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How can anyone possibly live up to the sheer absurdity of Ømega-Man? Normally one can accept that a non-English-speaking person will have difficulty putting their thoughts across in an English based forum and accept that you might not always understand what the individual is saying. Normally one might also be quite impressed with what grasp of the language they posses. However, in the case of Ømega-Man, he managed to be a classic MacHead and make insistence that everyone should understand what the hell he was ranting about. Apparently he came from Portugal, but his English would skip from just about comprehensible to total random letters and words. As you'll see, it goes further than a language block - more a mental block!

Just a note to other non-English-speakers; no one will mind if your English is bad (I certainly never had an affinity for picking up other languages), but for the sakes of your own dignity, don't insist that everyone else is stupid because they can't understand a word you're saying!

Anyway, Ømega-Man kept us all entertained for a few days.




Name: ømega-man
Hometown: Lisboa, Portugal
Sent: 18.44 - 6/1

Bah, you mac hatters make sick... i love to see you talking about something that you never saw, (oh yeah seeing an imac @ your local pc seller aint knowing it) mac is a feelling that most of you can't understand because the focus of your work consists on fixing your dumb XP machine, when it should consist on work (itself). lol get a life, get some real computers get a mac... or try it for a while...


Apple rules and kicks ass to winblowze users

 Name: ømega-man
Hometown: Same as previous
Sent: 18.50 - 6/1

Btw chicken do you really know what a mac is?

Dont think so... think different, open your mind

for instance moving files to trash can be done with a simple key combination since the birth of windowze 84 ohhhh no sorry windowze was barn (born) in 95... windowze 3.1 was windowze was it? where are the windowze you dos shell?

Position open for translators. Must be fluent in the language of shite!

Name: cabeça de vaca
Hometown: Cascais, Portugal
Sent: 18.57 - 6/1

Look! I managed to write this down WITHOUT crashing my PC @ work....Windows IS getting better!!!!

This was written by someone who later called himself bubbaslubas. It's unclear as to his relation to Omega man, but I get the impression that he is a friend of Omega's with a better grasp on English. Otherwise, I might still think they were one and the same.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 20.00 - 6/1

"...mac is a feelling that most of you can't understand because the focus of your work consists on fixing your dumb XP machine, when it should consist on work (itself)..."

Actually, the exact opposite is true. A PC user is able to focus on the work itself, whereas Mac users remain obsessed with the pointless surface detail of their machines - all those wacky colours and/or pretty curves.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 20.01 - 6/1

I bet omega-boy will retort with something lame along the lines of "you're just jealous because you don't have a Mac!"

Name: Apple Eater
Sent: 20.35 - 6/1

"Btw chicken do you really know what a mac is?"

A classic Machead comment. He should have stopped his rant at this point, but instead carried on and revealed his own ignorance about PC's and proved that he himself only uses Macs and has never used a PC. How do we know this? It's obvious in his next statment:

"...for instance moving files to trash can be done with a simple key combination since the birth of windowze 84..."

Because of the incoherence of his sentences his actual meaning remains vague, but it sounds as if he's stating that there is a key combination to delete a file in Windows. This shows he doesn't know jack about Windows, because there is no "key combination" you just hit the delete key (there's a suprise). And it's not called the "Trash" in Windows, it's the "Recycle Bin".

Anyway, since his only point of reference is Macs, he assumes Windows must also have the Mac OS key combination to delete a file (Command + backspace).

Come to think of it, if Apple is so user friendly why not just have that simple delete key command to delete files like in Windows? The reason for this is probably because Apple were stingy with the keys on the old iMac keyboards and neglected to put in a proper delete key, so it's a workaround Apoligies for the nit-picking, but it had to be said.

Name: ømega-man [aka owner of pc's 2]
Hometown: Cupertino - beats redmont
Sent: 13.36 - 7/1

Ok for dumb ass suckers like Apple eaters, here it goes my actual hardware park: One wintel machine (that i sweetly call winblowzes - its what it does every now and then, i even run windowze in a separate partition so that i can format every 2 weeks or so...) and then i've 5 macs (2 vintage with 12 and 7 years - and 3 new world architecture - cube, G4 tower and ibook white) that give me no problems and run steady as rock.

Apple eater says:
"Anyway, since his only point of reference is Macs, he assumes Windows must also have the Mac OS key combination to delete a file (Command + backspace). "
yeah try emptying the recycle with (command + shift + backspace) on windowze... so delete moves items to trash but there is no key combination for deleting without pressing the TRASH itself is it?

or perhaps you would like to create a new folder... contextual menus (that take ages to open) or command + N... talking about user-friendly systems or dumb OS...

I refrase a sentence previouly said... Mac os was born in 1984 (GUI) windowze was born (barn) in 1995, it took them 11 years to copie it rigth... slowwww and they call it Recycle Bin...lol its trash dude
to chicken: didnt XP copied the eye catching look of mac os X? @ least i dont have to fix my macs everytime i reboot

ohh conclusion i've been using macs and pcs for long time now, and when it comes to choosing, i rather work on a G4 400mhz then on a PIV 2.4mhz... stability and user friendly GUI and work arround beats the shit out of bad network support on XP or the hugliness of 2k (but @ least this last one have's decent network support )

/peace ømega-man [i'm happy with macs coz i know my way arround in both os]

Any ideas, people? I think I kind of get the gist of what he's saying, but then the content still makes no sense! Ah well. We shouldn't mock the afflicted, but then it's become a habit / a way of life / too entertaining!


Name: Apple Eater
Sent: 16.36 - 7/1

Okay omega boy, pressing Shift + Delete in Windows will delete a file without moving it to the recycle bin. What's the equivalent of that in the Mac OS? Oh, you mean there isn't one?

And howcome you can't get rid of individual objects in the trash? Why does it all have to be chucked in one go? They did of course introduce a method for this in OS X - open up the terminal. That's very user friendly aint it?

As for the lack of a shortcut to create a new folder in Windows. Right click an empty space in a folder, then hit w+enter. Try it dumbass.

Your turn again.

Name: Donald
Sent: 16.39 - 7/1


Clay: You witness for us and for Steve Jobs; let there be no fals eidol before him!

ømega-man: You must have read our cult doctrine to spew forth such nonsense and stand by it so readily. You make me proud. But why hast thou not asked for initiation to the cult? Join the fellowship! You would be a fine addition. Don't be a wondering Kane. We can send you on mission work if you like. The 3rd world really needs the influence of Apple. It's an untapped market!!!

Elder Donny.

Name: ømega-man
Hometown: Redmont is burning with your lies hehe
Sent: 17.32 - 7/1

lets go apple eater... you call that easy... Right click an empty space in a folder, then hit w+enter?? i couldnt test it (here @ work we all use macs except for the cleaning lady that uses windowze Me...) but i will test it as soon as i arrive home

didnt get your point about deleting a single item (file) whats the trouble with it? anyway it makes sense to put stuff in trash only if you intend to trow it away... if you dont want to trash it why put it there in the first place... thats what i'm stating, windows have a special way to make complicated stuff... and transform easy concepts into real shit... DONT TRASH IT IF YOU DONT INTEED TO TRASH IT (read delete if you rather do so) heheeh

you're getting obsessed with the need to show windowze superiority... dont bother, i know my way arround, and one should choose whatever its best for him... so did the cleaning lady and all you guys... enjoy your crashes while i dont reboot

Mac lover or Mac hater, you can't help but notice that this guy has either never really used a PC running Windows 95 or later, or has used it for no more than 3 minutes at a time. Chances are that it put up a creen saver and this non-wit thought it had crashed or been infected with a virus.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.33 - 7/1

ømega-man said: "to chicken: didnt XP copied the eye catching look of mac os X?..."

Yes, I agree with you, XP does look suspiciously like a copy of OSX's skin, but then the XP skin was actually designed on a Mac, so are you suprised?

