 25/9

He's trying to make excuses

Sent: 22.12 - 25/9

Perhaps the wanker doesn't know how to use IE. Then again - he's probably just being an antagonistic twat. Either look back to "The Ward" -a long time ago; or look at his page in the hall of fame. See how he used to claim he was the maturest present before spamming the guestbook with the word "I'm". He was a twat too. Mac users want to "Think Different" yet they (the MacHeads) all think the same way: I'm not getting my own way and no one's listening so I'll be as disruptive as I can be. I have to make sure everyone's fun is spoiled before I can move on.
George isn't anything more than a little kid looking for a bit of attention.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 22.54 - 25/9

Wow, this guy is a real Genius .................. NOT !!!!

Name: Feiss-tee
Sent: 23.04 - 25/9

erm...like...I think you just made that guy's...like...point or something.

I'm Ellen Feiss. I'm smarter than Naked George.

Sent: 23.56 - 25/9

Jeeeeeeeeeez George. Multiple posts again??? Please stop it, I'm getting sick of logging in to clean up your mess!


Name: Naked George
Sent: 02.28 - 26/9

No problem, all you had to do was be nice and say please.
So we are in agreement with the refresh button problem ?

Name: Leo
Sent: 02.45 - 26/9

You don't need to press the refresh button...why are you pressing it in the first place???

Name: Naked George
Sent: 03.26 - 26/9

Because it's there Leo, and I like pushing buttons.
I push Kin's buttons all the time, wind him up like a clock.
You also need to push it to reload the page to get new messages.
But I was mainly doing it because most people here were to shallow minded to believe me.

Simpleton! What sort of an answer is that? "Because it's there Leo, and I like pushing buttons.". George makes totally no sense if he expects people to believe that after a message has been sent and the page has rebuilt, pressing refresh will clone the message. If I were to try and defend him further then I might start talking about virus's on his PC that have effected the refresh button, but we all know that's bull! As for shallow minded - he has a sign on his forehead that says "No Diving!". One other thing though - aside from this personal attack to me here, George and 'Vicki' (if it can be said she exists), have both accused me of having no life, yet here is George admitting that he sits with the guestbook open hitting refresh to see what everyone is saying about him. Too funny!

Sent: 07.01 - 26/9

Hmm - shallow minded eh? Funny how page refreshing doesn't have the same effect on the rest of us though, isn't it! Must be a Mac thing.
So, shallow minded = opinions from experience, and open minded = believing everything George says. Yes, this is definitely a Mac thing!

Sent: 07.12 - 26/9

Afterthought -
This seems to be another trend of the Mac user. Ellen Feiss says her Dad's PC went beep beep beep and lost all her work. Try e-mailing that one to the Microsoft Support and see what they say. Probably the same thing that the rest of us said: are you on drugs, Ellen?
Here, George blames his errors on his PC because he wants to "push buttons". Hey there's something wrong with this PC, Mac, Photocopier, Stapler, Hole Punch, Microwave, Curtain, World Hunger! Blame Microsoft! Forget that it's the user doing something blatently dumb, all the worlds problems can be found to originate from Microsoft.
Take responsibility for your actions you inbred shit-speaker.

Name: Tachyon
Sent: 07.26 - 26/9

My GOD! I only just looked in on this guestbook a couple of days ago.

George, you are talking from your nether regions. If you hit refresh, it simply requests the page data from the server. It doesn't repeatedly resend your own data to them. When exactly are you claiming to be pressing the refresh button? On second thoughts, don't answer that one. I really don't want to know what you think you're doing since you clearly have no idea.

Name: Electric Chicken
Sent: 14.07 - 26/9

Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie,
Fussed in the guestbook, then started to cry,
He shouted a lot and called everyone gay,
Then Georgy Porgy ran away!

Very shortly Georgy was back,
We all assumed he'd been given the sack,
And despite his claims of being a software guy,
The truth is MacDonald's standards were too high!

Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie
Kissed his Mac then started to cry
"Oh why oh why is my Mac so slow?
Well I'll just have to blame Bill Gates and Co!"

Georgy Porgy had had enough,
He left the guestbook in a huff.
And d'you know what made him even more miffed?
He was stuck with the late night Burger King shift!

We all assumed George had gone for good,
He was far too busy with all that take away food!
But not before long, guess who'd returned?
'Twas George, that's right, too many burgers he'd burned!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 15.03 - 26/9

You guys are right.
I must be one of those highly paid "idiot" Engineers.
It couldn't possibly be the refresh button.
I guess my debugging skills must be slipping.
So I guess It'll be OK if I hit the refresh button ?

Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.03 - 26/9

Hey, where did Kin go?
Is he plugging all my IP addresses into his GPS (George Positioning System) to find out of my geographic location is the same as Vicky's. LMAO !!!!

And there he was not so long ago, claiming that my life would be empty without him? Well, it's nice to know you're missed, isn't it?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.56 - 26/9

Vicky lives in Canada.
George lives in Canada.
But then you knew that already George, considering you are Vicky.
PSSS. Have you worked out how we know yet? We're still waiting...

Name: Naked George
Sent: 18.29 - 26/9

Well, THAT narrows it down ???
If you somehow even know that Vicky lives in Canada.
What, a trace showed that we both have an ISP that is ONLY in Canada ?
Brilliant, you get a Scooby Snack.

I'm to stupid to figure it out.
Tell me genius, how is it you think that I am Vicky ?

Name: Naked George
Sent: 18.29 - 26/9

Well, THAT narrows it down ???
If you somehow even know that Vicky lives in Canada.
What, a trace showed that we both have an ISP that is ONLY in Canada ?
Brilliant, you get a Scooby Snack.

I'm to stupid to figure it out.
Tell me genius, how is it you think that I am Vicky ?

I'll elaborate at the end of this page why we suspect Vic and George to be one and the same (it's onlt right - I did promise the poor sod), but isn't it funny watching him flap about in confusion. He half thinks he's safe because he can't find his slip ups, but is also half worried...because he can't find his slip ups. Brilliant! (Yes! He posted twice again!)

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.09 - 26/9

Hi Chicken, loved the rhyme. I'll bet Donny's fuming right about now. You've stolen his act and been nasty about one of his disciples.

Just to let you and MadMonk know, Abovebelle passed the test! She's over the moon and looking forward to showing off her driving skills to you both!

To "Skully"
Limited experience? Actually, I'm glad you dropped by. It's nice to have Mac users in here that speak some sort of sense. You pretty much hit the bullseye when you said: "But it simply comes down to a personal preference and to what machine we were first introduced." - I agree entirely - but that's never stopped me arguing with offensive MacHeads. It's quite a laugh. You may notice we're all entertaining a particularly offensive one at present. Incidentally - who's Steve Balmer? Not familiar with him, though his notoriety may not have expanded to the UK. From your description, I probably don't want to know.

In fairness, the recent jibes at Ellen Feiss (From Feiss-tee), do seem to be aimed at her rather than Apple. To be honest though, what I've seen of the Switch Campaign, not one of the 'real' people actually give a logical reason for them switching to Mac. It's just "My PC was dumb, clunky, stupid, beige, turned off, to complicated" and other things of that ilk. Hope Feiss-tee has a few more up his/her sleeve.

As for George... nice to know your missing me, I'm sure. Who's pushing who's buttons again? I come here for the laugh, your motive eludes me as you only seem to make yourself look more stupid - how is that amusing for you? Nevermind George - I'm bored of you now. Ask me toward the end of next week if your SO desperate for our reasoning at your alternate identity - I can promise you it will be a long entry, so bring a packed-lunch. But if you really want to be taken seriously in the guestbook - kindly account for the conversation on the whole, not JUST the last comment you read. You wrote some joke(?) about a george positioning system (don't flatter yourself) and Chicken merely stated we know where both you and the identity known as Vicky eminate from. Trust me, that is the least of our evidence. I know you wont be reading this, it's not your 'style', but I've at least met you half way by gracing you with a full response. I promise you it is more than you deserve.