Name: ømega-man [there are good and bad designers]
Hometown: Cupertino, de Lisboa
Sent: 17.42 - 7/1

Redmont is burning couldnt get it done on windowze so they pay for someone to do it Apple computers lol... didnt know that but, then again i state that the mac helps the workflow of designers and creatives and it provides a inspiring work enviroment, but it doesnt give you creativity if you have none... so XP was barn

Does this not sound like a magic amulet? "If I have a Mac, all will be all right - I am inspired and creative!" Here, carry this pebble with you, it keeps dragons away. How do I know it works? You don't see any dragons do you?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.43 - 7/1

You know, ømega-man, it's clear you don't know your way around Windows. We've already seen cases where Apple users come in here and say they've got ten macs and one PC. Then they say they know everything there is to know about Windows, when in actual fact they've probably only ever touched an old Pentium 1 running Win 3.1 and used it for five minutes.

Anyway, if you're going to harp on about who copied who then I suggest you read back through this guestbook, as this issue has been adressed countless times already.

But as a quick summary: The Windows GUI is a Xerox copy of the Mac GUI which is actually a Xerox copy of an old Xerox GUI!! Now tell me who copied who?

Anyway, OSX has now stolen numerous features off Windows that were standard fare in Windows for years (taskbar, copy/paste/delete files in explorer(finder)

Read back through the guestbook before you start fussing.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.49 - 7/1

As for the workflow arguement, I'm very interested to know how you think it's smoother working on a Mac ømega-man?

The keyboard shortcut argument for example. Apple Eater did bring up an interesting point: every menu command in Windows can be controlled from the keyboard, a mouse isn't neccessary.

I don't know how many other people find this useful, but I for one do. In Photoshop for example, there are no user definable shortcuts, but you can still hit alt and quickly navigate the menus with keyboard letters.

One I use all the time is alt+I, then A>C for contrast and brightness. That's smoother workflow isn't it? Quicker than going to cascading menus surely?

So what's the equivalent on a Mac then?

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.54 - 7/1

"...i even run windowze in a separate partition so that i can format every 2 weeks..."

Sorry, ømega-man, but this sounds like classic Machead mentaility - making up facts to support an argument.

You probably heard some horror story where someone was having to reinstall Windows constantly, but it's just not true.

I must admit that this was a point that interested me too. Why would you run windows on a partition with the simple intent of formatting and reinstalling every 2 weeks? Does this guy suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? 'Must feel good about my Mac! Must wipe and reinstall Windows - MUST! MUST! MUST!'

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.03 - 7/1

"...Redmont is burning couldnt get it done on windowze so they pay for someone to do it Apple computers lol..."

So what you're saying is creative work can only be produced on an Apple computer?

Eh, no. Try again.

Name: ømega-man
Sent: 18.07 - 7/1

rigth chicken... Apple bougth the GUI from Xerox (after steve jobs visited their palo alto research facilities) as for microsoft it took then 11 years to copy it from apple (that bought it from xerox)... what do you say about that ...

i'm pretty sure that even i dont make my wintel machine my favorite one (i believe that its no point on insisting on something that does the same thing that macs do but in 3 more steps and migth crash doing so). And as far as i talk with windowze users my machine seems quite stable (as long as i dont install anything (exe. NAV and Firewall oh and the fucking soundcard that windowze 2k insists to say its a diferent one then actually it is and leaves it mude lol)

ø loves this type of discussion, and you seem to know your way arround (apple eater) but not so brigth on my favorite side

He seems convinced of this 11-year thing, but that is taking it up to Win95. I think what needs to be accounted for is that Omega Man is taking the whole issue out of context. Just think about what computers were being used for at the time, and consider that a pretty interface was barely necessary since there were very few computers in people's homes in the eighties. As Omega Man would advocate, I'm sure, why not have pretty things at work? It's a good point in the modern world and probably quite pioneering for Mac back in the eighties. Also necessary when you consider that this very issue of the GUI was probably both the cause and the perpetuator for the continuing use of Mac's in the graphic and publishing industries. This is one of my personal niggles - I can't help but feel that the industries today aren't willing to try other systems to decide what's best for themselves. Instead they're stuck in a rut and just insist that they WILL use Apple Macs because they're the standard (because that's what we've always used).

Name: ømega-man
Sent: 18.15 - 7/1

i'm the living prove that i had to reinstall windowze 3 time in 2 months... all it took (2 times) was a crash to fuck things up...

its not making up its the truth... 3 times in 2 months... now its stable (more or less) for 2 months so i'm counting on a new format soon... ehhee

Sounds like a poorly configured machine to me. That is generally what leads to these inherent conflicts.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.17 - 7/1

Hey ømega-man, could you PLEASE read through your posts before hitting send? I'm baffled by your last entry. Are you using an old iMac keyboard? In which case, you're forgiven. Otherwise, please type more carefully.

"...exe. NAV and Firewall..."

Huh? An "exe" is a program in Windows. So what are you trying to tell us?

"...and you seem to know your way arround (apple eater) but not so brigth on my favorite side..."

HUHHHHHHH????????? Are you on drugs?

Name: chicken is dumb
Sent: 18.35 - 7/1

exe. in my sentence stands for example... for your information is an extended apple pro keyboard... the best i've seen since the greys...

you do know that macs were born before 98 (imac dont you?) heheh you make cry of laughing so hard keep up the good work you're amusing me... no arguments left ... you're so weak on the mac side ehehe... get back to your windowze little apps and die...

photoshop as all other apps on the graphic side were born in macs (there were no windowze versions since a dos shell (called windowze 3.1) didnt have a decent gui to run in so i guess the shortcuts came from the mac side (they just switched command for control bahhhahaha)

For a so called Imaginative a different people such as Mac users, why do they always feel they have to vindicate themselves by refering to windows in this rather childish fashion: WinDOS, Winblows, Winblowze, Xplode, so on and so forth. There have been very few instances of 'Crapple Mac'. I think this is largely due to the fact that PC users can rely on the facts they have at their disposal (most of the time) where as many Mac users seem top need this extra little belittling terms to support their weak arguments. Ho hum!

Name: ø calls apple eater
Sent: 18.37 - 7/1

@ least he (apple eater) knows macs better then you lol... chicken got eated ehehe, give something to really struggle about chicken... or get a mac to learn how to say bad before... i got a pc ehehe

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.42 - 7/1

Oh dear lord. You're making me tired. It's bad enough trying to decipher your sentences, but when I finally do I realise there's no substance in what you're trying to say anyway.

And FYI, the abbreviation for "example" is not "exe", it's "eg."

Did you go to school?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 18.44 - 7/1

Hi "Omegaman". Are you contending for a place in the hall of fame? I already have to catch up with Naked George's page, so you'll need to wait a while until I have time.

You see, I have to ask as ypur arguments have that special little tinge to them ; a sort of lobsided tenacity that makes me chuckle. That is, of course, a chuckle after many a furrowed brow after trying to eek out some form of English from the nonsense you have written.

Though it's both mildly amusing and very easy to point out gramatical errors in the many odd mac posters, it goes far beyond a joke when you begin to invent your own language. Do you talk like this too? Please don't tell me someone has actually employed you having experienced your English skills; it would take far too long to decipher.

So - on to the content of your arguments: You seem to think that Chicken is a Windows advocator. I agree that Windows is a pile of pants! It's largely unstable (though not at all like to the degree you claim), and the company's ethics are not so much questionable as non existant. However, I see Apple as being far closer to MS than and Mac user would like to admit.

I'd love to get into using Linux, but am presently both too lazy to try it out and just about happy enough with windows to keep using it. It is also supported by the applications I like to use and the games I like to play.

You seem rather obsessed, however, with the recycle bin. A rather odd thing to get het up about, I must say. I don't really have a use for keyboard shortcuts in the day to day running of the O/S, so frankly I neither know or care what the shortcuts are. However, the purpose of the recycle bin being that you can reclaim deleted files seems to rile you aswell. I never have to reclaim deleted files so I don't really have to think about it. Uually I shift+delete my files anyway to avoid them being in the recycle bin. But for all the ellen feiss's in the world who get trippy and hear beep beep beeps before loosing avery bit of work they've ever done (haH!), then it's a handy feature. It's been a little while since I used the Mac so remind me, do they not have this feature? All I remember the trash can being good for on the Mac was for ejecting your discs - there's logic for you!

As for insisting that MS created their GUI 11 years behind Apple - you seem to be insisting that '95 was the first Windows GUI. Do you know what GUI stands for? You do realise that that makes Win 3.1x an O/S with a GUI. I do hope I'm not going too fast for you here. It's written in ENGLISH so you ought to be able to keep up.

Anyway, I'm sure you had lots of other invalid points, but thankfully none spring to mind right now and I'm so eager to see which language you write in next, so I'll cut short.

...Except to say to "Jessica" that your loyalty to the towering role model Michael Jackson is admirable and I'm sure he apprieciates it and love's you too. However, I wonder how long you spent catching babies before coming here. I also wonder how the hell you got a PC wired to the net into your padded cell - it must be a mac so you can't hurt yourself on the squishy curvyness of it.

Kin Wicked

In my defence, at this point I had not been observant enough to not that Omega Man was from Portugal.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 18.48 - 7/1

"...keep up the good work you're amusing me... no arguments left..."

No arguments left? You never had any to start with!

"...i guess the shortcuts came from the mac side (they just switched command for control bahhhahaha)..."

No you plumb! You are just guessing, and guessing wrong. Typical Machead. You clearly know next to nothing about Windows. Obviously you've never noticed that every menu command has an underlined letter. So see what happens when you press the corresponding key on the keyboard. Do you get it now?

PS. I'm bored with you now.

Name: ømega-man
Sent: 18.57 - 7/1

leaves this forum with the clear conscience of mac superiority... chicken it was fun to fuck your ass have fun with mac hate... one of these days you should try working with a real computer... hehe

so long and fairwell... @ least apple hater knew macs (you dont ... run chicken run)

What the feck is he on?

Name: ømega-man
Sent: 19.02 - 7/1

pardon my english since its not my native tounge eheh... and i'm paid to work not to post... i would try and make it clear for you, but i dont think its worth the effort... goodbye a bunch of ??? apples for you all...

ø no O duhhhh try and copy / paste it... chicken as learned that step of its windowze experience already

Name: http://www.apple.com/switch/
Sent: 19.04 - 7/1

for the typical dumbhead windows user


Feck off, already!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.09 - 7/1

ømega-man is definitely going in the hall of fame! Even if that was his last post (unlikely) he's still left us with more than enough comedy material already!

"...ømega-man leaves this forum with the clear conscience of mac superiority..."
A lame way to chicken out of an argument he can't possibly win (his poor grasp of English is crippling him, so it's just as well he quits now!)

"...chicken it was fun to fuck your ass..." Are we supposed to read something into that? Anyway, that's the quote we'll all remember you by! Lovely...

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.11 - 7/1

Terry Pratchet writes in "The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents" that a good plan [result in our case] is one where everyone thinks they have won. In this instace - thank goodness that this moron (omega man) has buggered off. Even if it is with a smug grin across his arse...er...face...same difference as they say.

For anyone else following this particular thread though (incase you don't stand up for yourself, Chicken) - Chicken DOES use macs frequently. Where do you think he gets all his material from?

Kin Wicked

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.15 - 7/1

Okay, ømega-man, if English isn't your native language then you're forgiven.

Then again, a native Japanese person signed this guestbook yesterday with 100% perfect English. Hmmmmmm...

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.18 - 7/1

Thanks Kin, yes, I was eventually going to point that out: Yes, ømega-man I do use Macs all the time. Why would I make a webpage bashing them if I'd had no experience with them? It it clear now?

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 19.30 - 7/1

"it it clear now?" did you mean "is it clear now?"

hmmm it's not just Omega's English that's poor around here, it it??

Name: Chicken
Sent: 20.07 - 7/1

"...hmmm it's not just Omega's English that's poor around here, it it??..."

lol! You made the exact same mistake! Classic!

Name: Jake Thomas
Sent: 21.23 - 7/1

"...it it..."

HAHAHAH! What a numbskull!

Sent: 21.45 - 7/1

What a titit!

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 22.06 - 7/1

How pathetic of me to think that you'd understand the irony behind it. Please accept my humble apologies for mistaking you as a reasonably cultured person.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 22.21 - 7/1

No, how pathetic of you to pretend you wrote it it that way on purpose! Admit it it bubaslubas, it it was a genuine mistake and you know it it it it it!

Name: posts deleted lame chicken
Sent: 09.53 - 8/1

i've noticed some posts being deleted, so chicken are you having a troubled mind?

you use apple all the time, hmm not likely, get some new bomb window (real one) for your itoillet area.

And for instance apple ceased that ibook colours 2 years ago. now they're white.

Name: :)
Sent: 11.49 - 8/1

Quote from Clay (hero) hall of fame shame "Apparently a Mac fanatic unafraid to clutter his desk and take away from the Mac case design. There's a rarity!"

ohhh what is this, you almost seem to appreciate the good things in life there is still hope for racist pc lovers.

shouldn't the correct english be:
"...that's a rarity", instead?

Yup! It's Omega Man sure enough! As for him trying to lecture me on English - here's a couple of words for you to think about : Vernacular & Dialect.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 14.04 - 8/1

To the anonymous one (bubaslubas probably) who is so concerned about my deleting messages: As a rule I only delete entries that contain particularly offensive content, or are irrelevent or repeated, or when someone signs the guestbook pretending to be me (though I won't mention names.........ømega-man)which would explain the one message deleted last night.

Anyway, if you're worried I delete posts when you Apple guys make solid arguments in favour of Apple, don't worry I won't - though you haven't made any solid arguments yet! PS. Care to enlighten us about which messages you think have been deleted?

Unfortunately I never saw what was written that the Chicken deleted. I'm sure it would have been quite amusing to post here.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 14.27 - 8/1

To the "anonymous" guy who signed his name with a smiley:

Hi there ømega-man! I thought you said you were leaving this guestbook. Back so soon? Did Burger King let you have the day off?

As for you trying to correct other people's English, that's a bit of a joke looking back at your own track record! lol!

Name: :)
Sent: 17.25 - 8/1

Even if i do apreciate Omega-man's work, i'm not him. I've also made my choice to "think different" because i believe its by far the best choice. Get a mac and switch, if you want i can capture a mac alert window (not a crash because macs don't crash). and then you with your photoshop (for windows) skills can add the text of a crash? drop me your email and i will do so. I smile again

This makes me laugh since it is the exact same IP. Though undoubtedly the obvious answer to that is several machines on the same network - not likely though. But then again, maybe this does mean that Bubbaslubas is Omega man, but it's not very substantial, even if Omega man does seem to be able to clean up his English at will (when he is willing to take time and care and study his dictionary!).

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 17.33 - 8/1

Actually it wasn't me who wrote the cited "anonymous" message...In case you haven't noticed, I stayed away from the usual Mac/Windows flamethrowing, as I have not yet issued my opinion on the matter here - and I do have one.(will do so as soon as I get home) Read your logs, aren't you the admin???

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 19.04 - 8/1

Got to keep this brief as I'm in the middle of cooking dinner, but:

Cecilie, That's an ill founded statement you make when you say the Chicken has no friends - I eagerly stand forth and tell you I'm a friend of the Chicken's. Also - you have no idea of parody relating to (relatively) current events. Close your trap luv! Ta.

Chicken - the smiley geezer I suspect may either be a less rushed omega man or another person using the same computer - I'm assuming you checked the IP's. I'll be only too happy to do the same later (given the chance) and look into the alarming frequency of the same characters, one after the other. Perhaps you've already looked into this, I don't know.

GTG - dinner's nearly done!

Kin Wicked

Name: :)
Sent: 19.46 - 8/1

The alien conspiracy theory as started.

Yes my friends the thing we all want to know:
Is omega man and Mr. Smiley the same?

Will the Mac saga continue?

Will the windows world collapse?

Or is resistance futile (in microsoft favorite game: Seek and Destroy)?

We've opened the X files, an intriguing world of lies and deception is being broadcasted as i - - write this message, stay tuned for more chapters to come.