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 00.07 - 27/9

Awwwww, Kinny Winny ...... sweetie ......
Does this mean you're backing down from me, because you have NO FUCKING CLUE as to how to blame Vicky's post on me. LMAO !!!!
Bye bye then.

Honestly Kin, you crack me up.
All I have to do is say 3 words ... "Mac's are Great"
Then you blow a head gasket, you snap, lose it, go right off the deep end, then write a 6 page essay and post it, it's hillarious.
You are more protective of this stupid iToilet site and your beloved PC than any Mac user is of anything.

Do you ever think that maybe I'm doing this just to yank your chain ?
Maybe I really live close to you, and not in Toronto ?
Maybe I have never used a Mac in my life ?
Maybe I really do work at McDonald's ?

Actually, that's pretty funny! I think he believes it too!

Name: Steve
Sent: 00.09 - 27/9

As fun as it is watching George repeatedly make an idiot of himself, he has successfully managed to move us away from what this guestbook is about: Macs versus PC's!!!!

And as proud as Apple would be of you George for sacraficing your dignity by diverting attention away from the numerous flaws of Macs, the rest of us would really like to get back to a bit of good old fashioned Mac bashing!

So to start with, somebody just emailed a link (above)

If you're too lazy to read it, it's basically "what if Apple moved to Pentium based machines?"

We've kind of discussed it before, Leo posted a link about the possibility of Apple moving to AMD, but now Intel looks like a strong possibility!

Everyone is starting to realise that Motorolla chips just don't cut it (even Apple), so the switch to PC based processors seems inevitable. Though I can't quite see why they'd choose Intel! Most would argue that AMD would be a much better choice - but please, nobody say anything! I'm happy to sit back and watch Apple dig their own grave!!

Just think, OSX will have to be rewritten, along with all the software like Photoshop/Illustrator etc. which will have to go through yet another rewrite for the new Pentium based Macs!

And how are Apple going to handle their advertising now? They've spent so long insisting that Pentiums are inferior, it would be hilarious if they now did a sudden U Turn!

But nevermind all that. What I want to know is how they're going to be able to justify the high cost of their machines if they really do switch to Pentium.
As discussed before numerous times in this guestbook, at the moment the only hardware component that distinguishes a beige box from a Mac is the processor; everything else is the same as what's in a PC - and as talked about before, Macs actually have lower grade stuff than PC's! Slower SDRAM (though they've finally moved to DDR!) slower CD/DVD drives, and, if the move is to happen, it'll be Apple's way of finally admitting that they have slower processors!

So.....er.....anyone wanna fight about it? Come on!We need a good Mac vs PC fight! Just like the good old times before George ruined things! He's had more than enough attention now!


PS. George, don't post anything unless it's relevent to the above, or if it's to tell us you've finally figured out how we know that you're Vicky!

PPS. Only click the send button once George. ONCE! Not five times, not seven times, ONCE!!! You might want to read through that lesson on clicking a few times before your next post, just to be clear!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 00.15 - 27/9

Hey Steve, I'll post anything I like

Name: Chicken
Sent: 00.27 - 27/9

Whoah, I just wrote an essay! There's no way George will read all that.

PS. George, to put it simply, Kin is yanking YOUR chain, not the other way around. Think about it, why else do you keep coming back here? You are the one being wound up! If you truely couldn't "give a rat's ass" you'd just casually walk away.

But as we've all now seen, after you made your impressive and emotional exit and promised you'd never return, you then realised that was a mistake and knew you'd look like a big prat to suddenly come back here. So you invented Vicky to stick up for yourself. We've already seen this behaviour several times in the guestbook (see the hall of fame) though you truely have excelled in the art of idiocy!

PSSS. We do have proof that you're Vicky, and yes, we will reveal it to you, and no, the fact that you both happen to live in Canada is not how we know.

Sent: 00.47 - 27/9

George, you're posting from your Mac now, so why am I still having to delete your duplicate messages?

Name: Steve
Sent: 01.23 - 27/9

Damn, I can't resist this George-bashing!

George said: "Maybe I have never used a Mac in my life?"
George, if Macs really are built for idiots then you must be one of Apple's best customers!
Although you do have trouble with very basic things like clicking, which proves that Macs still aren't easy enough for some idiots! George, you make village idiots feel good about themselves!

George said: "Maybe I really live close to you, and not in Toronto?"
Nope George, you probably do live in Toronto. Please stay there.

"Maybe I really do work at McDonald's?"
This is George's way of easing his embarrassment when he finally reveals that he does indeed work there!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 10.54 - 27/9

Hi Steve - So well said, I frankly don't know where to begin...
...so I wont!

However - YOU MUST RESIST! YOU MUST RESIST! I'm in agreement that a certain nudist has not only too many pages to his name but a quick reference in need of updating in the hall of fame! Let's now prey on a new idiot, or as you say, get back to the Mac-v-PC issue. The only time I really want to hear from that old favourite is when he's either worked it out, or conceded to ask me how we know about his other identity.

As to the issue you raised about the change of processors - I almost hope they don't change to Intel. It would be a serious blow to those who believe that Bill Gates owns intel aswell as microsoft, and so can no longer use that highly amusing pun: Wintel. However, it will also mean that there wont be so many folks coming in here to whine.

In the same way Mac users seemed to instantly forget all Apples previous O/S's when OSX arrived and so liked to make out that Apple had always been the pinnacle of stability, so too will they forget that they had ever used motorolla technology.

They will forget that they argued about pipelines being more relevant than Hz, and boast at their 3 GHz processors.

They will come here and say "What's the difference, it's like comparing oranges to oranges."

And Mac Elitism will become even more annoying. Pompous designers wont eat crow on that. They'll still insist that everyone must have used a modern mac despite it's being identicle to a PC. Then it truely will be an issue of; "Have you had experience using a pretty computer?". This will be far more annoying!

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 17.08 - 27/9

Lets go Steve, you and me !!!
Kin's being a candy ass. He thinks he has a gun, but has no ammo to fire at me, nor the balls to shoot.
I took him down, who's next !!!

Name: Steve
Sent: 18.13 - 27/9

What are you talking about? Where do you want to go with me? Why is Kin's ass made of candy? Why does he have a gun to shoot balls with? And where did you take him down to??

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 20.00 - 27/9

Its ok Steve. Allow the tiresome runt his delusions. He knows that come the end of next week, he can ask me for an explanation if he so wishes. He has upto then to work it out. Until then, he's really not worth the bother. Why grace it with responses whenit is barely able to understand them.

See you tomorrow, bud.

Kin Wicked

Name: Leo
Sent: 00.47 - 29/9

Love the game you posted

The game that Leo is referring to was a small version of break out that Chicken had posted, but that originates from another site. The game is no longer available so this page of the live guestbook now shows a 404 error in the place marker for the game.

Sent: 01.08 - 29/9

In that case, I'll take the credit for making it

Name: Chicken
Sent: 01.12 - 29/9

Actually, I posted that game for Naked George to play with. He loves pressing buttons and stuff.

Have fun George!! Just think how impressed your boss will be when he sees you wasting quality time in my guestbook (in between wasting quality time "taking five" and playing pinball...)

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 15.42 - 30/9

Only trouble is, Chicken, she wont be able to read your instructions either!
- irrelevant string of conversation. Not related to Naked George

Kin Wicked

Here's one for George if he's still about:
(Or the link near my name)
You'll like it George, if you don't bother with the text. There's too much text to interest you, but look at the top, George! Look at the top!

Name: cap
Sent: 17.32 - 30/9


We wouldn't have known at this point, but it becomes apparent later that this was also Naked George trying to get in the guestbook from another IP.