Luv! Ta

There's an abbreviation for times like this: WTF?

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 01.28 - 9/1

OK, I've had time to have a cursory glance over the last 100 entries and this is what I've found:

Omega and smiley guy are at the very least sharing the same computer, if they are indeed different people. The IP's are identicle. For this, no prize will be awarded as we've seen it all before (Cheers Clay [hall of fame]).

ASSUMING that only one person has signd in as bubaslubas, then he/she has signed in either on two seperate machines or has the capacity to connect with different IP's. (S)He is also responsible for the entry under the name: cabeça de vaca. with the exceptionally amusing line:
"Look! I managed to write this down WITHOUT crashing my PC @ work....Windows IS getting better!!!! ".

This was posted a mere 7 minutes after omega man's rants for the day on the 6th. Only conjecture links these two together and the fact that they tend to appear around the same time as one another.

I can only theorise from there that omega man's multitude of computers (mostly macs) could indeed relate to the different IP's we are seeing, and the seven minute interval mentioned earlier could infact be evidence of the fastest mac boot time on record! j/k-maybe

The entry from "posts deleted lame chicken" certainly carries the flavour of the arguments from the others accused and has an IP unique to the guestbook. It would be odd for a stranger to get involved in the argument as in this comment - they are more likely to pick their own fight or at least enter this one on a less detailed level. Just a thought there.

Indeed, alot of this is just hypothesising around the available facts, but it's stable enough a case considering the insubstanciality of this debate.

IF I am correct, however, one is left wondering why so much of this "work time" has been commited to defending all these computers he/she owns. I recall someone recently accusing PC users of spending all their time fixing their computers while Mac users work - as I say, if my theory is accurate - time to get some work done, omega man.

That's all I have to say for now. It's been a diverting 30 minutes. Thanks for the chuckle, fella!

Kin Wicked

I would point out, though I do so in a later comment, that the 30 minutes was spent re reading comments, checking IP's, putting together the pieces and composing my thoughts in the above comment! Just before anyone else tries the same argument as follows shortly.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 02.54 - 9/1

Thanks Kin (who from now on will be known as "Sherlock")

Oh dear, Smiley/Omega Man, looks like you're..........BUSTED!!

Let's just hope you don't now follow Naked George's lead and start making up elaborate stories to explain yourself.

Name: :)
Sent: 11.03 - 9/1

Ain't "Sherlock" an Apple technology?

Will get back to you as soon as work allows me. macs burn, but one as still to do the work.

Steve looks like we've another lammer, welcome.

Bubaslubas victory await us

A bunch of to you all.

Kin 30 minutes to see the logs (get a mac they scroll faster)

Yes. DEFINITELY Omegaman!

Name: :)
Sent: 11.05 - 9/1

I Would like to say a word to Clay, keep up the good work.

: )

Name: Steve
Sent: 11.17 - 9/1

"Bubaslubas, victory await us..."
Nothing sadder than a Mac user talking to his split personality.

"...get a mac they scroll faster..."
Since scrolling speed is based primarily on the effectiveness of the graphics card, and since PC's have the capacity for beefier graphics cards than Macs, the preceding statement is thus a load of bull.

PS. What's a "lammer"?

Name: :)
Sent: 12.26 - 9/1

my split personality is ømega-man, Not Bubaslubas, read the posts before actually posting.

Kin stated: "ASSUMING that only one person has signd in as bubaslubas, then he/she has signed in either on two seperate machines or has the capacity to connect with different IP's. (S)He is also responsible for the entry under the name: cabeça de vaca. with the exceptionally amusing line:
"Look! I managed to write this down WITHOUT crashing my PC @ work....Windows IS getting better!!!! "

So i guess if i'm talking with Bubaslubas, its because i'm not him or she.

How about reading something about the mac graphical capacities before you start talking about it.


but if with radeon 9000 (mac edition) don't satisfy you enough, you can always open the mac (1 step) and add another one or change it (for a pc one lol).


Chicken, so would you like me to capture an alert window of mac os (alert since macs don't crash), so that you can change the horrid version you have in itoillet? what was the problem couldn't you get a mac (that you use) to crash, or don't you see a mac for quite a few years (lets say 10)?

bubaslubas, i guess we've won already, even if we do NOT need to fight.

If I'm quite honest with you, I don't think that Omegaman has the smarts to come up with an argument like that. He seems to struggle with simple logic, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt I think. As for his arguments - is it not starting to sound now as though he has used neither a PC nor a Mac. Maybe he works in a cafeteria and actually uses a toaster oven.

Name: :)
Sent: 13.43 - 9/1

Kin have you heard of a technology that's named router? Well routers allow
multiple macs and even pcs to share a single internet connection. In my
case the router supports up to 254 client connections, and so there's no need for diferent
IPs right?

i wish i could get my hands on Airport Extreme technology, that would be


but for now my network solutions are complete (that leaves out any type of
XP solution, can't handle it properly, i'm stuck with 2k).

even tho' i don't agree with chicken and others' unfounded hate toward macs,
it's actually quite fun to see people posting garbage as fast as they do.

what if i gather a bunch of mac zealots to come and make this a mac lovers forum?

Would you let me do so chicken, pretty please?

Hope that the administration area of this forum allows you to delete posts
fast and easy, because if tracking down IPs is a 30 minutes job to Sherlock
himself, what will it take for deleting posts??

It looks like we've a task for Super-chicken on steroids (watch out for high
temperatures on pcees)

Stay tuned for more Smiley adventures in electric-chicken land.

Soon on a screen next to you!

/peace & luv


Aside from his disturbing interest in the terms 'luv' and 'Ta' and inability to use them, logic fails Omega again. He's already admitted he is Mr. Smiley and now he's trying to defend himself by telling us all about routers. Weirdo!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 14.27 - 9/1

"...my split personality is ømega-man, Not Bubaslubas, read the posts before actually posting..."

- Sorry, my mistake. PS. You do realise you've just admitted that you have a split personality?

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 15.24 - 9/1

Sorry for my temporary disappearance...Hard days @ work... Will enter this most stimulating debate as soon as I find some time for it. Keep up the good work, people... And Steve is an asshole.

I can't wait to "write my essay" on PCs vs. Macs!!! eheheheh

Name: :)
Sent: 15.35 - 9/1

yep is there a problem with posting with 2 different nicks??

i was excepting a more complete answer from you chicken? i guess the movie as changed to " Chicken Run"

Shall i call the mac zealots?

Send me your email and i will grab a real mac screen for you? (private message me if you rather do so)

I would open up a question to you as the reader. I've only just noticed as I've been making this page for the hall of fame. Have you noticed how both Bubbaslubas and Omega both use the '@' symbol with great frequency when saying "@ work" or "@ least". It's still not enough to convince me completely, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions about whether Omegaman is also Bubbaslubas. By the way, any idea what this moron is trying to get at?

Name: Chic
Sent: 15.38 - 9/1

Smiley boy said: "How about reading something about the mac graphical capacities before you start talking about it..."

- No, how about YOU do some reading on the graphical capacities of the Mac. I'm fully aware of the Mac's graphical abilities. Compared to the potential of PC's? Way way below average. Sorry, but that's the cruel reality. I think it's high time we had a little discussion about graphics cards.

***PATRONISING TECHIE TALK ALERT*** That page smiley boy linked to is from Apple's very own website. Yeah, that's a REALLY good place to get the "facts" about true computing performance! That page's sole purpose is to convince already brainwashed Macheads that a G4 equipped with a low-end Radeon or Geforce is the most powerful graphics crunching monster in the world!

Yes, I said low-end. The Radeon and Geforce cards are very lovely and all, but you Macheads clearly don't know what a real graphics card is. Ever heard of the Wildcat series? Oxygen? GLoria4 Quadro? These are highly specialised pro-grade cards optimised for realtime 3D work in Maya/3D Studio Max etc. And while the "top" Geforce/Radeon cards that ship with the Macs cost in the region of $200, the Wildcat II/Oxygen/Gloria cost almost 2000 US dollars. And yes, the performance difference is HUGE. That $2000 is not some fancy shmancy style over content Apple price rip-off - you DO get what you pay for when you buy a workstation class 3D graphics card.

And they're compatible with Windows, Linux, Silicon Graphics and Sun OS machines, but......not Mac. Oh dear. The Geforce Ti is as high as you can go on the Mac it seems. Sorry to dissapoint you, but the Geforce, as powerful as it is, is still just a plain old gaming card - but don't worry, there are so many games to choose from on the Mac! *snigger*

Of course, you Macheads will probably jump in and yell "We don't care! You Peecee losers can keep your silly high end graphics cards! We don't need them!"

Which is all very well. And yet you Macheads also love banging on about the fact that Maya is finally on Mac - which surely means Apple is serious about 3D graphics and animation?

And yet...if the Mac has no real support for workstation class graphics work (and how about network rendering?) then it really makes you wonder what a high-end 3D application like Maya is even doing on an Apple machine. Does Apple seriously think 3D pros are going to even consider making the "switch"? They're obviously hoping so - I've seen Apple offering discounts on Maya to "switchers". Yet on the Mac (in its current poor state) an app like Maya is hardly going to reach its full potential.

Thinking about it, the G4 processor combined with its limited DDR RAM would hinder the performance of an expensive high end graphics card anyway, making it redundant. But that never stopped Apple before. eg. Double Data RAM finally added to match modern PC's, yet the Mac's system bus limits the performance of DDR, so it's barely faster than SDRAM anyway.

Okay, that's enough stirring up trouble from me.

PS. Please bring your Mac zealot chums along smiley. This guestbook has given too much attention to Michael Jackson lately anyway. It'll be good to get back to the good 'ol days of Mac/PC Wars!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 15.42 - 9/1

Yeah, sorry, you keep mentioning that screengrab thing.

Two reasons why it's OS 9 graphics - because it's more recognisable as Mac (or was) and because it's a screenshot of a Mac SKIN, not the real Mac OS.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 15.50 - 9/1

Anothe thought: something that's been mentioned before in this guestbook (see the price comparisons a few months back) is that the G4 is filled almost entirely with third party components (just like a PC) and yet those same third party components, when stuffed in a Mac, will magically double in price!

Which brings up an interesting point - if Apple do get round to making the G4 compatible with one of the aforementioned monster graphics cards, they would no doubt pull a fast one on their customers and up the price to a ridiculous amount as usual. So a 3D pro looking to make the "switch" to Mac will be looking at a sum total of over $8000 for a G4 tower alone! Ouuuuuuuch!!!


Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.29 - 9/1

Nope, my mistake.

A highend Apple branded 3D workstation (the tower on its own) would probably cost closer to $9500, based on the fact that a top G4 is just under $5000 (compared to an equivalent $2000 PC), and one of those monster graphics cards is almost $2000. So double that using Apple's think different pricing policy and you arrive at $9500-ish.

Or $4000-ish for a PC workstation. PS. Anybody know what that is in British Pounds?

Name: :)
Sent: 16.43 - 9/1

Why is it a mac scheme instead of a real mac? No macs were available (but you stated to work with them below)?
As i figured you must have meet macs when they're gray and run @ 33mhz

Chic... you make me laugh, i'm talking about average computers, for real world users? Not some dumb unix machine that cost 4 times what a high end graphic (mac) station costs.

The price of that you pointed out is more the enough to buy (an expensive) imac.

As for the Urls i've posted @ least i did post some, can you do the same? (***PATRONISING TECHIE TALK ALERT***) lol

We've talked about 3D (that was the only thing were Sgi and some techie pcs were ahead)
3 D studio max whats that??? is that an high end app? we've some like that in mac world as well

but since i'm a graphic designer i really don't give a damn about 3D. (as you might have figured)

But now let me hear you talk about video editing on pcs... and the fantastic pc apps that run on windowze like final cut pro. (no url included for you to find by yourself)

It as been the only app that as earned a grammy so far.


I feel the urge to comment, but what is there you can say to that? I think we've reached a bullshit saturation point!

Name: Chicken
Sent: 16.57 - 9/1

Eh.......smiley boy. You said the following:

"...but if with radeon 9000 (mac edition) don't satisfy you enough, you can always open the mac (1 step) and add another one or change it (for a pc one)..."

I think my previous post explained why you can't just do that.

And my point about Macs having Maya remains valid, but I'll repeat it for those with short attention spans: What's the point of having a high-end app if the machine it runs on doesn't cut the mustard?

As for URL'S, if you're desperate to read about those graphics cards, then here you go:

http://www.computerarts.co.uk/reviews/review.asp?id=98(a review of the Gloria4, do searches on site for others)
http://www.nvidia.com (seach for Mac compatible cards versus PC compatible cards and note the difference)

Name: : )
Sent: 17.11 - 9/1

By the way Kin aka Sherlock® (by apple), is "Ta" some kind of evolved Northants "worker's slant"? i kind of fancy it gorgeous...luv. TA

yours trully ømega-man

lets have some pints at Northants most famous pub later on... i always fancy a gud lagger
catch u later mate. cheers

OK, this has become rather surreal. He seems really pleased with himself now that he's realised we live in the UK. However this may well be simply because he can't sensibly argue with the Chickens points or links.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.14 - 9/1

Smiley boy whined the following: "Why is it a mac scheme instead of a real mac? No macs were available (but you stated to work with them below)?":

Oh boy oh boy. I was pointing out that although a highend Apple workstation doesn't exist, if one were to be produced it's approximate cost would be a whopping $9500 based on Apple's price doubling scheme. Why is that so hard to understand?

Smiley moaned: "i'm talking about average computers, for real world users? Not some dumb unix machine that cost 4 times what a high end graphic (mac) station costs."

A "dumb" unix machine? Your beloved Apple Mac runs on dumb old Unix you realise?

But here's a shocker. You're talking about "average" computers. Well a Dell/Compaq/Hewlett Packard/Mesh PC equivalent of a Mac (ie an average machine) can be bought for a fraction of the cost of a Mac, and can then be transformed into an above average workstation with phenomenal power (far excelling the Mac). Conclusion: You'd have a monster PC workstation, all for less money than what could be spent on a still average Mac.

PS. Smiley boy, I'm guessing your native language is not English? Neither was omega man's. Just an observation.

Name: Chicken
Sent: 17.22 - 9/1

"3D studio max whats that??? is that an high end app? we've some like that in mac world as well"


Name: :)
Sent: 17.27 - 9/1

will look @ the urls with most interest, but i've to remind you the mac was never meant for quantity. Its about quality (of course it as its price). thas what makes it different quality not quantity.

So i figure i do have to pay more, and do have a bit less to choose from (when it comes to graphic cards but i do think its worth every Penny lol)

still i see you only response the thing (that you think might favour you).

Why is that so?

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 17.52 - 9/1

"Smiley boy whined the following: "Why is it a mac scheme instead of a real mac? No macs were available (but you stated to work with them below)?"

Chicken, the scheme omega's referring to, I believe, is the mac skin (or scheme) you used to take the picture...In your PC.

I'm not yet allowed to enter the argument (work time still) but I am watching it with most interest!

What is your opinion on MacOSes anyway, Chicken? I love to talk about hardware, but for me the soul of a computer resides mostly in its OS...

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 17.52 - 9/1

"Smiley boy whined the following: "Why is it a mac scheme instead of a real mac? No macs were available (but you stated to work with them below)?"

Chicken, the scheme omega's referring to, I believe, is the mac skin (or scheme) you used to take the picture...In your PC.

I'm not yet allowed to enter the argument (work time still) but I am watching it with most interest!

What is your opinion on MacOSes anyway, Chicken? I love to talk about hardware, but for me the soul of a computer resides mostly in its OS...

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 18.03 - 9/1

sorry about the double post, server timeout...

Re: Naked George - you see! A GENUINE double entry!