Name: cap
Sent: 16.13 - 1/10

Instead of "say hi to the chicken" this should be called "find a way to feel better about having a pc". If you are are stilled fooled into thinking that pcs are good then you also probably thingk that someone like KW is brilliant. Like turning shit into applebutter.

Name: cap
Sent: 16.16 - 1/10

Instead of "say hi to the chicken" this should be called "find a way to feel better about having a pc". If you are are stilled fooled into thinking that pcs are good then you also probably thingk that someone like KW is brilliant. Like turning shit into applebutter.

Name: cap
Sent: 16.17 - 1/10

Instead of "say hi to the chicken" this should be called "find a way to feel better about having a pc". If you are are stilled fooled into thinking that pcs are good then you also probably thingk that someone like KW is brilliant. Like turning shit into applebutter.

Name: cap
Sent: 16.25 - 1/10

Instead of "say hi to the chicken" this should be called "find a way to feel better about having a pc". If you are are stilled fooled into thinking that pcs are good then you also probably thingk that someone like KW is brilliant. Like turning shit into applebutter.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.27 - 1/10

Based on the fact that Naked George STILL can't post a simple comment without clicking the send button atleast three times, we can assume "cap" was George. No need to check his IP.

PSS. George, please tell us you've figured out your Vicky slip up. You've had the whole weekend to think about it!

Name: cap
Sent: 16.35 - 1/10

How wrong you are. cap is cap and the multiple post is due to the faulty site where a refresh causes a repost. Sorry I don't know George Armstrong.

"Although there are more Microsoft Windows users than Macintosh users, we would like to remind you that there are far more cockroaches than people."
-- The New York Times

Sent: 16.40 - 1/10

Okay, sorry Geor.....er, I mean Cap.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 18.42 - 1/10

Silly Chicken! Of course cap isn't George. It's not as though we have anything like the proof on this that we have that George is Vicky! Anyone can form a personal vendetta against me after one comment. It's not like it takes shooting a person down day after day to form a dislike to such a magnitude. It's not like he can't read back far enough through the comments to get Georges full name, and it's merely coincidence that his arguments have the same verbal gait as George's. There's the other similarity of the only people to have trouble posting once. Some might say that this would be George's way of showing that he was right about the refresh button. But it will take George to come in as neumerous people to do that, and from all the different computers he can lay his hands on. So how could we be so sceptical? For shame!

"Honestly Kin, you crack me up.
All I have to do is say 3 words ... "Mac's are Great"
Then you blow a head gasket, you snap, lose it, go right off the deep end, then write a 6 page essay and post it, it's hillarious.
You are more protective of this stupid iToilet site and your beloved PC than any Mac user is of anything."

-A prime example of a Georgism. Showing that he has no in depth opinions other than 'I'm right and you're stupid!'. George just always had so much wrong with his comments that it took a 'six page essay' to show him how inane his comments were. After all this time he still thinks my fires are fueled by the preservation of PC's over Macs! Perhaps it takes some sort of genius (in George's case, something just above a kindergarten dropout), to notice that I pick him up on his lack of content and contradiction. His petty band disruptive behaviour. It doesn't take me to show this to everyone else, but it takes someone to show it to him. He still can't see what a fool he's made of himself here? I guess there's no helping some people.

Now some might say that cap has also acheived this lack of content and pettiness that George practically made a trademark. Well, who's to know. It's not for us to judge any more than it is for us to say that Geoge is Vicky...oh...we did that...well it is pretty obvious!

By the way cap, did you like the link to the really big button? Obviously you like pushing buttons as much as George did. 'Simple things...

Kin Wicked

Name: Chicken
Sent: 22.51 - 1/10

Kin, you're as alert as ever. Cap/George's new slip up needs repeating in big letters:


Name: Leo
Sent: 14.53 - 2/10

Yes, isn't it a wonder how he knew George's full name?

After some other comments...

Name: Chicken
Sent: 13.13 - 3/10

Where the heck has George dissapeared to? And Vicky?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 13.36 - 3/10

Come to that, where's cap?

Wow Chicken, perhaps you were right afterall?

Kin Wicked

Name: Leo
Sent: 21.52 - 3/10

George's been...


hehe. got to love AC / DC


Name: Chicken
Sent: 13.40 - 4/10

George, stop sulking! Say something!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 02.38 - 5/10

Leo, please leave the obnoxious shouting to George.
- relating to an unrelated string of conversation.

It is worth pointing out that these taunts at George were in place because, unbeknown to me at the time, Chicken had banned all the IP's we managed to relate to Naked George. However, Chicken unblocked the IP's later to see if George would have been persisting in coming back. Of course, no sooner has the block been removed and he's back! There really are no depths...especially when you read his reason for his absence. Naturally - as a software engineer, he'd easily be able to work out that he'd been blocked...or you'd think so anyway, right?

Also worthy of note is that Clay (who has his own page in the Hall of Fame) and I - infact, more Clay and Chicken - were having merry banter between ourselves on various tech issues among other bits. However, as this is after Clay turned out to be a perfectly nice bloke, aa lotof this wont make it's way into either this or Clay's own Hall of Fame page. So note that what follows is again continued from a thread separate to anything we had been discussing directly with George. If you hadn't noticed, another of his growing characteristics is to hijack others conversations and try to steal the glory, or at least just draw attention to his own witterings.

Name: Clay
Sent: 15.52 - 9/10

So I was on my way to work pondering the cost issue. About a month ago my monitor started to crap out. It was five years old so I wasn't too surprised, Anyway I went out shopping for monitors. I had decided to go dual 19's. My daughter isn't a year old yet so home movies made with Final Cut Pro abound. So whwn all was send & done I ended us with two 19" Lacie Electron Blue III monitors. I could of bought two Viewsonic's for the price of one Lacie, but I didn't. Why? Because the Lacie is better. They are both 19" monitors but one is better. I could have bought a PC but I spent more and bought another mac, because I believe it is better.

Name: Clay
Sent: 16.00 - 9/10

kin, thanks for the advice, I have contacted the chicken. Too bad your not posting today, I wanted to read your two cents worth on the ongoing battle.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.38 - 9/10

Here here Clay !!!
I would easily pay 2 times the price of a PC for a Mac.
OS X Jaguar is awesome, and I can't deal with Windoze.
The term "You get what you pay for" works in every situation, especially computers.

PS: Clay, we can't both pick on Kin at the same time.
He'll think you're me, or I'm you, or something silly.
Next thing you know we'll be getting 6 page posts about how much of an idiot I am. LMAO !!!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.29 - 9/10

Naked George, you're an idiot.

There, that didn't take 6 pages.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 18.09 - 9/10

Yeah, but Kin can't seem to grasp that concept.
He has to ramble on and on and on.
That's why I like to yank his chain.
Plus it keeps up his typing skills.

Ahh, it's nice to be back (sort of).
Did you miss me? What did I miss? I see Clay is back.
Just spent 2 weeks in the sunny south, on the company, it was awesome.
No computers, no shit, just cold beer and bikini babes. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I must admit - I'd far prefer to ramble than to witter.

Name: Clay
Sent: 18.18 - 9/10

George, although we do use the same computers, that does not mean that I nessesarily agree with your views. I try my best to offer points that spark debate. I try my hardest not to belittle anyone, and keep it an argument about computers, not a direct insult against people. From what I can tell George you have done your best to insult people directly, and that is not my style.

As for Kin, I have nothing but respect for him. He is well informed and able to carry his argument with evidence to back it up. I believe macs are better, Kin believes PC's are. Niether of us are wrong per se.

So please George post as yourself, and stand on your own argtuments/merit. I am glad that you agree with some of the things I have to say, I do try to come up with valid points. As for you being an idiot who am I to judge?