Name: :)
Sent: 18.08 - 9/1

Lol check out the f*cking prices of Ibm® computers and those alike (dell, gateway)... and figure this out, they still miss the design features that help users everyday tasks (like opening the case for adding memory)

Talking about overpriced macs... lol

deliver some video work in those little office machines called pceees

Everytime a new office version comes out for mac... microsoft brags about how good it is and states its even better then the windows version, lol

Of course i personally don't believe it but, they do it every new Office release.

ohh the pints are killing me mate, pardon my english its just that i'm scottish and never learn how to speak properly heheeh, i'm heading to pub to drinQ a fUw more. be right back.

Oh and God save the queen of course... and the mac

This guy seems to know about as much about the English vernacular as he does about any sort of computer.

Name: :)
Sent: 18.34 - 9/1

Bubaslubas that was a great comment.

What make a mac a MAC is the operative system. (hardware is also great but it can be acheived in pc's 2)

I find this all highly suspicious - like I said though, you make up your own minds.

Name: vader
Hometown: coruscant
Sent: 18.35 - 9/1

have to say, nice work!! funny to see how overpeaked the behaviour of apple and/or steve jobs ends...

but it's time for an update, how about the iFlush 2?? or the iFlush Ti??



BTW: i'm apple-user myself, and I'll still be in 1'000y - that's why my english is so

Name: :)
Sent: 18.43 - 9/1

My good God where was my head, if it wasn't for bubaslubas.

You Machaters almost made me loose focus, Mac operative system is the thing the mac has that really stands a point!

Beat that please?

hey lads i guess i had one to many pints heeh

Name: :)
Sent: 18.49 - 9/1

You really stand a point there, i've seen pakistani (in UK of course) with better english then you Darth-Vader lol

Name: :)
Sent: 19.20 - 9/1

PS. Smiley boy, I'm guessing your native language is not English? Neither was omega man's. Just an observation.

ohhh dude did you finally understood that all my yourself? i tought Sherlock® (aka apple tech) had revealed that already below didn't he?

I hope your pc is faster then your brain processor

FOR the records:

ømega-man and are the same person (ME)

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.25 - 9/1

Okay, sorry, I didn't realise he meant "skin" when he said "scheme". I got confused (or rather he got confused) To answer the question, I don't have a Mac at home, only at work. When I did the iToilet spoof (at home) I used a skin to take the screenshot. Okay? Got it? Good.

Smiley man's slurred nonsense somehow made its way into the guestbook: "...Its about quality (of course it as its price)thas what makes it different quality not quantity..."

I can just about make out some meaning in that sentence - you believe that Apple hardware is of the highest quality and therefore justifies the absurd price? Please please please do us all a favour and read back through the guestbook and you will see this is nonsense. Look at the PC versus Mac price comparisons. Same components, made by the same companies, with the same specs. But the Mac is more than twice the price. And the PC actually outperforms the "equivalent" Mac anyway, which is down to many basic issues that Apple seems to have trouble with (DDR RAM, Gigahertz, limiting system bus speed etc.)

Name: Chicken
Sent: 19.43 - 9/1

Hey Smiley/Omega: were you drinking heavily yesterday as well, or are you always incoherent?

"...I hope your pc is faster then your brain processor
FOR the records: ømega-man and are the same person (ME)..."

We'd all figured that out, you didn't need to admit it. Afterall if Kin's detective work didn't give you away then the apalling English skills of both you and your split personality would have exposed you. "Just an observation."

PS. Naked George/Vicky made a similar slip up over and over again, and he still doesn't know what it was he did, nor will he admit he is Vicky.

Name: :)
Hometown: Ati Radeon 9000 (mac) vs GLoria4 Quadro4
Sent: 19.52 - 9/1

i loved the URLS you sent me... but i'm sticking with my "ATI Radeon 9000 Mac Edition" for 169.99 US dollars against the "GLoria4 Quadro4 900XGL" for the way overpriced for the unreasonable amount of £1649. Get a hold of yourself.

Thats is an excellent example how unfair you Mac haters can be, i can buy a fully featured G4 Tower (dual) for £1349 add some ram a second graphic card (lets say a Radeon 9000) more memory an extra Hard drive (space and ram are never enough) and still save MONEY.

Overpriced... don't make me laugh (talk about Elsa instead of Apple overpriced material)

btw ain't that an Apple Powerbook on Nvidia homepage? (chicken have you been there lately, shame on you)

Strange go figure that out... macs on opening pages (it must be a mistake for sure lol)

Either he doesn't read other peoples comments or has a complete inability to retain information. Chicken was talking about REAL high-end hardware. That's why it's so expensive. So yes, it's the PC user who is unfair to say that its right to spend lots of money on high-end equipment but not on comparatively low end equipment. Hmmmm yes, that's the logic of Omegaman.

Name: :) and ø
Hometown: www.nvidia.com (loves apple computers inc.)
Sent: 20.06 - 9/1

Well Naked George made a mistake, as far as i'm concerned i've no problems on admiting i've posted, with 2 different Nick

As for my english i'm pretty confident with it now, but since i'm a open minded person (I even admit that i use a PC aswell), please be @ will to correct me everytime i make an english mistake.

No more lager for you today chicken... from now you will be drinking Coke only

ømega-man and mr. : )

Name: :)
Sent: 20.26 - 9/1

Still waiting for your opinion about system software. OS.

You work with macs @ work, wich ones? Quadras and performas (hey i've one myself don't be ashamed system software is still great - it might crash every now and then but so does windowze before 2k "even that one is not completly

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 23.12 - 9/1

Well how amusing it has been to read through the multitude of arguments. I'm left quite amazed at the absurdity of the responses, not to mention the sheer inventivness of the language. Not only has it been an affront to my linguistic sensibilities but it has been a surreal journey of random thoughts and absurd reasonings.

I have to admit that my heart isnt quite in it tonight, but I'll try to cover points that were either directly or indirectly to do with me, and all the other bits that made me laugh as I went through. So I beg your pardons should I refrain from executing my comments with a polite lexicon.

Chicken: 02.54 - 9/1: Sorry to burst your bubble, but it really was just half an hours conjecture, conjured from the available facts. It was fun all the same.

: ) : 11.03 - 9/1: 100 entried re-read to get my FACTS at least correct, putting together my argument, arranging it in a light hearted prose - about half an hour. Oppenning up the guestbook with Steve's password - a few seconds. I hope that wasn't too hard for your "BRAIN PROCESSOR" to work with.

: ) : 12.26 - 9/1: We know who you are. Didn't you get that from my earlier comment. Omega man = : )...check! You said: "So i guess if i'm talking with Bubaslubas, its because i'm not him or she." There is SO much wrong with that, I can't even be bothered to start. Perhaps you ought to take your chassis to your quantum mechanic; get your head up on blocks...it'll probably be quite at home. Also, for your own sake it's spelt: L A M E R. I don't mind you name calling, but at least try not to do it with ironic spelling. BTW, won? Winning? You don't get a bun for your efforts you know.

: ) : 13.43 - 9/1: Thank you for you patronising spiel on routers. Don;t you think that came a bit late considering you had already admitted that you were also omega-man? You could still have tried to convince us you were two people. You said: "it's actually quite fun to see people posting garbage as fast as they do." Let me try to translate this one: You derive great pleasure from re-reading your own posts. That sounds about right! You also said: "what if i gather a bunch of mac zealots to come and make this a mac lovers forum?". I'm sure you're quite welcome to. It would be rather an irony to have your zealots (such a pretty name when compared to the alternatives) base themselves on a mac-hatred site. That is if they don't mind wading through all the weird Michael Jackson entries, not to mention any other feedback every time chicken makes a new parody. Sure, bring them along, it could be diverting. As for deleting posts - as Chicken has said, as long as those posting behave, then there's no problem. There has been quite a bit of immaturity batted around here in the past, and frankly, some most anti social behaviour too.

: ): 15.35 - 9/1: No problem with writing with 2 nicks. It's just really pathetic when it's done to make out you have more support than you do. It's even worse when its as full of holes and transparant as your mum's knickers. What's the deal with the Chicken Run comment? Do they encourage you to drop at work?