I must say that this comes as high praise. It is truly a welcome happening when there is a Mac user who's willing to debate rather than "do a George", as it will become affectionately called, I'm sure. Whilst touched and thoroughly on a high to have my approach to argument appreciated, what is more important is the rather short and precise conclusion that Clay draws on George in this comment. Most diplomatically done - well done Clay.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 19.42 - 9/10

Hmmm, that's funny .... Are we talking about the same Kin ?
He calls me names with no reason ....
He accuses me of stuff with no proof ....
Respect for Kin ..... I think NOT !!!

Three elements of Clay's comment - 1. Clay's approach to the debate, 2. No Beef with Kin Wicked (me), 3. Criticism of George's approach to the debate. Which of these would it be sensible to deal with if you were to pick one? The Impartial would deal with point '1' and enter into sensible debate. The Defensive would tackle point '3' and defend their past comments. The GEORGE tackles point '2' because his buttons have now been pushed, prodded, and are but a shadow of their former self, and I'm pleased to say that it was not me that did this! It goes to show that his return to the guestbook came with the intent to offend me personally, and not to enter into any kind of decent discussion. Clay doesn't feel it's for him to judge if George is an idiot...I don't feel quite do restricted!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 21.14 - 9/10

George, 2 quick questions for you:

1) Why have you been so quiet recently?
2) Do you want Kin to give you his proof? We've let you have so much time to figure out where you slipped up, yet you're still obviously clueless, so just ask and Kin will put you out of your misery. Okay?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 01.44 - 10/10

Clay! I'm touched! Though there is no beef (nor pseudo-beef) at present with yourself, I didn't imagine I'd hear such fine appraisal from you! It's much apprieciated. But who'd have thought we'd see a division in the Mac ranks?! This could get interesting...

As for Naked "hehe, a button!" George
- Name calling - yep, I'll raise my hand to that. Though it has hardly been unsolicited.
- Chain yanking - whether you come and post or not, I'll always be here. What keeps you here?
- Vicky time - you gonna beg for the evidence or will the truth hurt too much?
- George being Clay? - There is a difference between your idiocy and Clay's debate baiting. Clay is making an effort, you're just making an arse of yourself.

More to follow soon. It's late here and I'm bound to start making typo's sooner or later.

Kin Wicked

What follows is the greater part of a price debate. It's relevance to George is only in so far as Chicken's further taunts following another banning og George's IP's, but to avoid further disjointedness, the majority of the conversation between Chicken and Clay will also follow... (If you are becoming a Clay fan, then look up these and other conversations in the live guestbook, or request the backup file from the Chicken as what is shown here may not be the fairest representation or the whole conversation)

Name: Chicken
Sent: 03.13 - 10/10

Okay, here it is, a very fair price comparison of a Mac versus a PC. I haven't tried to cheat anywhere, but you are welcome to check up on me and pick this apart.

The Mac has been configured at the official UK Apple online store - www.apple.com/uk
The PC has been set up to match the Mac's specs feature for feature (it's a Mesh PC from www.meshcomputers.co.uk) although it would be interesting if someone could work out the pricing of the individual components, because you could build yourself a much cheaper PC than the store built one I've configured if you put it together from scratch yourself. Apple don't give you this option, so we'll stick with a store built PC.

Note: I haven't included a monitor or speakers in either setup. Also, no mention is made of the type of soundcard installed in the Mac, so I just chose the standard Soundblaster card for the PC. If someone can tell me what the Mac has let me know, but as you'll see, it'll make very little difference to the final prices anyway!

Okay, both machines have the following identical hardware in them:

1Gigabyte of DDR RAM - PC 2700 (configured as two 512Mb chips) (although anyone who bought a Mac only a few weeks ago will be kicking themselves as Apple were still supplying slower SDRAM - but they've caught up now!)
120Gb hard drive (7200rpm)
DVD-Recordable/CD-RW combo drive (but as mentioned many times before, the Mac only reads CD's at 24 speed, while the PC reads them at 40 speed)
A DVDROM/CD-RW combo in the second bay to be fancy. Most PC's come with this setup - great for on-the-fly CD copying for example.
128Mb nVidia Geforce Ti-4600 graphics card in both machines
56k modem
Both have Ethernet and Firewire cards - these were optional add ons for the PC, I had to include them to match the Apple setup as they come free on the Mac - yeah free! Sure, whatever!

Okay, so all that stuff is identical. The only bits that set these machines apart are:

The operating systems: OS X on the Mac, Windows XP on the PC (though you could of course save a few hundred £ and get Linux for free!)

Both machines come with a keyboard and mouse for free (ie. worked into the price)
The PC has a Microsoft Internet Keyboard and a 3 Button Intellimouse optical (with a scrollwheel)
The Mac has an Apple keyboard and a 1 button optical mouse (Apple haven't invented the wheel yet!)

The only other obvious hardware difference is the Mac's Dual 1.2Ghz processors versus the PC's AMD Athlon 2400+.
I chose this particular AMD spec so it would be an exact Megahertz match to the Mac, even though you can go a lot higher on a PC, while Apple is still unfortunately stuck at 1.2 Ghz so they have to play catch up to the PC by using the old dual processor trick!

Also, a note about protection plans and delivery charges for both machines:
The PC comes with Mesh's 3 year protection plan as standard (ie. worked into the price!) while Apple's 3 year protection plan is optional and will set you back an extra £185. I've added it in to match the PC.
The PC's delivery charge is £39. You can't opt out of this. The Mac delivery charge is free (sure it is!)

Okay, are you ready for the grand totals? (VAT included)

Brace yourselves!!!!!

The PC comes to £1540
The Mac comes in at a WHOPPING £3715! Whoah baby, yeaaaah!!!!! THAT'S GOTTA HURT!

Conclusion: Apple are conning their customer's by charging MORE than twice that of an equally specced PC, even though most of the innards for both machines are absolutely identical!!!!

Yet buying the PC will save you a MASSIVE £2175! With that kinda cash you could quite easily treat yourself to a second PC! Or buy some top software, like the lastest Adobe collection (Photoshop, Illutrator, InDesign, Acrobat) plus a big fat 21 inch monitor, plus extra RAM, an extra hard drive, and you'd still have a hundred bucks or so left over to buy yourself a stylish case to replace that boring beige box if you wanted to feel special like your Apple friends! And then probably still a few pounds left to buy a burger from Naked George who's been working at MacDonalds for the past 5 years to save up for a monitor to go with his Mac!

Once again I ask you this: Why are you guys allowing Apple to rob you of £2175?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 03.22 - 10/10

Damn! I completely forgot to mention USB!

Both the Mac and PC have USB ports as standard (though the PC comes with 4 ports (two on the front, two at the back - a standard thing on most PC's these days)

The Apple only has 2 USB's at the back, and one is already used up by the keyboard remember. Oh dear. Come on Apple, be more generous than that!

Note that for some bizarre reason Apple does not give you the option to include extra USB ports - though let's be honest, it would ruin the look of the G4 if you had two ugly USB ports on the front (no matter how convenient they are!)

And yes, before you say it, I know that the Apple keyboard has two USB ports on it, but one is taken up by the mouse, and unfortunately the one left over won't work with most USB scanners/printers/external drives because they need to draw their power from the main tower remember. Oh dear.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 03.24 - 10/10

To summarise (and rub it in!)

PC = £1540!

Mac = £3715!

Name: Clay
Sent: 05.18 - 10/10

As the price war! We both know that you don't buy a mac fully stocked. I would purchase the graphics card seperate, as well as the RAM and possibly even the hard drive. As for USB ports, I use two powered USB hubs anyway. The supplied mouse if very simple for a reason. Mac peope are a pretty diverse bunch and most like to choose thier own input device(s). I use an optical trackball, and a 9 by 12 Wacom tablet. Now the mac is going to more expensive regardless i realize this, but I will state my old argument, I am paying to use the operating system. As well I still believe that Apple uses a much more sophisticated architecture system. Now if OS X ran on either machine I may then have to really look hard at a PC, but alas untill then I will stick with my mac. I will always but mac laptops though, say what you want but no one can touch apple when it comes to laptops. The PC worl has decided that the best way to make there laptops smaller and lighter is to have everything external. Now that is handy. Anyway, now that we have figured out that macs cost more, what's next?

Name: Clay
Sent: 07.22 - 10/10

Had a quick thought for you Chicken. The majority of people purchasing macs are not buying towers, they are buying imacs and emacs. Therefore the cost factor does shift a bit. You are not getting a computer with the same specs but you are getting a computer all the same.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 10.41 - 10/10

Clay, firstly, I admire your ability to stay level headed when a Peecee scumbag repeatedly harps on about how much you guys are paying! Naked George will be spewing acid! I'm not looking forward to feeling his wrath! No wait, I am!

But I must harp on some more, because you seem to be missing the point. Every single significant bit of hadrware listed (except for the processor and operating system) is exactly the same in the Mac as it is in the PC. EXACTLY THE SAME! It's not like PC manufacturers are buying cheap replica Geforce graphics cards to keep the price down - it just doesn't happen.

I find it hard to take seriously your claim that people buy a separate graphics card for example, when they buy a new G4? I don't think Apple even gives you the option to leave out the GFX card does it? And the Geforce card I mentioned comes with a price tag of £250 - how on earth does buying it separately even begin to cover the £2175 you're wasting?

Conclusion: with Apple, you don't get what you pay for.

Name: Clayt
Sent: 15.23 - 10/10

Chicken. Again i know macs are more expensive, I know this. I have owned 5 different macs since 1990. I have spent a considerable amount of change. As for wasting money, I said before that I don't believe I am. I don't mind paying it. If I have to pay the extra money so that I may use the mac OS I will. I have used Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 Pro, XP etc. I don't enjoy using it. I spent approx 12 - 15 hours a day on my computer. If I am spending that long with something I better enjoy it. You did however dodge my previous point that the majority of mac users are not buying towers. In fact i am buying my girlfrien her own mac, she is sick of waiting for me to get off mine, and she will get an imac. She has no need for PCI slots, etc. Through the airport she will hjave access to my firewire drives etc. She wants to take digital photos, make movies, and email people, that's it. So for her an imac is a perfect fit. An dthe cost at the UK apple site for the 17" widescreen, £1,649.00. And it comes stock w/ a LCD display.

Name: Leo
Sent: 15.55 - 10/10

I know of a friend of mine who owns a mac and sold his GEFORCE 2 MX card for $220 a couple of weeks ago! For that kind of money I could buy a brand new GeForce 4 Ti4600 for almost half the price.

All because it was a mac GeForce 2 MX card. There is not justification in that. NONE.


Name: Clay
Sent: 15.57 - 10/10

On my way to work came up with a point. Apple breeds loyal fan(atics). People that loves macs, love apple. They flock in droves to Apple Store openings, Macworld Expos all over the world. They spent money on t-shirts that the wear with pride to let everyone know that they use a mac. When was the last time you saw someone wearing around a windows shirt? For that matter I don't anyone likes microsoft as a company. That is why mac users spend the extra money. It is because we love the company, and we love the product. Crazy? Yes. But that is just it. Is as the following states:

Here's to the crazy ones.

The misfits.

The rebels.

The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently.

They're not fond of rules.

And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them,

disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.

Because they change things.

They invent. They imagine. They heal.

They explore. They create. They inspire.

They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy.

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?
Or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written?
Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

We make tools for these kinds of people.

While some see them as the crazy ones,
we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world, are the ones who do.

By owning a mac I feel like I am a part of something bigger. I know I am right and that regardless of all the arguments, at the end of the day I love my mac(s), and I know I own the best PC on the planet.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.10 - 10/10

"By owning a mac I feel like I am a part of something bigger. I know I am right and that regardless of all the arguments, at the end of the day I love my mac(s), and I know I own the best PC on the planet."

Sorry, but that just sounds like blind loyalty. It's not logical thinking. Follow the link above to read Donny's Cult Doctrine page. A lot of what you said sounds worryingly close to what Donny and the Cult of the Sacrilegious Apple believe!

"You did however dodge my previous point that the majority of mac users are not buying towers"

:? I didn't dodge it, I just can't see the point in comparing a PC to the new iMac when earlier you laughed when I said Macs are low spec, and then you quoted the highest specs you could for the G4 tower (not the iMac - which let's be honest, is pretty low spec.)

Fact is, you'd still find that same "more than twice the price" pattern if you were to configure a PC to equal the specs of the new iMac - though technically it wouldn't be an "equal" match, as I don't think PC's go as low as 700Mhz anymore

Name: Clay
Sent: 21.06 - 10/10

Loyalty? Yes. Blind loyalty? No. As I lover of apple & macs, I question their desicions more than anyone. The Cube was a brilliant looking machine but it was failed from the start. There was no market for it. I grimace at certain desisons, and clap at others. Mac people are a bit like a cult, and that if fine with me. You need to ask yourself why intellegent people would spend more on a machine. It is logical. It is for the experience! It is for the operating system. Apple knows this. If someone could install OS 10 on a PC they would be an extremely rich man/woman. I love using the mac. That is what I aam paying for, and that to me is logical thinking. As a mac user I never think to much about components. The only thing I ever upgraded with my 3 year old G3 Tower was ram, extra hard drives, and a graphics card so I could run dual monitors. I never had the need.want to do anything else. The PC world seems to breed some sort of fasination with constant upgrading. I admit that when my PC friends are having mass problems with something I take for granted, (hardware conflict etc.) I do feel superior. I know my operating system is the best on the planet, bar none. I know that I have never had a configuration problem. I deal with a company that doesn't release an operating system with 15,000 known problems.

As for the imac, the only direct PC compition is the Gateway thing. And it is not that well equipped. As for the imac specs:

17-inch widescreen LCD flat
800MHz PowerPC G4
80GB Ultra ATA hard drive
10/100BASE-T Ethernet
56K internal modem
Apple Pro Speakers

I would call that lo-spec. For the average user, who they are marketing this towards, this is more that adequate. And I believe the cost is very reasonable for what you get. Cheaper still is the eMac, and that is a fantastic deal. Apple also makes the best integraded apps, the "i" apps. If you get a chance to use iPhoto, iTunes, iCal, iSync, mail, iDvd, iMovie, please tell me afterwords that they are not a thing of beauty and ease of use. This is why I and millions of others pay more. It is for the experience. It isn't just for the hardware or the design, but for the ingenutiy, the apps, and above all the operating system.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 22.47 - 10/10

Actually, I'm starting to feel really guilty. Clay, you seem far too nice for me to keep putting you down. Maybe I'm getting soft?

And where the heck are you Naked George?!!! Come on, George, insult me already! Or insult Kin Wicked! (sorry Kin)

Clay, although I'm still not convinced by a lot of what you've said, I can kind of understand your love of the "Apple experience" in the sense that they are beautiful machines - despite what I might have said on the iToilet page! I still do not believe in paying that much money for a pretty box though.

As for the "iSoftware" and OS X, I'm personally not a big fan, but then I haven't used these enough. OS X is far too bouncy, especially annoying to be usable in an everyday work situation. In that sense OS 9 was better, even though I still hate it! Also, why the heck did Apple go and rid OS X of the only two features I actually liked from OS 9? Namely tabbing windows to the bottom of the screen (no, not the same as what the dock does) and the ability to colour label files and folders.

Clay, we'll obviously never see eye to eye. Still, it's fun arguing! Sad, but fun!