: ) : 16.43 - 9/1: "As i figured you must have meet macs when they're gray and run @ 33mhz" - and just when the Mac fraternity was starting to convince me that mhz doesn't matter. I guess it starts to matter alot when Apple finally start catching up the 'peecee' market. As for the 'dumb unix' comment - I can only reitterate with chicken has since said. Remember that your beloved OSX is based on UNIX. Infact, I dare you to direct you future UNIX opinions to Leo - he has been the prime defender of UNIX and LINUX here. As for your detremental remark towards 3D Studio Max, this only goes to show your ignorance further. You claim to be a graphic designer; I ask you, in your CREATIVE preoffession, is it so easy to dissmiss 3D so easily? An artist really can't afford to be elitist unless he's happy going down as yet another complete tit. So, your work and those of your mentors is the only real artwork - that's how you sound when you start to dissmiss other artforms - even moreso when they are so closely related to your own proffession. Sad. Very sad. I wish you every failure in your future career. You deserve it. Really!

: ) : 17.11 - 9/1: To answer your question, "ta" means thank you. I suspect it originates from Northern England. It's merely a slang term, and as I used it the once in conjunction with "luv" (as a noun, not the verb 'love'), it simply put the necessary belittling edge to my comment. Ta for asking luv! I'm also assuming that you were asking for a GOOD LAGER. Not my forte, sweetheart. Alcohol holds little interest for me, ta!

: ) : 17.27 - 9/1: MY GOD! You're a comedian and no mistake: "Its about quality (of course it as its price). thas what makes it different quality not quantity." Now I hate to send you back to college on this point: QUALITY COMES FROM THE USER. Why do you use a computer to create art, bud? Do you sit back and watch the mac draw you a picture? Don't you do anything to create your work? The software you use provides you with the tools you need, but then considering that all the major third party art products are made for both PC's and Macs. So we can both have the same tools. The purpose of the computer from that point on is nothing but quantity. The ability to process more of the users instructions at faster speeds. The machine itself does not improve the quality of the work. That's like the sportsman blaming his equipment. You think my computer on it's own is less creative than yours, be it PC or mac? Maybe every computer has an artist inside doing all the work and Apple employ beter artists to climb in the box? Grow up little man! You said "So i figure i do have to pay more, and do have a bit less to choose from (when it comes to graphic cards but i do think its worth every Penny lol)" - yes - I was also laughing at that statement!! "still i see you only response the thing (that you think might favour you)." - get off the crack and into therapy. Or at least to and English class!

bubaslubas: 17.52 - 9/1: I'm not saying I disagree with you O/S = soul analogy. Infact it's pretty apt. Remember though that the iToilet that kicked this 'forum' off is purely anti mac. I speak for myself, and I believe for the Chicken too when I say that we dislike microsoft and their O/S's. But then I've made my feelings about the O/S pretty clear before - you only need to read back - then again, that is probably more time than you would care to invest.

: ) : 18.08 - 9/1: All I have to say about your argument is to look back at the earlier price comparison Chicken made (several pages ago). Get the idea? Also: ", they still miss the design features that help users everyday tasks (like opening the case for adding memory)". You add memory EVERY DAY? What did I say, Chicken? ALL profits go back into the machines. ALL!!! As for your rather naff attempt at British humour at the end - I confidently doubt your scottish herritage for one thing - not even reclusive highlanders speak such terrible english as you do. The pub thing's getting a little old don't you think? Monarchist are you? What ever floats your boat, wee yin.

: ) : 18.34 - 9/1: I'm guessing maths isn't your strong point.

: ) : 18.43 - 9/1 & 18.49 - 9/1: I'd suggest you think slower when you write, but if you thought any slower you'd stop.

: ) : 19.20 - 9/1: Keep up with the program you happy little chappy.

: ) and ø: 20.06 - 9/1: "As for my english i'm pretty confident with it now" OVERconfident and definitely out of your depth. "No more lager for you today chicken... from now you will be drinking Coke only" - Better to drink it than snort it, dude!

I reckon that about covers it. Back to you : ) - amuse me some more. Can't wait!

Kin Wicked

Name: :)
Hometown: Bored by Kin artistic pretensions
Sent: 01.24 - 10/1

Kin i stopped reading when you "wrote" artist. That shows how vain your knowlegde in Communication is.

Work as creative designer is focused on the relation between client and end consumer. There is nothing artistic in it. So i guess that leaves me out of the artists world.

Damn Kin if everyone wrote as much (long and boring) as you do, the forum would be a drag. Are you into politics? It sure looks like you're. You have an excelent speech but its dispossesed of any content , i guess you're just a frustrated weekend writer, with huge pretensions.

My advice for you goes like this keep short and simple, make it more commercial and catchy (if possible i request a 300 words resume of this huge text so that i and all other reader have the courage to read it)

It looks like you don't know jack shit about creativity (creative writing ain't what you're doing as well, sorry to rub that on your face), to get some juice out of the time you spend writing this e enourmous speeches why don't you talk about the real issue we're discussing here - Macs, perhaps you may stop being an auto-reaction based man and start being an Mass mover. The end of "Puppet Kin" might actually happen. (i bet you save all your little (big) posts in a little word pad document to brag about it with your brainwashed friends)

Luv. TA from ø and : ) the ONE and ONLY.


I'm not sure that really needs too much comment, but I would divert the attention to the Naked George page where he too seems incapable of digesting large amounts of info. Is this a Mac User thing? Aside from his dislike for the length of comment - half of it was his own quoted rubbish! I guess it annoys him as much as everything else.

Name: :)
Sent: 01.27 - 10/1

i've managed to answer you in a short text, its your turn now surprise me pretty please.




Write small texts, and don't loose focus. MAC's and PCeees, or i will fall sleep before i reach the end (no joke here)

Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 01.38 - 10/1

OK, back at home now, and with time to spare for a bit fo chatting...I guess I'll leave my 2c. about the mac/pc issue, if you don't mind.

Here's my deal:

I currently work as an IT in a company that has about 40+ Windows computer, plus 1 AS/400 terminal. The computers have varied versions of Windows, ranging from NT 4.0 and 95 to XP Pro.
I've also worked in the graphic/web design area before for about 2 years, where I've used both PCs and Macs. My small home network consists of 2 PCs (P3 @ 1Ghz,512MB RAM,80GB HDD / P166,16MB RAM,2GB HDD) running Windows XP Pro and 98, and 2 Macs (PowerMac 4400/200,112MB RAM,20GB HDD / Powerbook G3 @ 266Mhz,32MB RAM,2GB HDD) running Mac OSs 8.6 and 9.2.

I hope this can account for my reasonable amount of experience with both platforms. I've also used quite thoroughly Mandrake Linux 8.1 and the late BeOS 5 (R.I.P.).

I like Windows a lot. I grew up with it, and and while it has stability issues that freak me out, i like the way it seems to give the user control of everything...(except crashes eheh). I started as a MS-DOS man (and actually made the transition to Win95 very late), but Windows did seduce me enough to start using it. It has millions of apps, it has some "tricks" that when discovered make its usage a lot more easier and more entertaining, and XP is a lot intuitive, with its excellent left-sided menus and nice help-search features. But the thing I like most about it is indeed it's power-usability. I can give you an example: I was able to solve a virus attack on a NT machine @ work today by means of increasing the priority of the anti-virus app process over the infected .exe that was hogging the processor and making it impossible to use the computer. Thus, I was able to run the anti-virus on the foreground and clean the virus while it ran silently and not-hoggingly on the background.
By the way, I agree with Chicken's theory on viruses: Windows has more because more people use it - and there is no such thing as a Linux-hater programmer (they work with it) or a Mac-hater programmer (they simply don't know it).

Unfortunately, not everything is blue...And Windows has problems that often overrun the advantages, like the f****ng crashes that curse my day. I've noticed that the average office PC (running MS Office and 1 or 2 custom-made apps that interact with database servers) has a insignificant number of crash ocurrencies @ my workplace (On the average I'd say about 1 crash a month - although NT machines NEVER crash...they f*****n rule!). However, this PIII I use at home for graphic/web work, gaming and email, crashes a lot. Oh my God, it CRASHES! Although I believe the continuous crashes (about 2-3 weekly) are also due to faulty RAM or a lousy onboard graphics card, there's no excuse for XP to the fact that it almost didn't crash using Windows 2000 with the same hardware. The difference is abyssal, and leads me to saying that XP is a long way to replacing 2000.