Name: Clay
Sent: 00.54 - 11/10

The OS X bounce is a preference. My desktop is very bare and all the magnification/zoom effects are disabled. As for annoying to use, I use it foe approx. 12 hours a day min. I couldn't live without it.

I have to disagree with your thoughts on the new imac design. I think it is fantastic, but then again I've always had a soft spot for Luxo the Pixar lamp.

As for the pretty box. My tower can't even be seen. It had no factor in which product I bought. I will admit I love the design of my Tibook. There is not a better laptop around.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 11.16 - 11/10

I'd love to get in knee deep but I'm getting ready to dissapear for a few days so I'm kinda busy.

A couple of things I wanted to rant at Clay about though:

"You are not getting a computer with the same specs but you are getting a computer all the same." - so by this logic, does that mean that you'd be happy to do all your work on a C64? Obviously not as it doesn't have OSX, but you get my meaning. Cost-v-Specs is a valid argument. Especially when every mac user likes to state that you get what you pay for. In business, as Steve has said, there is no justification for this overpricing.

You adore Apple? Well think about this. Would you give your spare change to a collection plate in an Apple store because you want to fund the next 'innovation' (probably the next innovative casing)? It's like when George said about people queueing up for OSX when it was released. People campling outside and all! Why? It's an operating system! Why, damnit?

Lastly, I'd address your long and all inspiring comment (Sent: 15.57 - 10/10). You seem to advocate macs by saying that they make art. The artist makes the art. Steve has shown, amongst many others, that great art can be produced on these lowly PC's Without the painter, the paint stays in the tubes, the brushes stay clean and the canvas stays bare. Macs make these wonderous applications, but it is what the user does with them that matters. Computers (generally) add alot to the art itself in so far as the properties of any medium can (just as you can exploit the properties of plaster, clay, different paints...etc), but the artist has the vision. Macs are made for these people? Then why is it that they charge so much? Why must ones expression come at such a price? I'm afraid to say that I whole heartedly disagree with the concept that it is made with such people in mind. It is made with money in mind and I fear that those who blindly follow propaganda to the contrary are sadly naive.

Well, that's my toe firmly dunked in the water for now. I've now got lots to do. I may not be able to get the backed up guestbook to you this side of my holiday Clay. Sorry for that. But I'll be sure to attend to it as soon as I can!

Kin Wicked

Name: Clay
Sent: 14.51 - 11/10

Chicken had a thought. If we follow your train of thought, then people who wear Nike runners should also be chastised. There are plenty of shoes out there that are made of the same materials, do the exact same thing as Nike's, yet Nike shoes cost 3, 4, 5 times as much. That is why your argument falls a bit short. The pricing issue applies to almost every type of product, service in the world. Even on the computer side you have Sony. The Vaio laptop line is the most overpriced line in the business. For what? Wow, a memory stick slot!

So Chicken, what brand of runners do you wear? Or jeans for that matter?

Name: Clay
Sent: 14.55 - 11/10

Kin, the blurb I posted about the crazy ones, is actually the Think Different manifesto that started Apple;s think different campaign way back when. As for lining up for OS X. This is the loyalty Apple uses have. There was a genuine excitment within the mac community. Microsoft tried to copy that excitment wth the realease of Xp. I stopped by a computer store to check out the scene, and other that the two guys playing demo on the PS2, you could have shot a cannon through the store.

Anyway, enjoy your vacation!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 15.17 - 11/10

"So Chicken, what brand of runners do you wear?"

Clay, would you believe it? I'm currently wearing Nike shoes, no jokes!!! Actually, Kin will tell you I'm a walking billboard for Nike (baseball cap as well)

Weird thing is the shoes only cost £20, you think I was had? Hmmmmmm. Come to think of it, my "Rolix" watch has stopped working, and these "Levos" jeans have shrunk!

What clothes do you wear Clay? And while we're on the subject, I wonder what clothes Naked George wears?

By the way, the Sony Vaio range may be overpriced, but it's still well within reason, unlike Apple's product line. Sorry, but I don't agree. As for other types of products, yes, the overpricing issue does apply, but the fact is that in most cases the more you pay the better the quality. I just don't believe that is the case with Apple, sorry.

Name: Kin Wicked - stealing a moment to respond
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 20.10 - 11/10

Hi Clay. Actually, you have a point about brand names. It's the point that annoys the hell out of Abovebelle. I hate labels. I don't want to be anyone's billboard if I can avoid it. Yes, they are overpriced, like so much seems to be today. However, when you have it so clear cut as chicken shows with his price comparison, it only makes the point more apparent.

Like you said about the cheaper mac products fulfilling the users needs. Again, why pay the price of a superior speced PC for a computer with less about it.

You pointed out that the 'blurb' you posted was the think different manifesto. Again, this just backs up what I was saying about propaganda.

As for the excitement over an OS. Well, like I said to George when he raised the issue - all that looks like is that the MAc user populous so hated their OS9 that they simply couldn't wait a second longer to upgrade to this OS with it's roots planted firmy in PC (IBM clone) history. Every damning comment you make about MS is spot on. As you said yourself, MS doesn't inspire fanatacism amongst the users because the OS's produced are so appauling. I say this as I use one at present, but it suits my needs and is 'better' than a mac OS in MY opinion. This is because of the quirkiness of the Mac OS's. Again this is biased, but aren't all of our opinions?

In anycase, I must continue in my preparatory chores now, so must cut short. Some day soon I hope to get the chance to write one of my patented 6 page essays - this will annoy the nude one, I'm sure

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.17 - 12/10

Hey, glad to see you miss me chicken.
I'm REAL busy these days.
Rarely in the office, and at home just to sleep.
Hard to keep up with all the BS in here.
But I'll pop in from time to time.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 16.25 - 12/10

No acid spewing, I'd gladly pay the extra for a Mac, and do.
When I buy Skydiving equipment, I don't go to Wal-Mart cause it's cheaper.
I always buy top of the line, the best, most reliable, and what suits my needs.
In parachutes, computers, motorcycles, cars, etc.
If my parachute has a Blue Screen on activation, I'm dead.
I don't use hardware or software that Blue Screens.

Question Answers:

1. Uhh duh, read my last few posts. Beach, Beer, Babes, and NO computer.
I have a life, thanks, and it doesn't revolve around a toilet.

2. Nope, don't care what he thinks he knows. And if you think I've wasted even a second trying to "figure it out", then you are the clueless one. Think whatever you want, cause I "Don't give a Rats Ass".

Again, George doesn't "give a Rats Ass " about the whole Vicky is George accusation, but it has shown itself to still be a real sticking point for the wee man. And quite how anyone can claim not to be spewing acid when their every nuance shows utter disdain is beyond me. As for his points (such as they are) if he knew his equipment well enough he'd know that he doesn't need to either skimp on quality and get the cheapest of everything, and nor would he have to pay over the odds for something he can get at half the price. But then obviously everything to George is as frightening as a Blue Screen. And obviously, he's never dealt with a Blue Screen. Clearly, if he ever came across a blue screen he wouldn't know what to do, would retire to a corner and rock back and forth sucking his thumb. Incidentally - his "vacation" is covered in a while, so you can take that as you find it. Just remember that it happened to coincide with his first banning that he thus far is unaware of, just as his recent business coincided with his later banning. But, hark! What light from yonder light bulb sparks? It's Chicken, dropping hints again...

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.54 - 12/10

George, if Apple made parachutes there'd be a little pin-hole you'd have to pierce with a paperclip to activate it. The material would tear in half thanks to this design flaw, and you'd be sent plummeting 3000 feet and hit the ground in less than 5 seconds! Clearly one case where an Apple product would be faster than the competition!(For the wrong reason...)

PS. What's with the brand new IP number George? Have your whole network of Macs and your one at home stopped funtioning? What gives?

Sent: 01.52 - 13/10

Apple - parachutes

"Your turn, son."
Pats Naked George on the back.
Out you go.
Count to five.
Pull the cord.
J - deploying canopy
10,000 feet
J - deploying canopy
9,000 feet
J - deploying canopy
8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...1.....
In the last 1,000 feet the canopy very slowly opens to reveal little more than a hanky. But it's such a pretty color and has the Apple logo on it.
Canadian Mounties are scraping up Naked Mush and the guestbook average IQ is increased by the absence of a certain IP.
The stuff of dreams.

Name: Advocate
Sent: 20.12 - 13/10

Dear Naked George. What gives, man? You say that your life doesn't revolve around this site yet it looks like you spend altogether too much time in here. I read your page in the hall of fame. Man, you're a dolt! Give up dude. You lost already!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 14.23 - 20/10

Wow! Who sucked the life out of this guestbook. After a week's absence I'd have expected to have to do some catching up! Where's all the acid spitting? Where's Chicken? Where's the apple ranters and the PC advocators?


Kin Wicked

Name: Chicken
Sent: 15.49 - 20/10

Welcome back Kin! Hope you had a nice holiday!

I don't know what happened in here. I think people are either losing interest, or they miss you!! Naked George hasn't said a word for a while now either...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 21.05 - 20/10

Yes. Though I doubt I was missed, I'm not so down hearted at the absense of that individual. If I find time I'll get his page updated.

Kin Wicked

As it turned out, Chicken had placed a ban on George's new IP almost straight away. Since this time, other debates arose including a bit of a rift between Clay and I unfortunately due to my own impatience at the time. His response to me starts us off again for the next bout of George.

Name: Clay
Sent: 16.41 - 10/11

Chicken, I as well do not like repeating myself. If you buy a tower/emac/imac, you are supposed to plug the mouse into the keyboard, making the cord plenty long. As for the problems you stated regardng the apple mouse, I have not personally had any problems, although I admit I do not use a mouse often. Again, do you use the stock mouse that came with your system?

As for your post regarding a high end graphic card in a mac, I believe that is not far off. With Steve Jobs buying up lots of 3D companies, and products, as well as being the CEO of Pixar, I have to believe that a super highend 3D is not far off.


I am sorry you are miffed. It must be that I am a left-handed idiot. I do for your information read all new posts, as well I read the backed-up guestbook. It is just that with all the bickering between all the posts, I sometime miss the question/point. FYI, I as well have asked certain members of this guestbook the same questions over and over. As for your question regarding DVD burning on the fly, I do not own the tibook with the DVD burner. My tibook is an older model. As for your comment regarding apple catering to me, they do. Apple caters to the media professional. All my friends, and contacts in the industry all use macs. The people I use when I need 3D, have switched from Maya onb PC to Maya on OS X. Apple does cater to us, because we are the ones who use them.

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 00.12 - 12/11

Cheers for the reply Clay. Not miffed, but "almost miffed". The guestbook has only genuinely annoyed mein one posting when I became the subject of personal attack. I don't put you down as a George, so I don't think you could fully miff-i-fy me!!!

As far as yours and Chicken's current argument is concerned, I think I'll do as I previously suggested and take more of a back seat. Or at least, until I can focus more of my energies here.

Kin Wicked

Name: Naked George
Sent: 04.12 - 17/11

Awww, Kin, did I miff-i-fy you
Poor boy, I'm sorry. I just like yanking your chain.
You're such a hot-head.
I have no time for this site anymore, to busy.
Seems like nobody else does either.
I guess chickens 10 minutes of fame are up.
PS: Yes, the iBrator was great, the iToilet is stupid.

And another new IP. He really is desperate to get in, isn't he?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 15.38 - 17/11

Hi Vicky...er...George. It's so...mediocre to hear from you again. I'll try to keep this short to cater to your limited attention span.

Miff-i-fied - sure I was. It's really sad that you felt the need to turn a site of humour into a means of personal attack because you couldn't think of anything worthwhile to write. Thoroughly miffed - though only the once.

iBrator - which one? The crap single page or the series of proffessionally produced adverts by media experts "Sleepless Knights"? Either way, it's little wonder that you would prefer that to the iToilet. The iBrator has opposite bias. Unlike yourself though, the level headed amongst us can find the humour in each.

Well, cheerio Vicky...George...whatever. Or rather, see you later. This must be the fourth or fifth time you've threatened to leave, so I'll take it with a pinch of salt and merely relish your absence while it lasts.

Kin Wicked

Just in case you haven't seen them, the iBrator adverts made by 'Sleepless Knights' are all singing all dancing adaptations of real Apple adverts and are entirely professionally made. They are quite fun and I'd recommend them to either Mac Zealot or Mac Hater. However, the constant comparison between the iToilet and the iBrator is totally unjust. For one thing, they are not even created in the same medium - one being animation and the other being still image and text. Also, a lot of man hours went into the creation of the iBrator where as one nights work went into the initial iToilet after a particularly annoying bout of Mac use where Stephen Murray works. They were made with totally different intentions and bias, but with the same goal - to make the audience amused. They each work in their own way.

Name: Naked George & Vicky
Sent: 17.23 - 17/11

I have a great attention span, except when it comes to your dribble, and loyalty to this stupid toilet site.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Vicky is my girlfriend. She posted a few times because she also loves Mac's and thinks the idea behind this site is stupid. People jealous of how great the Mac is.

Personal attack, haha. I don't know you, why would I attack you? I was attacking the fact that you praise this site like it was your God Almighty. No website, computer, anything is THAT important. Thus the reason I feel people praising this site need to Get A Life.

Yeah, the iBrator is great. I have all the videos on CD. IT was funny, and didn't attack Apple, the Mac, Steve Jobs, or have any opinions. Just great humour.

I'm not threatening to leave. I'll be back, maybe. You see, I have a life. Not this site, not my Mac, not any computer, a real life, out in the real world, with Vicky

Name: Clay
Sent: 18.19 - 17/11

George, I am a mac guy and I love my macs. I will stand by the company, and argue the points that I believe. I will get mad when apple does something I don't agree with, and cheer when the do something I like. I have posted numerous times on this site, sticking up for a computer that I believe is far superior to any other PC.

You have tried to do this as well. The difference being that you try (and I stress try) to come off as Mr. Intelligent, and you have posted with an air of superiority over eveyone else. The problem is you don't pull it off. All you are doing is promoting the mac snob stereotype. I can not count the times you have threatned to leave. So George just take your ball and go home, go live this life you keep talking about. You are not adding anything valid to the mac vs. PC argument, and I think eveyone would agree that this shouldn't be a forum of personal attacks. (Yes Leo, I mean you as well)

Another sterling response from Clay. Not much different to his firdt summary of George, and that's really because he hit the nail on the head the first time around!

Name: Steve
Sent: 18.22 - 17/11

Hmmmmmm. Girlfriend hey? Yeah, thing is, I still reckon she's your spilt personality, it would make far more sense for so many reasons.

Why do you both coincidentally use the same....no, I'll let Kin explain it if he feels there's a need to -in any case it certainly confirms his earlier deductions.

Want to explain it to him Kin? He's been given months to figure it out now and yet he's none the wiser.

PS. George, the final iBrator ad is the most biased thing I've ever seen, so don't say it's neautral and had no opinions.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.49 - 17/11

Isn't it odd how Naked George claims that the reason he never leaves messages in this guestbook anymore is because he's bored, or has conveniently gone on a long holiday, or has far too much work to do, or is too busy living life to the full with Vicky, etc.

It's odd because his little onslaught of pointless messages coincidentally stopped at exactly the same time that I barred all his IP numbers. Did you wonder why you couldn't post anymore George and were too embarrassed to email and ask why?