I was initiated on Macs a lot later. You might say I just started to do some serious work with them last year as a webdesigner...I had a PowerMac G3 300 at work, and it was an extremely pleasant experience. I love MacOS 9, it has some features that leave me drooling when I work with Windows...like the God-blessed spring-loaded folders. Do you know what this is? It's one of the greatest inventions of all time when it comes to GUIs... It's the automatic opening of folders when you drag something on top of them and keep holding it...It just opens the folder allowing you to open another inside the first, and so on...Until you find the place where you want it to be kept. With just one finger!!!! Also, the Command+N for creating a new folder...It beats the right-click-w-enter promptly (and have you noticed that if you don't press Enter and keep pressing N, you'll get a new...Wave File? shitty)! But MacOS 9 had it's setbacks too (I'll get to Mac OS X in a minute): it crashed a LOT also, and the memory-allocation feature was dreadful, for instance. On OS 9 vs. Win 2000, I'd vote 2000...but by a very small margin.

OS X? ahhhh OS X is a miracle of software engineering...It is simply beautiful (a lot more than XP) and it is EXTREMELY stable. It crashes of course, they all crash and I've seen this one crash too...but it is BY FAR the most stable OS I've ever seen. Shit, I know people that use it intensively on their G4s (never shutting them down, and using them for hard graphics work, and Hotline servers and the kind) and it DOESN'T crash after being ran for months in a row...Hell, it's pretty, easy to use (as expected from Apple), connects PERFECTLY with Windows networks (my girlfriend's ibook ice 600 made a quite jaw-dropping appearance at work to help clean up viruses...it just showed up on the network as another PC - and kicked my boss's ass....he's a profound Mac-hater eheheh) - it's nearing perfection.

So, this HUGE text can be resumed in this: for stability, I vote Mac OS X with NT 4.0 nearing it...and for ease of use I'd vote all Mac OSs, but XP is also nearing them...But for now, my heart goes to the Apple OSs.

Hardware is a very different issue. In my modest opinion, Macs are indeed overpriced...They maybe great when it comes to durability (my 4400/200 is about 6 years old and is alive and kicking), but PCs can last the very same if cared for (my P166 is also 6-7 years old and is still working, although crippled by a RAM slot fault). Sure, macs are a lot prettier... But it's also true that for the money I spend on a top-grade mac I can get a blank-branded PC (or even some branded ones) with a lot more power and add-ons... They have been lowering down the prices (eMacs are cheap enough for the average Joe to buy it already, and in the laptop world the iBook is not only cheap as it also f****n rules in power and features, let alone the Powerbooks) but not enough in my opinion. The hardware is indeed the same on a Apple that you might find in a Dell or a HP, and they would still be slightly cheaper. I can also buy the same hardware to put in a homemade PC and save a wad of dough... Even if I do believe that Apple's close integration between the OS and the hardware works and is visible, it alone doesn't justify the price.
The design, though, is a MAJOR advantage to Apple...have you noticed it is to open a G4 tower???? Shit, even my 4400 (which looks like a PC) is a LOT easier to open and work within than my Pentium III... And that counts a LOT to me, even if I don't add RAM or HDDs every day...

Anyway, I've gone wayyy too far on this writing.... I apologize for my dispersing, I merely wanted to state my opinion on the matter: I prefer Macs, but am in no way a PC-hater or a Machead - I believe there ARE reasons for Macs to claim superiority (one of biggest is it's OS) but also believe that the price/feature comparison may very often give advantage to PCs and Windows... It's all a matter of what issues concern you in buying a computer and how much you have to spend on it. And by the way, BeOS was superb and it was with sorrow that I witnessed it's death at the hands of Palm...Maybe we can meet again someday!

Sorry again for the length of the text and have a good evening...signing off for now,


Name: bubaslubas
Sent: 02.27 - 10/1

And by the way, it IS a very funny spoof, Chicken...and the iToilets are nicely rendered. Great work. Too bad my PC can't be unclogged, that would help sometimes... Or maybe I should just flush it too.

Sorry 'bout the text length omega-man... I do not have the splendid faculty of writing such good-mooded posts, but I do enjoy reading them... And keep up the good fight! Guys like Steve (=Chicken? I sure hope not, as the latter seems a pretty decent guy) deserve a bit of head-bashing!

That knocks the theory that Bubbaslubas is also Omegaman quite squarely on the head!

Name: :)
Sent: 02.48 - 10/1

Head-Basher is my other nick (the one i'vent used yet, but i'm planning on doing so). Now schuiii (don't go spreading that surprise i've reserved for them).

Nvidia.com opens with Macs what a disgrace. Comment this one, Kin or Chicken.

Gathering the Zeolots for our little Pc vs Mac fight?

Name: :)
Sent: 02.49 - 10/1

rephrasing last sentence?

substitute the "?" BY A "!"

Name: Kin Wicked
Hometown: Northants UK
Sent: 17.13 - 10/1

Oh you poor poor little man, Omega. Are you incapable of reading so many words all at once. Well; just for you, since you've made me laugh SO much, here's the shortened version, minus all details and point, and finally polished off to a simple 3 words:


Got the message now?

Thankyou for clearing up the fact that you are clearly a philistine. Now it is clear why you have no clue about artistic pursuits.

Now as for your deep concern that I might be making the forum boring, I'd ask you if you REALLY need the whole thing to be dumbed down? You remind me so much of that other persistant elitist: Naked George. In your favour, you do at least try to argue a point rather than simply rally around another persons opinion and make banial jokes. - That was a complement by the way - cherish it, they don't come easily!

Naked George accused me of taking this all too seriously, but to be honest, my 'marathon posts' don't consume too much time to write or read, and I have to admit it's most enjoyable to rip the piss out of the likes of you. Though your insitance of draging your 'zealots' in here makes it seem as though you are DESPERATE to win in this extremely futile set-to. The fact that I converse in a sesqipedalien manner is merely an issue of my own amusement.

Especially for you, I'll try to keep my insults for you short and frequent in future. Good comprimise?

Bubaslubas, for what very little it's worth, you've gained my respect. For the sakes of Omega man, he probably got a headache halfway through your post and gave up - I'd personally not apologise with any sincerety, but then maybe you're a nicer person than me. So far that's two Mac users that have impressed me; yourself and Clay, each a cerebral step above what I can only call the AVERAGE Mac user.

Anyway, to answer your question, Omega, I couldn't care a great deal about Nvidia's homepage. The mac has been given a specific identity. This seems to matter to some people. I would theorise that the choice of image is as easily an issue of identifying with a particular image, as an issue of any technical credibility. Has your biassed mind thought of that? You seem to proffess some knowledge of market research and company image. There could even be some busines tie between the two companies that I'm not aware of. I'm sure you could tell me if this is so or not, but don't expect me to be interested; it's not really my forte.

Oh dear! What do you know - Looks like I've exceeded my 300 word limit. I do hope you're not bored!

Kin Wicked

Name: knock-knock©
Hometown: UK
Sent: 13.28 - 13/1

:) wrote:

"it's actually quite fun to see people posting garbage as fast as they do"

isn't it just.

There was no more heard from Omegaman after that. Bubbaslubas came in a couple of times after, but there was never any descent of Mac Zealots as promised! Nevermind, eh?



Ømega-Man never really proved any of his points. H told us about the use of Windows and Apple O/S's of which neither set of descriptions were remotely accurate. He gave us a history lesson that was about as insightful as a road atlas at sea. Simply put, Ømega-Man bought nothing but warped ideas and a continuation to the stereotype of the Mac User.

In regard to his English, as you read, it got better when he slowed down a bit and gave it some thought. However, he seemed to think everyone should still understand what the hell he was rambling about! Not to worry, Ømega-Man. You're English isn't that bad - it's your attitude that stinks!

Maybe we'll be graced by him again in the future, or at the very least, a few of the Zealots he promised us.




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