And if it didn't bother you then why the need to continue to go to great lengths to find new machines to type from so you could have the last word? (and to explain several months sudden absence from the guestbook)


Sent: 19.32 - 17/11

"I have a great attention span, except when it comes to your dribble..." I think you meant "drivel" George, but we'll forgive you.

Unless of course Kin does indeed slobber uncontrollably, in which case, dribble is indeed correct!

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 14.09 - 18/11

Well, at least we have an admission of sorts. I guess stupidity can be passed on like VD. Which one of you was the more moronic before, Vicky or George?

Anyway, nice to see that Clay has proven yet again that there is a breed of thinking mac user. He doesn't just rally round other Mac users, but infact see's the likes of George for what he is.

Anyway, to address your point, if it is really worth while. Personal comments - cast your mind back to Sept 11th where you decided to accuse me of heartlessness - either read it in the guestbook or in the hall of fame to recollect - it was frankly unneccessary.

Chicken - revelations can wait until I get time to update the hall of fame.

'Annonymous' poster - No, I'm in control of my lips. It is merely George's opinion that I "dribble".

Kin Wicked

George. Does Vicky mind that on your 'holiday' you spent the time oggling 'bikini babes'. Maybe you have quite a loose relationship? Maybe a visit to the clinic is in order.

Name: An email I got from Georgy Porgy
Sent: 17.57 - 18/11

Haha, I never noticed that you banned my IP's, til now.
Do you know how many computers and how many IP's I
have at my disposal ? I could easily post here if I wanted to.
But like I said, I have a life.

I guess if you can't win fairly, cheat.
I can't make you and Kin look stupid if I can't post.
I Hate Sore Losers. Even more than Chickens.



Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.02 - 18/11

So hang on a second George. First you say you have a whole bunch of computers anyway, therefore banning you is pointless. Then you suddenly say "I can't make you and Kin look stupid if I can't post."

But I thought you just said you could post. So which is it? Stop contradicting yourself Georgy. Just use one of the thousands of computers at your disposal to post a message in the guestbook, I obviously can't stop you (ie: cheat).

Sent: 23.27 - 18/11

Leave Naked George alone, he sounds like he's just a school kid.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 00.28 - 19/11

Kin has hinted at this before, but George, since you are suddenly proudly claiming that Vicky is your lady friend, I have to ask the question on everybody's lips: does she need to be inflated?

Sent: 01.26 - 19/11

A little while back, our good Mac friend Clay wrote the following after he had been accused of posting entries under multiple names: "...As for using the other names, I wished to make it appear that I had a life, and that I didn't spend all of my time looking and posting in a guestbook. I am so ashamed! Anyway, from now on I will only post as Clay so you will know it's me..."

That takes guts. Since then Clay has earned our respect and proved to be a very intelligent level-headed Mac user who actually has something useful to say.

If only George (and his multiple personalities Vicky/Jiminy/etc) also had the guts to own up like Clay did - heck, we might actually start to like George!

Just keep digging your hole George, it'll be all the more hilarious when your place in the hall of fame is updated!

I guess after this, George finally got bored of being beaten as it wasn't until over a month later that he finally chipped in again.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 22.18 - 22/12

Hey, Chicken shit, LOL.
I know I'm supposed to be banned from posting here, but we both know that could never be done.
Anyway, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.
I bet you and Kin have fun using the iCatheter on each other. LMAO !!!

Name: Naked George
Sent: 23.07 - 22/12

I bought a new computer just to write that. Aren't I clever

PS "Chicken shit" That was funny, dont you think?

PSS Can someone come and massage my prostate?

PSSS Incase you havent guessed, I'm a moron.

Name: Naked George
Sent: 23.10 - 22/12

PSSSS Whats a catheter? Can I have one?

This was the last we heard from George, or at least thus far. But then it's been more than six months, I suspect he'll not be back unless he wants desperately to renew his foolishness. Incidentally, the last two posts were not from him but an unidentified source using his name. Quite apt all the same though!



Since the first conclusion of George, I have liked him no better but frankly just felt he became a waste of space. If you were to find a forum you enjoy making a mockery of and finally say 'this is the last time I'll post here' only to turn up again either as yourself, under a different handle, or anonymously, just goes to show you for an imbecile. George was totally unable to leave the conversation because he always had to come back to see what someone was saying about him. And it was about him, not his opinions or the debate as he barely entered that at all. He turned the guestbook briefly into a personal slanging match for his vendetta with myself. The odd thing was though that he did genuinely seem to think he was 'winning' as far as the term can be applied.

So, to keep this conclusion short, I will leave you with the following:

IP Numbers - just to recap.

How can we suppose Vicky is George?

The Big Button Push!


IP NUMBERS - everyone has to have a hobby. Some collect stamps. Some collect beer mats. For those of you who collect stupid peoples IP addresses... - - - - - -



 The Vicky - George Saga - this will not be a run down of all evidence, but more an explanation of pointers and markers that made us suspect something was amiss. You can look back through the comments to get the general gist and see how many trails George left.


 First of all it must be stressed that this is by no means conclusive proof. However, as so many have pointed out before - this is just a web sight. It's set up for the fun of it. I don't need rock solid, put-it-before-a-judge proof because it's simply an accusation we have made that we feel is well founded.

The first inclination, is not, in fact, the first piece of the evidence to take account of. We know that George has previously signed under different names or no names at all. He has done so in order to vindicate his arguments and to try and out number those present who disagree with him. So this would give us a motive. Were Vicky to be his partner, it would be proof that he 'has a life' (to quote the persistent vernacular) away from the guestbook and work. Vicky is also another character that can be bought to the argument to discredit those that George has taken a dislike to, and to agree with all George's opinions.

Now we come to the matter of our first suspicions. It is easy to group all your foes and accuse them of being the same people, and I believe it was Chicken who first made the joke that the Vicky identity was probably George. However, many a true word is said in jest - as the saying goes - and further elements go to back this up.

Next we have bad timing and lying. First Vicky arrives to call me a cold hearted s-o-b. then she comes back later to say that George is gone. Then George asks Vicky where she is and suggests they meet up to "do the wild thing" (in George's case, to play scrabble! j/k). Vicky has a knowledge of George and then George acts like he's meeting her for the first time - suspicious, no?

Next we have coincidences. This covers things like location, but more importantly, if you start looking for spelling and grammatical errors, you'll probably become equally as suspicious. The thing that we kept taunting George with over and over again was PSSSSS. PS = Post Script. PPS = Post Post Script. PSS - meaningless. This is not an error I have seen before or since. It was only George and Vicky that made the same mistake. You'll find more if you look, but this was the one we kept flaunting. You might think that's quite irrelevant but you'll notice in the way people write, a style, a vocabulary, shortcuts, typing errors, spelling errors etc. Everyone has quite an individual writing style, though it appears less so among the Michael Jackson fans. A person can get into the habit of using particular words or phrases - e.g. "Marathon Posts" - or even have just a certain way or wit, or even lack of, that you become accustomed to

Lastly we have certain content inconsistencies. This is such things as being away at the beach with just beer and bikini babes when Vicky is apparently his own bit of totty. Now, if Vicky is real and the two of them are in a relationship, maybe it's a very casual one. If it is, then that's their choice, but I know that I would not brag about bikini babes in a guestbook knowing that Abovebelle might read it. It's just not appropriate. I'm not saying he did anything with the aforementioned babes, because I doubt he'd be able to even if the holiday really happened.

All in all, you can choose to believe George or not. I personally don't. I can see a lot of other possible truths, but then naturally, this page is designed to discredit him, so my truths will be biassed.

If you decide to look back through the relevant posts here, see what other bits of evidence you can find. There are a fair few.

What we can be certain of is that George was a total blaggard. Truth seems never to enter his thoughts or posts.



The BIG Button Push - "Because it's there Leo, and I like pushing buttons"

I would first like to give you all (and George) the opportunity to visit The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything.





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